149 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Practice Match Week”

  1. This is what I’ve landed on and quite happy with at the moment.

    D: Daicos, Stewart, Houston, Sheezel, Curtin, Gibcuss // Reid, Coffield
    M: Bont, Butters, LDU, Steele, Martin, Mckercher, Sanders, Roberts // Sharp, Clark, Sinn
    R: Gawn, Grundy // Livingstone
    F: Flanders, Fyfe, Harmes, Reid, Windsor, Macrae // Sexton, Wilson
    Bank: 48.8k
    Rookie watch now. Keen eyes on Reid. If he doesn’t show a little bit more than an upgrade to Billings or a downgrade to Lazzaro may be in place. Would love Serong but can’t find the cash unless I downgrade Houston or Sheezel.


  2. DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Young, Coleman, Williams, Curtin (gibcus, coffield)
    MID: Zerrett, Butters, LDU, Touk, Steele, Harmes, McKercher, Sanders (Sharp, Clark, Mannagh)
    RUCK Gawn, Grundy
    FWD: Flanders, Fyfe, Jordan, Billings, Reid, Sexton (McRae, Wilson)

    1. Close watch on Billings, Reid and Harmes. Feel fairly comfortable with the rest of the side
    2. Considering switching Daicos into MID for zerrett/butters and bring in Sicily. That way I hopefully have 3 of the top defenders and then can wait on who will be an Uber prem in the MID.
    3. Considering downgrading Reid to Sinn/Roberts and bring in the Bont for F1


    1. Good side.

      Even though Port are so cringe, I’m big on Butters atm.

      Port open the season with West Coast, are up in South Australia for a while and then have that nice late bye.


    2. Personally not a massive fan of starting zerrett due to his history of slow starts but as a whole will be a great season long pick


  3. DEF: Stewart, Sheezel, Young, Williams, Curtin, Gibcus (Hore, Coffield)

    MID: Bont, Butters, Daicos, LDU, Touk, Steele, Sanders, Mckercher (Wilson, Sharp, Clark)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Maley)

    FWD: Flanders, Fyfe, Billings, Reid, Duursma Mccrae (Darcy, Mannagh)

    Appreciate your thoughts


    1. Don’t love the injury profile of this side.

      Miller is fine because he’s amazing value/upside and we’ve all got him but in tandem with a couple of names, I’d be a bit worried.

      LDU – again, fantastic, but pretty tender and don’t love how easily he goes down at such a young age.

      Steele – post-AC joint he hasn’t been the same and the loss of that physicality to his game has hurt his CP and tackling scoring streams.

      Fyfe – railed against him last year, will be vindicated again

      Individually they’re all fine – even good – picks but just don’t love seeing them all together. Idk. That’s just me.


  4. $32,700 Remaining Salary

    T. Stewart, H. Sheezel, H. Young, M. D’Ambrosio, Z. Williams, J. Gibcus (N. Coffield, E. Phillips)

    M. Bontempelli, N. Daicos, J. Dawson, Z. Butters, J. Steele, N. Martin, C. McKercher, R. Sanders (J. Sharp, J. Clark, J. Sinn)

    M. Gawn, B. Grundy (F. Maley)

    L. Jackson, J. Harmes, J. Billings, H. Reid, C. Lazzaro, F. Macrae (C. Simpson, S. Mannagh)

    Still have Fyfe, Windsor & Sexton still in my sights. Will play around again after the practice matches.


  5. Hi all, this where i’m at atm…
    def: Stewart,Sinclair,Houston,Ridley,z Reid,Curtin.(Coffield,E Philips)

    mid:Libba,Laird,Serong,Rozee,Newcombe,Steele,Mckercher,Jhye Clark.(j Sharp,c Simpson,c Hall)

    ruck: English,Marshall (Visentini)

    fwd: Fyfe,z Duursma,n Watson,n Caddy,d Wilson,s Mannagh.(c Livingstone,l Rawlinson.
    all rookies subject to selection/gameplan. Fwd line is intentional…nothing i liked at value or they were playing round zero. Bont is the best player in the comp but i couldn’t have two 700k players. would have liked to select errol and tom green but the round zero effect kicked in.same for n daicos and tracc.


    1. I don’t mind a slim forward line but Duursma and Watson will be a slow burn and Livingstone. Rawlinson and Visentini wont play. Having one to loophole is fine but not all three.
      No Sanders in the midfield? Clay Hall injured, Phillips looking unlikely to play at this point but there is hope.
      Where is your cash gen?


