SCT Group Prize

Written by Motts on March 7 2022

I’m super-happy to announce that our good mates at SuperCoach Champion have sorted us out for another ring this year which will go to the highest placed team within the SCT Group that has “@SCT” appended to their team name.

Last year, the brilliant bAps took it out – you can check him out proudly wearing his ring here. He now walks into the rooms like a boss. He is the total envy of his SC-playing mates.

I took delivery of the ring on Saturday afternoon (there might have been beer involved) and I tell you, these things are quality and are so satisfyingly heavy it’s not funny! At just $99 they’re a steal! Definitely worth splashing some of your cash league money on to ensure your winner has something to remember their victory by for years to come.

Thanks to SuperCoach Champion for supporting us for another year! You guys rock!

We love offering prizes for our competitions but couldn’t do it without the help of the Community. If you’d like to give back to the site by donating something – cash, prizes, services, whatever – please get in touch with me (Motts at supercoachtalk dot com). Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “SCT Group Prize”

  1. Very nice Mottsy.
    Could you just go ahead and get it engraved for me now please mate – save some time at end of season presentation etc!!??



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