Rookie Review – Round 11 2022

Written by Alza on May 31 2022

The first bye week has finally landed fresh with some added DPP’s. This is when our rookies will put their job security to the test. Although it seems like there isn’t that many this week, now is a perfect time to trade out your rookies that are on the bye and have made a decent chunk of money for us such as Gibcus.

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Luke CLEARY*WBD$117,300DNP (68)-67
Jacob WEHR*GWS$123,90060 (56)-38
Colin O'RIORDAN*SYD$198,10073 (58)1
Kyron HAYDENNTH$218,500 (+$18.9k)57 (53)15
Flynn PEREZNTH$221,900 (+$8.5k)51 (45)16
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$240,300 (+8.7k)45 (50)19
Mitchell HINGEADE$285,200 (+$11.3k)74 (63)36
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$247,200 (-$1k)72 (51)37
Zach REIDESS$239,900 (+$15.4k)37 (53)41
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$348,500 (+$14.2k)75 (65)46
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$356,300 (+$14.9k)75 (71)50
Buku KHAMISWBD$154,700 (+$7.7k)26 (36)53
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$325,900 (-$6.7k)55 (64)77
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$363,600 (-$13k)59 (78)90

The Good: Seems that every week we start with these 2 but Paddy McCartin and Sam De Koning were the 2 best performers again down back. Paddy got his score on the back of 11 touches which were all kicks at 82% with 7 contested and 8 intercept possessions Add to this 5 marks with 3 contested grabs and 6 one percenters you get a great game. De Koning joined in on the fun down back for the Cats with 19 touches at 90% and 9 marks with 11 intercept possessions. Hinge had his best score since round 3 thanks to 15 touches with 5 marks and 5 tackles. All of his touches came in the back half this week.

The Bad: Khamis failed to cash in on the Eagles over the weekend with a low score thanks to 4 clangers. He kicked 1.2 from 8 touches using it at 50% which hurt his score in a high scoring game for a number of Dogs players.

Time to Trade: Gibcus


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Mitch OWENS*STK$117,30089 (46)-22
Jake SOLIGOADE$216,700 (+$47.9k)50 (49)-18
Cooper STEPHENSGEE$169,800 (+$45.9k)46 (59)-10
Greg CLARKWCE$220,600 (+$35.6k)72 (73)3
Jackson HATELYADE$353,900 (+$58.8k)108 (73)13
Brady HOUGHWCE$163,200 (+$13.7k)67 (41)26
Jack CARROLLCAR$171,000 (-$12k)15 (47)48
Matty ROBERTSSYD$117,3008 (8)-

The Good: Hately is continuing his great run of form with a great game. He had 27 touches and laid 8 tackles to go with 5 score involvements and 27 pressure acts, he has risen significantly in value over the last 3 weeks. Everyone that held onto Owens was rewarded with a score of 89 in his 2nd game. He’s been knocking on the door for a while in the VFL and he made the most of his chance, 14 touches and 2 goals plus laying 10 tackles made this a great game for him.

The Bad: Matty Roberts made his debut but unfortunately struggled with only 2 touches and a tackle from a lowly 49% TOG. Carroll was the sub and was playing by the 2nd quarter. He had 8 touches and took 4 marks but he racked up 7 clangers in his limited time on field.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Callum JAMIESONWCE$200,300 (+$13.2k)41 (48)11
Nick BRYANESS$186,600DNP (48)17
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$246,200DNP (57)41
Braydon PREUSSGWS$457,100DNP (110)47
Sam HAYESPTA$308,200 (+$3.8k)61 (73)49