  6. Daicos, Sheezal, Young, Yeo,Ambrosio, Williams
    Pink ,Phillips.
    Petracca, Dawson,Butters, Steele,Martin, McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite, -Roberts,Sharp, Clark.
    Gawn , Grundy, Livingston
    Jackson, Fyfe, Harmes, Jordan, Reid , Lazzoro,
    Sexton, Wilson.
    Thanks guys,
    I’m still shuffling the magnets


  7. DEF: Daicos, Sicily, Stewart, Sheezel, Gibcus, Reid (Hore, Pink)

    MID: The Bont, Dawson, Butters, Gulden, Miller, Fyfe, McKercher, M. Roberts (J. Sharp, J. Sinn, C. Simpson)

    RUC: Marhsall, Grundy (Livingston)

    FWD: Flanders, Lazzaro, Windsor, Caddy, F. Macrae, Sexton (S.Darcy, S Mannagh)

    41k in the kitty.

    First shot at a team. Kinda worried about my FWD line, but with happy with my DEF and MIDS.

    Any advice appreciated


  8. Top 500 last few years hoping to rise. this year…..

    Daicos – Stewart – Sheezel – Young – Budarick – D’Ambrosio
    (Coffield – Phillips)

    Bont – Butters – Serong – Steele – Martin – McKercher – Sanders – Hustwaite
    (Sharp – Wehr – Mannagh)

    Gawn – Grundy

    Flanders – Fyfe – Billings – Lazzaro – Windsor – Sexton
    (Laurie – Darcy)

    – Gone heavier in DEF, really don’t like any of the rookie options – Gibcus, Reid, Pink etc. Feel like good job security but won’t average any more than 50. Awaiting on Zac Williams, am concerned that he hasn’t been played yet.

    – Still not super keen on starting Nick Daicos with the tougher early draw and early bye, however, 64% have selected and is more of a defensive pick.

    – Am quite tempted to go Gawn to Xerri to free up some cash so will pay attention to Xerri’s performance this weekend.

    – Probably unpopular opinion but I am happy to fade Harley Reid, he has never been a real accumulator of the ball, he more so has burst moments. I don’t think these burst moments will happen for a few years. He also appears to be injury prone, I can just see him getting an injury fairly early in the season given the eagles luck with injuries.

    – Harmes is not in side only because I feel he is 5th in line for dogs mids, and feel the likes of Billings and Lazarro will have better sc friendly roles.

    Would love to hear any advice, cheers legends.


    1. Looks good Damo. Just wanted to say, that I don’t mind that role for Harmes and I think he will go at min, an 80 average which is more than enough. I don’t know why he isn’t in more teams. I think he will have quite a similar role to Billings but perform better.


    2. the Gawn to Xerri looks interesting. I didn’t realise Xerri was only $407k and he has no early bye.

      Priced at 73 and only needs to average 88 to be a worthwhile pick.

      he has: GWS, Freo, Carlton, Lions, Cats, hawks, Crows, in first 7. He could easy average 100.

      Gawn is priced at 104 and needs to average 109 to be a worthwhile pick, we all know he will probably average 120 over the first 7.

      120 ave with an early bye (replace one week with a rookie score of say 60), will bring comparable average to 111.

      compare Gawn 111 ave ($583k) to Xerri 100 ave ($407k). What is 11pts a week (77pts) worth? Is it worth $176k plus a trade? toss a coin.


  9. Any love for Rankine to have a break out season? More midfield time might see a significant improvement from last year’s average of 82.6. Now into his 5th season.


    1. I really like what i saw the other day. Looked super fit. More mid time maybe but Mcrouch playing might not get too much. Dawson,Laird, even Slingo might push ahead of him for mid time. He’s in my side at the moment. But anything can happen before Round 1

      He is a superstar in the making. If he was in a Victorian side it would be bonkers hype


  10. Can someone explain Round Zero to me?

    So any of the 6 teams playing are basically losing points off their year totals?

    so Diacos will need to average 150 to make up for the missing points from round zero?

    Is that how it works?
    Rooks doesn’t matter as they will be moved on when ripe but the Keepers need to score.



    1. Essentially yes, but 150 is wrong.
      Lets break it down but use a different example as I think Daicos will be a clear D1. Lets compare Dawson and Dunkley from last year as they both avg the same:

      Dawson – 115 x 23 = 2,645
      Dunkley – 115 x 22 50 (rookie score for early bye round Dunks misses) = 2,580

      So essentially if you’re going to pick Dunkley over Dawson, he would need to outscore him by 3pts on avg per game (65pts total) to just break even. Which is why in most cases the non round 0 player makes more sense.
      In Daicos’ case, i think he is clearly the best def so he’s locked in my side, but its open to judgement.

