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  1. Shai Bolten or Bailey Dale for forward line?
    Shai Bolten tonnes up twice in a row now. But with Prestia coming back next week possibly does this bring him back down.
    Bailey Dale is taking a lot of the kick ins now but has only tonnes up once with a big 129 last week.
    Both have low breakevens which one of these will be top 6 by end of year?


  2. Hey all
    Looking for some advice on what to do at the moment with the squad. Last week traded out May and Dow to Short and Waterman.
    As it stands my team looks like this:

    DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Short, Clark, L.Jones (Kosi, Highmore)
    MID: Oliver, ZMerrett, Neale, Titch, Crippa, Gulden, Powell, Berry (Jordon, A.Scott, Downie)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn)
    FWD: Dunkley, Ziebell, Warner, Campbell, Rowe, Waterman (Brockman, Treacy)
    25 trades left, $49,400 ITB


        1. There’s a couple of rookies there that didn’t get named so I’d probably suggest Clark and Campbell out for McCreery. Then either downgrade Clark to Mansell to get a warm body this week and build up the bank or upgrade him to a defender who isn’t more expensive than $470k. This is a risky price range for sure but any of Witherden, Sholl, Jiath, Doedee, D Howard, Bachar or Aliir Aliir would fit and could all be fine picks. Doedee and Howard are both going fine this year so that’s where I’d start but CJ is perfect for SC this year


  3. Would any bubble rookies be deemed too good to miss this round?

    I could trade a nonplaying rookie as I have a spare trade this round.


  4. Need some last minute advice guys,

    Here’s my team:

    Def: Laird, Short, Bowes, Chapman, L. Jones, J. Clark (Ridley, Kosi)

    Mid: Neale, Merrett, Dunkley, Petracca, Cripps, Goulden, Powell, Jordan (Brockman, Bruhn, Holmes)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn)

    Fwd: Martin, T. Walker, Ziebell, Warner, Rowe, Scott (Waterman, Fullarton)

    Thinking of moving Fullarton for McCreary or F. Macrae, then J. Clark to T. Stewart as have cash in bank. Good idea? Or better options?


    1. I like the Fullarton to mcreery, mcreery looked the type of competitive player that will stay in the side. Clark to Stewart definitely if Clark is still out otherwise hold him a while longer?


  5. What’s the thoughts on Houston, Highmore or Kosch to play to avoid a Donut. Do I wait it out and hope 1 plays or trade Dan?

    I was think of going T Phillips to Dunkley this week.

    TU – Phillips to Dunkley
    TD – No trades


    1. Current team before any changes

      Lloyd, Short, Houston, Bowes, Daniel, N. Cox (Highmore, Kosch)

      McRea, Oliver, Walsh, Taranto, Gulden, Powell, Campbell, J.Jordan (S Berry, McNeil, Brockman)

      Grawndy (Flynn)

      Dusty, Ziebell, Impey, Phillips, Warner, Rowe (A Scott, Waterman)

      $278,500 ITB


      1. They’re saying Houston should get up, although nothing concrete as of yet. If he doesn’t, Kos should get another taste – didn’t play VFL today and Nash likely goes before him.

        You just need one of them to play, should be alright.

        Worst case scenario they both miss, I’d still bring in Dunkley. He can score enough to make up for the 40~ Kos would have scored covering Houston.


  6. TU Dougal Howard
    TD Aliir Aliir

    Comment any other defender up to $429k.

    Trading Clark and Campbell, and relying on Highmore to play to avoid a donut in defence


  7. Dangerfield trade:

    T/U- Get J.Macrae and jump early on F.Macrae… 11k left
    T/D – Straight swap to Dusty…96k left

    Cheers 🙂


  8. Legit have no idea what to do.
    Would love any advice

    DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Docherty, Clark, Chapman, (Highmore, Chugg)

    MID: Oliver, Bont, Neale, Boak, Cripps, Gulden, Powell, Jordon, (Campbell, McNeil, Downie)

    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy, (Flynn)

    FWD: Dunkley, Ziebell, Impey, Warner, Rowe, Waterman, (Scott, Henry)

    ITB: $18,000


    1. Evening, Adam.

      Couple of options to plug that DEF hole. You could just go #1) Clark -> Mansell or get aggressive and go #2) Gulden -> F. Macrae and Clark -> Bowes.

      Option #1) tides you over for this week and you have an extra trade, but you’d then have to rely on Mansell at D6 (holds until Vlastuin back or Ralphsmith debuts) or Highmore coming back.

      Option #2) fixes that DEF donut and gives you a completed back line bar Chapman at D6, who can sit there for a while np. Only qualification is you have to rate the Bowes pick.

      Hope that sorta helps, best of luck.

      Also, make sure you E Scott in case Waterman is dropped. Played in the VFL.


