Macca’s Bye Planner – Rd 10

Written by Chillo on May 19 2021

Thanks Macca!

Byes? – Yuck! Who cares with all the injuries!  Well, it’s culling season, so these files will help your choices! 

Here’s the latest versions of the Bye Planner files for your enjoyment / use / research folks, with data complete and accurate as of completion of round 9.

SCT 2021 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 9 – Average = Gun

SCT 2021 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 9 – Dollars$ = Gun

Bye Planning Words – Round 10

Your key tabs on the file(s) are the “Planner tab”, “Player Data tab” and for your ease, there are separate tabs listing out all the players in each position and rookies.

I have also updated the Season Draw tab and updated the grid reference looking at clubs who are best to hold an NPR from, for looping – though with all the injuries that may not be an issue!

Yes folks, if you haven’t used these files before, you do need Microsoft Excel – sorry if you don’t have it. If you haven’t used the files before, refer to the attached Word document for some instructions.

I have listed the players with negative BE’s in red and also those having played 2 games in red. HINT – you can check these out on the Player Data & other tabs by using the filters at the top of each column to check whatever stat you want.

I will update these files again at least once more before the byes so that you have as much current data on all players in the weeks I update them.

Has everyone’s strategy changed now with all the injuries?

Will you be aiming to get to full premo by the end of the bye rounds … or holding rookies beyond the byes?

Who on earth qualify as “guns” now in the FWD line?

Help out the community with your thoughts folks and generate a discussion on the thread below!

Cheers all



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3 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner – Rd 10”

    1. you’re welcome Alza. Hopefully they help with all the key data you need to make choices …

      AND, if you are like me, you find out today that one of those choices you made, Brayshaw, is now going to miss with a calf injury FFS!!! Every week, cannot get best side on park and playing rookies to cover “so-called” premos or eat donuts!!

      It’s certainly a trying season – even more so than last year I think!!


  1. Awesome work there mate. I used to so something similar pre-covid each year using the same data sources including Draftstars (as I used the common UID across FanFooty, FootyWire, Fantasy Insider and of course DS).
    This year I decided to not do it but really regretted not having the data on-hand and so having your spreadsheet brought back the hunger again. 🙂
    I had fun with your existing baseline dataset and added in things like projected prices from FootyWire to help me decide which players to select not just because of the BYEs but because their projected value would be rising too much in the following weeks to not be worth it when I start to do my final BYE upgrades.
    Are you going to update this spreadsheet with the R10 data as well?



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