      Hope this helped!


      1. IMO it would also be easier if you had him as a mid and not a def.

        The mids rookies would probably score more than def rookies……….


  11. D: Stewart, Sheezel, Young, Williams, Gibcus, Coffield (Pink, Phillips)
    M: Bont, Trac, Butters, LDU, Newcombe, Mckercher, Sanders, Mannagh (Roberts, Wilson, Sharp)
    R: Darcy, Grundy
    F: Flanders, Fyfe, Harmes, Reid, Caddy, F.Macrae (Sexton, Darcy)
    $387k itb

    *Mannagh I know isn’t likely to play, he will become Amon or Martin once I have decided, hence cash in bank.


  12. Hi all.

    Been a preseason where I have really struggled to get my head around structure and players. The damn R0 has kept me away from players who would have been walk ups into my team. Green, Gulden and Miller highest on that list. Daicos next, along with Short and Petracca.

    The increased trades, early byes and best 18 is a challenge for structure. Pure GNR? Higher appetite for risk?

    Have landed with a team that is NQR, but seems to sit within the rules I have made for myself. Limit R0 players and don’t take players who will likely decline in value, even if they are genuinely premiums.

    Sheezel, Young, Duggan, D’Ambrosio, Williams, Coffield (Reid, Pink)

    Seems a genuine premium short, but can’t get there without compromising the rest of my team. Will want Daicos, but the early bye and date with Finn puts me off. Sicily without Blanck is a fade for me. Stewart appeals, but he seems to be defying the age barrier. Houston has the great early draw, but struggle to get my head around paying nearly 600k for him. I also found I had too many Port and Freo players, so my R13 bye was a problem.

    Duggan, I hope will benefit from Hurn’s retirement. He’s a top 8 defender in Fantasy, so just needs to get a bit more CD love to be SC relevant. Has been NWM most preseason – still flip flopping. Has also been Clark at some point, but again the too many Freo/Port issue.

    Bont, Dawson, Butters, Serong, Steele, Reid, McKercher, Sanders (Roberts, Sharp, Clark)

    I think Bont is over valued, but really struggle to find another genuine premo for that spot. I think Laird goes backwards a bit this year.
    Reid in the mids is so I can access the mid rooks when Flanders has his R3 bye. Also gives me some flexibility for change.

    Hoping on Steele to become a genuine premium again. Ended up deciding against Martin, Crouch and Wines. I don’t think any of them will end up being a proper premium, or generate an extra 150k, even though they all have upside.

    Marshall Grundy (Naismith)

    I think Marshall will end up the number 1 ruck this year. Prefer him to English as a starter. I think the Gawn Grundy combo means you might be stuck with the 4th and 5th best rucks and you will need to update both. Both with the early bye means I took only Grundy as the bigger value. Can’t come at Xerri.
    Naismith will go back to Livingston if Nank timeline is 2-4 weeks.

    Flanders, Rankine, Fyfe, Jordon, Harmes, Sexton (Cadman, SDarcy)

    Feels like there will be enough 123k rookies to stay away from Lazaro and Windsor. But they could be options if I downgrade one of the three 250k – 280k players and upgrade Duggan.

    Cash 41.9k

    Good luck to everyone for the highly challenging season ahead


  13. Getting closer to my final team (until I change it again later tonight 😉 )

    D: Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, Young, D’Ambrosia, Curtin – Gibcus, Reid
    M: Bont, Butters, Serong, Steele, Martin, McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite – Sharp, Clark, Mannagh
    R: Grundy, Xerri – Naismith
    F: Flanders, Rachele, Fyfe, Jordan, Lazzaro, Sexton – Wilson, Darcy
    10k ITB

    Not sure about Z.Williams, H. Reid . Hustwaite may be more value around that price range as he looked great in the first practice match so I look forward to seeing him in the second one. If Xerri goes down it presents an issue although with Nank the Tank having foot issues Naismith will get plenty of time on the field and acquit himself well. I feel better with four premos in defence than six in the mids. D’Ambrosia adds more depth although he might end up being Williams. Gambling on Rachele going 95+ with more mid time, however there are plenty of Crows in there.



  14. Def: Stewart, Houston, Young, Budarick, D’Ambrosio, Coffield (Gibcus, Phillips)
    Mid: Bont, Butters, Serong, Steele, Martin, McKercher, Sanders, Roberts (Windsor, Clark, Mannagh)
    Ruc: Marshall, Gawn (Sweet)
    Fwd: Flanders, Fisher, Jordan, Harmes, Reid, Laurie (Cadman, McInnes)
    $800 itb

    More mid pricers than I usually go but I just think there’s so much value in them this year. Let me know thoughts!


