Macca’s Bye Planner 2022

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 7 2022

Howdy all!

One of your most important tools is back in your SC season is back again to help you select your teams … and those that plan well in advance, make the choices of players, based on having a good early spread for the Bye rounds.

The PLAYER DATA tab contains several years’ worth of players averages, games played and points scored. With tabs that allow you to look separately at any version of the data you like – positions, rookies, clubs etc …  

PLANNER tab is where you build your team!

You do need Microsoft suite in order to use it folks – excel for the files and word for the instructions (for those that haven’t used it before).

The excel files I have tried to keep as ‘simple’ as possible for use, rather than using macros and pivot tables etc … so hopefully easy for all!

This should be great for those to use in building your teams and playing different scenarios (save different versions of the files) and help those that do not buy SC Gold (SC Plus).

Have a play – enjoy – and please provide any comments or let me know of any errors that you uncover! DO NOT delete or remove any rows on any of the tabs and there are little gems added like the season draw tab with a matrix grid to look at the best club option for running a non-playing rookie etc for the all important VC / C loop! There may be a couple of recently added rookies not showing as I haven’t followed closely and this is a bugger to put together (the bombers ones are included) – let me know on the thread and I will update closer to the season start.



Bye Planning Words – Season Start 2022

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – DOLLAR$ = Gun

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – AVERAGE = Gun


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3 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner 2022”

  1. Excellent Macca.

    Thank you for this invaluable masterpiece, to help us plan through the byes.




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