      1. Cheers mate!
        You reckon maybe doing a double downgrade.
        So Clark -> Mansell
        and Campbell -> F. Macrae


  9. Not sure which way to go on this:
    Current def: Lloyd, Laird, mills, Daniel, jiath – rookies: kozi, highmore & sharp.

    TU: double downgrade this week: berry & Campbell to Mansell & McCreey.
    Puts $266k ITB.
    Next week Phillips to Neale – then bring in Ridley when he bottoms out to finish def line.

    TD: Phillips & Campbell to Stewart & McCreey.
    Puts 22k ITB
    Deals with def rookie problems.
    Could still bring in Ridley and swing Laird into mids.
    Would probably have to miss picking up Neale next week. So hoping he has another stinker this week and then grab him in a fortnight.

    Great to get everyone’s response


  10. Trading out Clark and Campbell, also have 200k in the bank

    T/U: McCreery and any DEF I want (Lloyd, Stewart, Ryan ETC)
    T/D: Mansell and any MID I want (Steele, Fyfe, Lyons)


    1. It’s a pretty even field around that mark but these are the ones that I think have a good chance: Lever / Jiath / Sholl / B. Smith / Salem.

      I’d probably go with Lever (one bad score in round 2) or Jiath (cheaper) but B. Smith is also tempting at that price as his low scores were in rounds 1 and 2 and he’s averaged about 114 over the past three rounds (a Crows fan could correct me on this but I think he’s getting more midfield time due to injuries).

      Salem is pretty up-and-down with his scoring and Sholl’s average is flattered by his 160 against North.

      If you can’t split them, maybe look at their byes?


  11. Any thoughts or other ideas would be appreciated.
    Trade 1 .
    Trade Clark to Treacy, swing Cox to defence to cover donut from clark, Swing Treacy to R3 when Flynn has made his money…
    Not confident on mansell or mcreery holding there spots.
    Trade 2.
    Dependent on Sunday selections.
    I also have Berry in mids with no cover on bench after missing the emergency on McNeil.
    Ridley in defence missing would need koz or highmore to play to cover his donut.


  12. Moving Clark to Ryan to avoid a donut down back.

    Best rookie to get in for Campbell for the move?

    T/U – McCreery
    T/D – Macrae


  13. 24 trades left, 113K in the bank, donut if Highmore doesn’t play, and in a 50/50 cash league match.
    TU: Clark & Phillips -> Mansell & Oliver
    TD: Save the trades, hope and pray


  14. with j.clarke not named i’m thinking of trading to highmore to avoid a donut and get the cash generation- of course i won’t know if highmore is name before geelong play, it seems likely but not sure i should risk it…..
    T/U take the risk he’ll be named
    T/D hold fire could be a waste of a trade


      1. Port Adelaide GM of Football Chris Davies says Houston and Hartlett got through training are expected to play tomorrow. One change: Jones for Frederick.


  15. Would love some advice! Looking to move Clark and Campbell but stuck between 2 options. Both options allow me to cover a donut in the event that Highmore isn’t named.

    TU: Oliver, Mansell
    TD: Ryan, McCreery

    I’m aware of Mansell’s JS being in question but grabbing Oliver at this price just seems like a no-brainer. Grabbing Ryan means my backline is full of premos when Ridley comes back.

    Thanks everyone!


  16. I’m moving Clark and Dow out of my team in the short-term (within 3 weeks) but I’m covered for this round as far as on-field players go. Should I move one (or both) on this week? Is Mccreery a ‘must-have’ (i.e., good job security)?

    T/U: McCreery should come in this week.
    T/D: Hold this week, better options on the horizon.

    Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone this week.


  17. Looking to trade in a forward but torn between Shai Bolton, Tom McDonald and Sam Reid. All are in form ATM and due for price rises. Already have Dunkley (now injured), Ziebell, Dusty, Warner, Rowe, Impey.

    TU – Bolton
    TD – McDonald

    ? – Reid

    Any thoughts / comments appreciated.


  18. Campbell for
    Tu – McCreery
    Td – Mitch Lewis Haw.
    Do any Hawk fans know of his job security. Will he be picked this week. Sort of favouring to bring him in as like his numbers and be. Thoughts? Thanks.


  19. Hi community – interested to learn whether people think N. Murphy will play or be the med sub ?

    TU – Yes
    TD – No


  20. Trade brockman for bergman to avoid the donut, yeh or nah ?
    feel like i dont need to koz il win my league match and wanna save a trade ..

    but on the other hand bergman much better JS i guess now that jones out and bergman seems the best fwd rookie at the moment.. ?
    cant see any other coming into bubble territory other than F macrae who will come in next week any way


  21. Trade Brockman for McCreery to get some extra cash for next week’s Dunkley/Cripps/Clark replacements?
    Already sat on Highmore or Clark for my D6 points and unlikely to win my main cash league, just setting up for next week. 24 trades left & 113K ITB.
    TU: Do it
    TD: Save the trade



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