  15. Any love for Harry Himmelberg?
    Going to be playing in defence where we know he can score. Question marks against scoring consistency?
    Is he third tall or more lockdown?


  16. Daicos, Stewart, Sicily, Sheezel, Williams, Curtin (Hore, Coffield)

    Bont, Butters, Gulden, Miller, Steele, McKercher, Sanders, Clark (Lazzaro, Sharp, Rawlinson)

    Gawn, Grundy (Naismith)

    Flanders, Fyfe, Reid, Facrae, Wilson, Mannagh (Sexton, Darcy)

    72.5k ITB.

    Yes, Fyfe is in my team but looks like I’m not the only one taking the bait, again..

    Fwd line is impossible so it’s a wait and see and load up elsewhere. Darcy a speculative pick as Naughton was playing up the ground more, which I can assume is to make room for Darcy to cement a spot.


    1. good team. you have 6 premiums with early bye including daicos $650k sitting on bench for a week.

      Fyfe and Williams are injuries waiting to happen.

      just as an idea, swap Daicos, Williams & Fyfe to Houston, Young & Jones (you should have enough cash)


    1. Not much between them. just for information, ive had two drafts so far.

      Gawn went pick 8 and Marshall pick 15 in one draft.

      Gawn went pick 10 and Marshall went pick 12 in other.


  17. There’s a couple more checkpoints before final teams… so, I guess like everyone else I’m toying with structure and premiums that I’d like to take into the season. So, both this weeks slate of games and R0 will really inform.

    I’m looking at R0 as a real opportunity to get a sneak peak at players with 2x byes to see if they’re worth it. So while I’m staying (mostly) away there’s a couple players I’m gonna check out.

    D: Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, Young, D’Ambrosio, Gibcus (Coffield, Phillips)

    Daicos could be dropped to anyone if I’m not super-comfy. Williams could be brought in pending availability and performance.

    M: Laird, Libba, Butters, Serong, McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite, Roberts (Wilson, Sharp, Clark)

    I think the premium mids I’ve selected have C/VC capability and upside. I’ll look to bring in others post their initial price drop and/or first bye. I’m really comfy so far with the mid rookies… we’ll see how I feel post the Community series and R0.

    R: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)

    Gawn could become Xerri. I’ve toyed with it as I think the Roo could be anything. The thought keeping me from pulling the trigger is Xerri hasn’t done it yet. If he looks lights out in the praccy match then I may do it to free up cash and improve another position on-ground.

    F: Jackson, Flanders, Fyfe, Harmes, Lazzaro, F Macrae (Sexton, Cadman)

    Jackson and Flanders looked good and are in until they prove otherwise. Plus, Jackson is handy Ruck cover. Fyfe is a risk, but if Billings pops off in R0 then I’ll consider a swap.

    ***All rookies subject to availability, selection, performance for R1

    Available through Main Byes – 24/24/24/18
    Bank – $19.3k

    Feedback appreciated.


  18. B: Stewart, Sheezel, Young, Buderick, Williams, Gibcus (Hore, Coffield)
    M: Bont, Tracc, Butters, Steele, M Crouch, Wardlaw, McKersher, Sanders (Wilson, Clark, Mennagh)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    F: Flanders, Fyfe, Jordan, Harmes, Billings Reid (Sexton, Darcy)
    6k in the bank

    The extra trades has made me more open to mid pricers than I normally would be.



  19. Naicos Stewart Young Rivers Coleman Gibcus (M.Carroll E. Phillips)

    Bont Laird Butters Green Warner McKercher Sanders Wilson (J. Sharp J.Clark L.Rawlinson)

    Gawn Grundy (M.Heath)

    Flanders Jordan Harmes Emmett Sexton Cadman (C.Simpson S.Mannagh)

    Thoughts appreciated .


    1. Probably in that order for me. Harmes has the worst role of the three, didn’t see many CBA’s despite a few big midfielders out. Parker out helps Jordan but still expect him to be primarily on the wing. Fyfe has the best role although a bit concerned he was handball happy …. hardly put ball to boot at all.


