Macca’s Bye Planner – Last Time For ’22

Written by Motts on May 31 2022

Here it is folks, the last Bye Planner file for the year to help you get through the byes

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – AVERAGE = Gun – Rnd11

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – DOLLAR$ = Gun – Rnd11

Two versions of the planner are supplied again: … SET YOUR OWN AVERAGE OR PLAYER VALUE!! That’s right – in column O, in cells 13, 26, 31 & 41 you can now set your own average value or player value (choose from the drop-down list) to determine your own gun qualifier for the bye period!! – Have a play – you know you want to!

Make sure you nominate any players in your squad that you do not believe will play in any rounds, including the byes, to get a more accurate total of available numbers (think Long!). – SEE COLUMN I ON THE “PLANNER TAB”

Even more important now – exclude players with short term injuries, you may be holding etc!

For ROUND 12 only (this week) – (cash calculator on PLANNER TAB) 

  • You should begin by loading your current team at the end of round 11, before any trades, in Column B of PLANNER TAB
  • in cell J46 enter your CURRENT team value (should be same as value showing in cell J44)
  • in cell J47 enter your available cash in the bank
  • Go Back and make your planned trades of players in COLUMN B
  • Check cell J49 to determine if you have sufficient cash to make those trades – POP UP MESSAGES WILL APPEAR AND THE CELL IN J49 WILL CHANGE COLOUR IF GOOD OR BAD

UTILISE the various tabs with all the current player data to make your best decisions. Search on the specific position tabs, or by club or by BE etc – make use of this resource, particularly if you don’t buy SC Gold / Plus! Plan your moves on this file before locking them in on the actual SC site!

On the PLANNER tab

  • I cannot stress enough to make sure you nominate any players in your squad that may not play / aren’t playing – column I is your friend!! (Skinner, Long, maybe injured Grundy – if they aren’t playing, exclude them!)
  • Columns Q to U and Rows 50-54 – the warning box of too many players on the field in any line. This is important to check on! – You can only have 6 forwards playing and so on

REMEMBERuse the planner to make all your team changes BEFORE playing on the actual SC site!! Saves inadvertent locking in your changes when not ready once the round has commenced and the last-minute players not listed!! Trades are gold remember!

If it were me, I would save a few versions of the files with a few of the various options you would like.

Good luck all – hope this resource has helped all year!!



Our never-ending gratitude to Macca for all he does to help us with the byes every year. Macca, you are a legend! Motts


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5 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner – Last Time For ’22”

  1. Thanks Mottsy!
    This is great to give everyone plenty of time to grab the files and anguish over their planned trades the next three weeks! If like me, it takes forever!

    Final Thoughts:
    • If you’ve planned well thus far, the ideal solution is to not have to trade going into round 12 – or at least trade that does not impact R13 or R14 – ie bring in a R12 player now, as you have 18 already! Anyone you trade in this week that is not R12, will miss one of the following two weeks and, particularly with rookies, may also be dropped (bet many are praying on Owens being named next week!!). So, consider any trades wisely this week.
    • Don’t make any trades until you see the teams this round (as normal – DUH!!)
    • Use these planners to plan out your moves for each of the next two weeks – save different versions with each of your planned trades (after this week though, prices won’t be current)
    • Don’t panic if the numbers look bad on any 1 week – get as many as you can on field and as many playing ‘premos’ each round – quality is often better than quantity, especially if burning trades on rookies that may not play again or score 20 (does Heeney now fit that category??)
    • don’t panic trade in bad choices just to get 18 on the field if that player won’t play more games / generate cash later.
    • DPP players are great! Hold someone like Macdonald (if you haven’t traded him already) or any of the newly minted DPPs, as long as you can (even if they lose a little cash), as they allow you to move players around.

    OK folks – generate some discussion!
    I’m set for this week and “should” have 19 (you can never trust SC or coaches!!)
    R13 is looking tight … and I’m still not sure on the best way to tackle it – team lists will be key, but not many R12 premos are worth getting!
    R14 is the easiest (at this stage) – see note above about SC though!!
    Good luck all!!


  2. Cheers for this Macca, used this from early in the season as a tie breaker and its been so useful !!

    Based on last weeks selected players and proposed trades over the next three rounds using the Average = Gun planner.

    Round 12, 20 players, 11 Guns (Optimised projected score of 2068).
    Round 13, 20 players, 10 Guns.
    Round 14, 22 players, 12 Guns.

    Now just have to wait for the Supercoach Gods to tear all my planning down !


  3. Just checking, using my boost during the bye rounds I get to use 4 trades in the one round, correct ?



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