Match Sim Notes – Weagles v Freo

Written by JimmyDee on February 25 2024

I know it’s the weekend and most serious coaches probably have Kayo or Foxtel to check out the pre season, but because a lot of folks on this site are considering many players from these two teams, I thought a couple of comments may help someone

GD and Freo Tragic will have a better insight, so hopefully they jump on to help out.

Forwards: Oscar Allen was strong at times, but I fear too expensive based on this game. Similarly Jake Waterman although he looks fit and firing.  Harley Reid tried hard, got into good spots and showed some class but got caught in pressure situations. Will get better and will be in our teams. Watch out for Sturt product, Lach Rawlinson ($102k M/F). Showed a bit in the second half, and if picked will be a serious bargain.

Midfield: Tim Kelly not as dominant as usual but WC was not impressive, although Baily Williams won a fair chunk of the hit outs.

Defence: Elliot Yeo wound back the clock a few times with dash from the stoppages and grunt inside work playing mostly on ball. He’s currently in my team but won’t stay based solely on today. Did not do enough to justify forking out $447k, and besides, GD will tell you he’s cooked. Not really relevant but Jayden Hunt showed lots of dash from the back half, and seemed to take the larger share of the kick ins.

Forwards: A few got to present well. Jye Amiss kicked three to get the best of the choccies. Nat Fyfe had a dominant first half, providing his midfield buddies with plenty of clean possession in contested situations for many clearances. On that basis, will be worth a spot in our F1-F4 range. It appears my pre season prediction on Tom Emmitt could come to fruition as he was strong in the contest, got in good positions, tackled strongly and hit the scoreboard. Expensive rookie but may score well. Cooper Simpson came on in the second half and showed a bit with strong pressure and tackling resulting in one goal. Apparently they love him and he seems like grabbing a round one spot.

Midfield: Does not look like you can go wrong with either of the big two, although Brayshaw was moved onto the wing a few times, whilst Serong stayed in the guts in his time on the ground. They both had significant influence and plenty of possies. Matt Johnson starred as a full time mid as well, although he is awkwardly priced at $301k. Unfortunately, Jeremy Sharp withdrew prior to the game due to illness.

Defence: My premo at D1, Luke Ryan was serviceable, but without stats, not sure he would have tonned up. Could be missing his buddy Cox, requiring a different game plan. Also, kick ins were shared around with Aish, Wagner and Clark, and I was hoping the absence of Hayden Young would give Ryan more of the kick ins. Watch next week in a real pre season game. Speaking of Young, did some useful stuff and played full time mid but I wouldn’t be picking him on that game alone. I do, however, think he will be relevant so haven’t written him off. Have a good look at him next week as well. Jordan Clark is the one who starred over the four quarters, proving numerous runs out of defence and back up play when needed.

Rucks:  Big Shrek was managed but didn’t set the world on fire in his time on the ground. Luke Jackson did some of the ruck work as well as playing key forward. He was lively around the ground, strong in the air, laid tackles and bagged a couple of snags. Worth a look at F1 at this stage of the pre season.

Good luck sorting your team over the next couple of weeks.



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7 thoughts on “Match Sim Notes – Weagles v Freo”

  1. Gidday JD,
    listening to the latest Plus 6 Podcast the WA team watcher said Luke Ryan
    has a minor knee injury which is preventing him from kicking long which is the reason he has not taking much of the kickins during the match sims.


    1. Thanks WG, I will try to find out more in the space. He was going to be my POD but if he’s under a cloud, young Harry’s looking good.


  2. Reid and Young caused some doubt on their actual potential that game. Didn’t perform like many thought.
    Stats below taken from Twitter accounts

    Hayden Young at 3QT –
    12 disposals
    11 effective
    41 #AFLFantasy points

    Harley Reid
    3 KICKS
    8 DISP.
    2 REB.50
    12 CBA’s (Equal 6th)


  3. Thx for insight – may I ask some questions?
    Young – is he suited to role, or is this his year of ‘adapting’?
    Serong or Brayshaw – this game may not tell us much…but which looked the goods?
    Fyfe…I love him….can we take the risk?
    Jackson….can we take the risk?
    Understand its prac game one and so on…just very interested in your thoughts


    1. From what I had gathered from others views on the game from Twitter is that Young appeared to be more of a defensive midfielder.

      Serong was the better in the game with 26 disposals, 21 effective and 86 AF in 3 quarters.
      Brayshaw 25 disposals 88% DE in 4 quarters

      Fyfe with 20 disposals (17 HB) and 7 clearances in the first half. Can you trust him and how injury prone he is. If enough own him, it won’t be as risky as everyone will deal with the consequences and may become riskier to leave him out.

      Jackson and Darcy seemed to be sharing a bit of the ruck. 68% of CBA for Darcy, 23% for Jackson, Reidy 9%
      Darcy 10 disposals
      Jackson 10 disposals, 2 goals 1 behind


    2. Not that I’m any great expert as such, Cuzza, but I had Fyfe and Jackson in my side before the game and they are still there until the next game tells me any different.

      Young looked out of sorts in the position and played more defensively later in the game so that’s a hard read. Consensus is he will be worth it. Don’t have him but still considering.

      Brayshaw had less time in the guts and more on wing, probably due to Fyfe being there full time. Fyfe was a beast and I reckon all his possessions were contested and most were effective. Serong and Johnson were the others in full time mid roles and both were excellent. My pick is Serong, but you could have both given their bye.

      Jackson was good enough, but can get better. He flew for plenty of marks that he missed, but with more game time those will stick I feel. More likely to hit the scoreboard than Shrek as well.


  4. Great stuff, Jim!

    Tyvm as well to Willy and Nato for the follow ups.

    If Reid were MID only, I wouldn’t be touching him. Bunch of issues but there’s nothing up FWD, so I’ve begrudgingly got him for now.

    We’re finishing spoon again this year btw. Freo despite a stacked list don’t play finals either. Barren year for WA footy – not that I (or FT) even live there!



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