  20. B: T Stewart, J Sinclair, H Sheezal, H Chapman, T Brown, J Gibcus (O Mullin, T Pink)
    M: M Bont, N Daicos, J Dawson, E Gulden, T Green, J De Goey, C McKercher, R Sanders (D Curtin, J Clark, J Sin)
    R: B Grundy, S Naismith, (J Sweet)
    F: L Jackson, M Phillipou, N Fyfe, M Georgiades, H Reid, A Sexton (J Mahoney, A Cadman)

    4K in the bank

    Tried to go for the big points in the middle + have the 2 draftees w high upside potential. Then went with 3 high point scorers in defence w mid/ entry level guys around them, same with 1 ruck and 1 forward with high point potential w the rest either mid tier or high upside potential folks. Bench is purely high upside potential guys.



    1. Heath Chapman won’t play early, he has a soft tissue injury and is in Qatar for treatment.

      D’Ambrosio might me a nice swap.


  21. Anyone else want Dow from tigers in there side but have 6 guns in their mid as well as McKercher and Sanders and just can’t fit him in??


    1. I’ve dropped a MID premo for one of Hustwaite or Dow.

      Dow was very HB happy (1:4 K:HB ratio) and was flattered by the low stakes conditions, allowing him clean use and a goal. Did like his CP grunt though.


      1. Hey GD, this starting team is getting increasingly harder. Fyfe now in nearly 50% of teams! You believing the hype or reckon freo will be careful with his TOG?


        1. Yo. Hey, Glen.

          Yeah, so I railed against Fyfe last year. Was popping off in the match chats tell everyone absolutely not – was vindicated.

          Could see him getting lucky and staying uninjured for 3-4 games and everyone gets excited but it’s still the same deal: old, horrible injury profile, side moved past him. Pass.


          1. Reckon Fyfe is a free hit……if he goes off, he’s 400-450 very quckly. If he spuds it or gets injured, he has the nice R0 bye, and he’s a nice price to trade to whichever rookie we miss in starting teams, especially if that rookie has played R0 and is already fattening. With 40 trades, I’m starting him.


            1. I’m looking at starting 2 of either, Fyfe, Harmes, Jordon, McKenzie or Billings.

              It is likely to be Fyfe and Harmes (bye friendly), but Billings a bit cheaper looked ok last night.


        2. I think you get 5-6 out of him before injury strikes. if you are confident in a rookie then back him, if not then fyfe will be safety if he goes bonkers.


  22. Changed the team up a bit, going to be watching closely during these praccy matches. Any feedback welcome,

    DEF- Daicos, Stewart, Houston, D’Ambrosio, Curtin, Gibcus (Hore, Coffield)

    MID- Butters, LDU, Gulden, Serong, Green, Steele, McKercher, Sanders (Sharp, Clark, Sinns)

    RUCK – Gawn, Grundy (Maley)

    FWD – Flanders, Fyfe, Reid, Windsor, Macrae, Sexton (Wilson, Mannagh)


  23. Def: Stewart, Sheezel, Young, Budarick, D’Ambrosio, Coffield. ( Reid, Phillips)

    Mid: Bont, Naicos, Butters, Ldu, Steele, N Martin, Mckercher, Sanders. ( Sharpe, Clark, Wilson)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy. (Naismith)

    Fwd: Flanders, Fyfe, Harmes, Billings, Sexton, Laurie.(Cadman, Mannagh)

    Bank: $200


    1. Can’t see the attraction of Budarick. I remember him being a small forward. I know he is in the backline this year, so is Sexton, but who is he replacing? Powell?


  24. After 100’s of changes
    Def: Daicos, Sheezel, Coleman, Borlase, Gibcus, Ambrosio, Coffield, Cholesy
    Mid: Bont, Green, Butters, Serong, LDU, Gulden, Saunders, McKercher, Clark, Sharp Hustwaite
    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy , Maley
    Fwd: Flanders, Jordon, Windsor, Wilson, Cadman, Darcy, Mannagh, Simpson
    Hopefully there are nine keepers in that group and probably a few none starters.


  25. DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Young, Coleman, Curtin, Gibcus (Pink, Coffield)

    MID: Petracca, Butters, LDU, Serong, Green, McKercher, Sanders, Windsor (Sharp, Sinn, Mannagh)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Maley)

    FWD: Flanders, Fyfe, Harmes, Billings, Reid, Sexton (F Macrae, Wilson)

    Bank 29k

    What do you reckon lads, fwd line makes me nervy but just can’t justify splashing for subpar options this year.