Sam Hayes did play after a lot of talk about him not playing due to the weather. He did struggle a bit though compared to normal with 21 hitouts and only 6 touches. Jamieson was up against it battling English and Sweet and only had 11 hitouts to go with his 6 touches and 4 tackles.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Joel JEFFREYGCS$188,900 (+$61.5k)93 (71)-77
Rhylee WESTWBD$242,700 (+$54.9k)82 (78)-18
Sam BUTLER (MID)HAW$136,800 (+$19.5k)46 (38)-14
Isiah WINDER (MID)WCE$169,400 (+$15.7k)26 (42)-3
Toby BEDFORDMEL$180,400 (+$28.8k)65 (50)4
Jesse MOTLOPCAR$135,500 (+$18.2k)36 (37)4
Robbie MCCOMB (MID)WBD$248,500 (+$21.4k)63 (59)6
Maurice RIOLI (MID)RIC$188,100 (-$0.6k)36 (55)8
Francis EVANSGEE$142,700 (+$10.8k)33 (31)17
Malcolm ROSASGCS$228,400 (+$23.2k)64 (55)20
Marcus WINDHAGER (MID)STK$223,100 (+$22.7k)46 (45)26
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$302,800 (+$26.9k)101 (67)27
Ben HOBBS (MID)ESS$296,100 (+$29.3k)75 (61)27
Tex WANGANEENESS$102,400 (+$0k)29 (22)29
Alex DAVIES (MID)GCS$193,700 (+$1k)47 (45)30
Paul CURTISNTH$179,200 (+$3.3k)38 (44)35
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$208,300 (+$1.2k)52 (44)41
Sam WEIDEMANMEL$253,000 (+$7.8k)37 (54)45
Corey DURDINCAR$287,200 (+$17.3k)48 (54)47
Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$232,100DNP (57)56
Kade CHANDLER*MEL$123,900DNP (7)59
Jason HORNE-FRANCIS (MID)NTH$316,300 (+$0.8k)58 (68)65
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$224,100 (+$5.4k)16 (43)66
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$368,700 (-$10.6k)92 (83)76
Jack GINNIVANCOL$307,800 (-$28.2k)25 (66)91
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$259,400DNP (61)114
Shannon NEALEGEE$123,90034 (34)-

The Good: Ralphsmith returned to his FWD/MID role and played well kicking 2 goals from his 15 touches and used it at 80% to boost his score. Jeffrey had another great game thanks to his 13 touches with 8 contested including 3 contested marks and kicking 1.1. Back to back 90’s rewarding the coaches that grabbed him on the bubble. Nic Martin bounced back like we knew he could. He had 25 touches at a decent 76% as well as 12 marks to go with 1.2. He also had a huge 10 score involvements. Rhylee West played his 3rd game and kept the good scoring up after kicking 2 goals from 13 touches at 100% giving him a great boost.

The Bad: Finn Maginness was the sub and played about a half for his 3 touches and 3 tackles to kill his cash gen. Ginnivan had his worst score of the year with 9 touches at a poor 44% and 5 marks. Winder was on the bubble this week and didn’t have the same impact as game 2. 12 touches with 4 marks in a heavily defeated and outscored side.

Time to Trade: Ginnivan, Maginness

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Jackson Hately
2 – Hugo Ralphsmith
1 – Joel Jeffrey

Rookie of the Year Award After Round 11:
12 – Braydon Preuss
6 – Nic Martin
6 – Jackson Hately


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10 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 11 2022”

  1. Great write up again Alza smash it every week

    The two best rookies that majority of teams still have (bar pruess) are SDK and Mcartin How aren’t they in the top of the rookie of they year 🙂 not having a crack do a great job just like the brownlow midfielders award 😉


    1. Thanks James. They are very consistent scorers but can’t crack into the top scorers of the week, voting system based almost only on scores doesn’t help defenders to poll votes


  2. Excellent write up!
    I look forward to this report each week as I try to get trades sorted and I find it essential reading. Thank you for the time you put in helping the community!


  3. I know CT posted draft this Wednesday and he will update asap, but is it know if the SC site will update so that we can trade in these players this week?


    1. You would expect they would be available before the round starts as they have been in previous years.


  4. Is it too late to go on Jeffreys? Should have another big price rise this week. Cash gen is lacking elsewhere.


    1. Nah it’s not too late, he is essentially a higher priced rookie that you have got to see play 3 times. Depends on how much cash you warrant it being worth bringing him in and likely trading in 4 or so weeks. He may only make another 100k as I don’t see him continuing scoring 90s every week


  5. Although Gibcus trade value is now, I don’t mind the thought of him sitting at D7.

    Has Jacob Wehr got longevity in the GWS side? Seems like the logical downgrade but I don’t know anything about him. Will he continue to get a game?

    Appreciate any feedback.


    1. Gibcus is fine to sit at D7 for the year if you don’t need the cash. Wehr is a mature ager with good foot skills rebounding out of defence. Has been good in his 2 games but with Whitfield and Taranto to come back someone has to make way. If he is named for his 3rd game jump on but with him on the bye I wouldn’t risk going early.



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