  26. Any value in my forward line or too risky?!

    Back: N. Daicos, H.Sheezel, J.Short, N.W.M, K.Coleman, Z.Williams, (N.Coffield, E.Phillips)
    Mids: J. Dawson, E. Gulden, N.Martin, O.Wines, J. H-Francis, T.Dow, C.McKercher,R. Sanders
    (D. Curtin, J. Sharp, J.Clark)
    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy, (S. Naismith)
    Forwards: S. Flanders, N.Fyfe, J. Jordon, J. Harmes, J. Billings, A. Sexton, (S. Darcy, C.Simpson)


    1. Drop a FWD midpricer for Windsor and re-tool backline. Coleman, Zwilliams and NWM all no’s for mine.


      1. Coleman looked good, just a few cobwebs caused 5 clangers so he finished with 89 instead of 109. He had a game high 10 marks and also had game 2nd highest metres gained (only 8 metres behind gulden) this was with 0 kick ins. On the back of his end to last year, last night and his price I have him locked at D5


  27. DEF:
    Daicos – Stewart – Sheezel – Young – Williams – Reid – (Gibcus – Coffield)

    Bont – Trac – Butters – Miller – Steele – McKercher – Sanders – Z.Duursma – (Curtin – Sharp – Wehr)

    Gawn – Grundy – (Livingstone)

    Flanders – Fyfe – Billings – Sexton – Wilson – Mannah – (Cadman – Darcy)

    88K in the bank

    –> Really need some advice on this one <–
    Cheers a ton


    1. Zwilliams -> T. Brown
      Livingstone -> Naismith
      F6 -> Windsor

      Duursma can then also become Dow, Hustwaite or Roberts depending on who looks best.

      Strong side.


  28. D: Sicily, Sheezel, NWM, Coleman, Curtin, Gibcus (Coffield/Gibcus)
    M: Dawson, Butters, Serong, Warner, McCluggage, Flanders, Mckercher, Sanders (Roberts/Sharp/Clark)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (Sweet)
    F: Jackson, Fyfe, Billings, Reid, Windsor, Sexton (Wilson/Mannagh)

    Looking to replace Hugh McCluggage in the midfield but don’t know for who currently.


  29. Which of these two are best to start:

    Tu: Jordon
    Td: Billings

    Comment: both.

    Having both means i wont have the cash to keep H Reid.


  30. Def: N. Daicos, T. Stewart, H. Sheezel, H.Young, Z.Williams, D Curtin (Reid, Coffield)

    Mid: Merrett, Butters, Gulden, T Green, T. Miller, C Mckercher, Z Duursma, R Sanders (Sharp, Clark, Mannnagah)

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)

    Fwd: Fyfe, J Jordon, J Harmes, J Billings, H Reid, A Sexton (Cadman, D Wilson)

    $143k in bank


  31. DEF
    Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, D’Ambrosio, T. Brown, J. Gibcus (N. Coffield, E. Phillips)

    Bontempelli, Gulden, Dawson, Rozee, Serong, Steele, McKercher, Sanders (Hustwaite, Roberts, Wehr)

    Gawn, Xerri (Livingstone)

    Jackson, Jordon, Billings, Sexton, Lazzaro, H. Thomas (C. Simpson, Wilson)

    One glaring omission in Grundy – allowed me to pick Gulden taking byes into account. I think that Xerri will at least hold his own as R2 for the first couple of weeks and then see how we go from there. Any other glaring issues?

    I’m not convinced on anyone for F1 – Jackson has been there for most of the preseason. The concussion worries me but where else could I look? Greene has North in week 1 and burn man Zorko always starts off the season well before injury knocks him out promptly. I’m considering the player in this position as more of a stop-gap until someone presents themselves as a clear option or a mid gets DPP..


    1. Interested in H. Thomas as well after last night. Will see R0.
      I am considering the 6 premo mids as well now that the prem fwds are so thin. Will see how Flanders goes next week but tempted to take him out and go the bare bones all mid price madness fwds. T. Brown at Rich in Def another one that has popped up which is looking good.

      I like the Xerri pick, Will be watching him closely and leaning towards him. Seems a better priced stepping stone than Grundy but I doubt Ladhams and Grundy play in the same team as they did last night.

      But yeah really like your team and structure.

      Maybe don’t need Hus on the bench with the 6 premos. Open a m/f link with Wilson to mids and maybe a Windsor or Lohman up fwd


  32. TU:
    DEF – Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, Young, Gibcus, Reid (Coffield, Phillips)
    MID – Bont, Dawson, Serong, Miller, N. Martin, McKercher, Sanders, Windsor (Wilson, Sharp, Clark)
    RUC – Gawn, Grundy (Naismith)
    FWD – Jackson, Fyfe, Jordon, Billings, Reid, Sexton (Darcy, Mannagh)

    DEF – Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, Coleman, Gibcus, Reid (Coffield, Phillips)
    MID – Petracca, Dawson, Serong, Parish, Miller, McKercher, Sanders, Windsor (Wilson, Sharp, Clark)
    RUC – Darcy, Gawn (Naismith)
    FWD – Jackson, Fyfe, Jordon, Billings, Lazarro, Sexton (Darcy, Mannagh)


  33. It’s too weird to have Laird, Dawson, Butters and Wines eh?
    Kinda tempted. (M2, 3, 4 + 6)


  34. First share of my team as rookies begin to crystalise a little more. As usual, lots of swapping and tweaking been done, but pretty close to a final structure.

    DEF: Houston, Sheezel, Jor.Clark, D’Ambrosio, Coffield, Gibcus (Reid, E.Phillips)
    MID: Bontempelli, Dawson, Davies-Uniacke, Rozee, N.Martin, McKercher, Sanders, Roberts (Hustwaite, J.Sharp, Jy.Clark)
    RUC: English, Gawn, Livingstone
    FOR: Jackson, Greene, Rayner, Lazzarro, Demspey, Sexton (Voss, Wilson)

    $26K ITB

    Trying to avoid double bye premos so I may swap Greene out. Also could opt for Xerri over English if I need cash elsewhere.


    1. I’d get rid of Jordan Clark and Rayner.

      Rayner doesn’t score heaps, only averages around 70 for the last three seasons, and I don’t believe to my knowledge Brisbane have mentioned anything about him moving positions or changing his own game style. Clark averages a bit more, but not even close in being consistent when it comes to scoring 100s, and I don’t think he’ll breakout this year personally.

      I’d downgrade Rayner to someone like Jordon, Fyfe or Billings. Jordon has arguably been Swans best player in the pre seasons games, injuries to Parker and Adams should amplify his scores in the first 5 or so rounds at least. Fyfe looks to be moving permanently into the midfield, in turn he has the potential to average big numbers again if he can stay fit for more than 6-8 rounds, and Billings should get much more game time now at the Demons (averaged 90-100 when he was consistently playing for the Saints)

      And I’d upgrade Clark to another defender premo/near-premo. Young looks really good with his permanent move into Freo’s midfield, definitely was Freo’s best against Port tonight. He’d be your best candidate at this point if you can’t afford someone like Daicos or Stewart


      1. As a Lions man, I’ve kept an eye on Rayner this pre-season. Heaps fitter and has played more through the middle this PS. Hasn’t been talked about much by the club and is arguably more of a hunch than anything that his is the year he steps up. Call it hopium, but I think he could be a top 10 forward this year.

        But I’m also of the opinion, that if you do what everyone else does, it saps the joy out of SC and you just end up with the same team as everyone else which is dull, dull, dull.

        I had Jordon until recently, but as I started to move closer towards a GnR makeup he went by the wayside. If i move away from Greene and English, he’d be my first port of call and I’d probably have cash for another premo. We’ll see

        Young, I have a bit of love/hate relationship. Still not sold on his consistency, but it’s his move into the midfield that I think opens up more opporunity for Clark.


        1. That’s fair mate. I mean if you’ve got more personal insight being a Lions fan, I can understand that.

          And I do get the point of not wanting the same team as everyone. I “try” to do that, but I more so end up picking a few premos that have fairly low percentage of teams they’re in. I did that last year and it worked, so it’s not a bad tactic by any means

          My main issue with Clark is what would happen to his scoring when Chapman and Cox come back in the side


  35. D: Daicos, Sicily, Sheez, Young, Curtain, Gibcus (Reid, Coffield)
    M: Bont, LDU, Gulden, Green, Miller, McKercher, Sanders, Roberts (Sharp, Clark, Mannagh)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (Maley)
    F: Flanders, Fyfe, Jordan, Reid, Windsor, Sexton (Wilson, Darcy)

    Thoughts? with 2K ITB


  36. Hey everyone,

    Great to be back for another season of SC carnage but with so many trades and boosts, I can’t see anything going wrong with this starting team:

    D – Daicos, Sheezel, Young, Yeo, Gibcus, Coffield, Reid, Phillips

    M – Bont, Rozee, Steele, Martin, Crouch, Wines, Mckercher, Sanders, Curtain, Roberts, Wilson

    R – Gawn, Grundy, Naismith

    F – Fisher, Fyfe, Jordan, Harmes, Billings, Sexton, Lazzarro, Reid

    $16k bank

    Mid price galore and expensive rookies with as few R0 players as possible.

    Good luck all


  37. Plenty of popular picks I’ve left out, considering them upgrade targets. Chopped and changed many times over, sitting somewhat comfy right now.
    Still looking for the most bang for my buck in the rookies.

    DEF: Houston, Short, H.Young, Whitfield, Coleman, Coffield (Z.Reid, Phillips)
    MID: Laird, Dunkley, Rozee, Martin, T.Dow, McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite
    (Roberts, J.Clark, Mannagh)
    RUCK: Marshall, Gawn (Naismith)
    FWD: C.Daniel, Flanders, Jordon, Billings, Lazzaro, Sexton (Laurie, Darcy)


    1. Comes with 3 big no from this week.

      I know preseason makes fools of us all but please reconsider.


  38. Ins: Houston, Sheezel, Z.Reid, E.Phillips, N.Martin, M.Roberts, Naismith, Flanders
    Out: Sicily, Z.Williams, Curtin, Hore, Newcombe, Sweet, F.Macrae, J.Macrae
    Some of the changes of the earlier draft (mid Feb) of my team to now.

    DEF: Daicos, Houston, Sheezel, Young, Gibcus, Z.Reid (E.Phillips, Coffield)
    MID: Bont, Butters, LDU, Serong, N.Martin, McKercher, Sanders, M.Roberts (Sharp, Wilson, Clark)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Naismith)
    FWDS: Flanders, Fyfe, J.Jordon, Harmes, Reid, Windsor (Sexton, Mannagh)
    $2,500 ITB
    All ears on help, opinions, or advice and would be greatly appreciated


  39. Thought I’d throw something out there.

    Who have you got down as must have rookies and cash cows?


    1. The ones I think are locks to play first round and have good JS

      ROOKIES – McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite, Windsor, Harley AND Zach Reid, Sexton, Gibcus, Phillips, Clark and Coffield. Maybe Sharp and Mannagh in there as well.

      Waiting on tomorrow’s game to assess players like Wilson, Duursma, Lazarro and Pink to see where they stand.

      Cadman should be playing most weeks too, but unsure how his cash building fares against the other options. Also a wait and see on Roberts, despite his impressive pre-season he’s still has some likelihood to be picked as the Swans sub, especially when Parker and Adams return from injury.

      CASH COWS – Miller, Nic Martin, Jordon, Billings, Fyfe, Grundy, Wines and my personal opinion I’d pick D’Ambrossio over Williams. I know a lot will say Williams, but him not playing in the pre season and only getting half a game in the VFL practice match is very concerning, and I wouldn’t take the risk.

      Coleman and Harmes would be decent too. Coleman hopefully can break into at least the 90s this year. Like Cadman, my only worry with Harmes is how he’ll fare against the other options

      Only potential cash cows to look out for tomorrow’s game would be Steele and maybe Xerri. Would be interesting to see how he looks without Goldstein this year.


        1. Nah, I wouldn’t pick Mead personally

          I think the main reason he did really well against Freo was because Butters got injured early in the game. I think he’ll improve from the average of 39 he had last year, but I think there are more consistent scoring options both around the same price and cheaper


  40. Heavy, heavy midfield I’ve got.

    DEF: Sinclair, Sheezel, Young, D’Ambrosio, Curtin, Gibcus (Reid, Coffield)
    MID: Bontempelli, Petracca, Daicos, Dawson, Butters, Newcombe, McKercher, Sanders (Hustwaite, Clark, Sharp)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Naismith)
    FWD: Fyfe, Jordon, Harmes, Reid, Windsor, Sexton (Wilson, Mannagh)
    80k left over

    Incredibly weak forward line, but not too far from structures I’ve seen floated around.


    1. Sinclair still not confirmed for round 1 is he? With the injury in preseason I’d change him for Stewart but apart from that not bad.


  41. DEF: N.Daicos, Houston, Young, D’Ambrosio, Williams, Gibcus, (Coffield, Pink)

    MID: Oliver, Gulden, Green, Miller, Wines, Jordan, McKercher, Sanders, (Windsor, Roberts, Clark)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy, (Maley)

    FWD: Macrae, Flanders, Fyfe, Billings, Reid, Sexton, (Wilson Simpson)

    As a DEE I’d love for Oliver to be there but if not named for rd1 then just swapped to Trac.

    Thoughts? Improvement tips?


  42. DEF Daicos Stewart young Sinclair Williams gibcus ( Reid coffield)
    MIDS Butters ldu gulden serong mckerecher larazzo curtin clark ( Reid sanders sharp)
    RUCK Gawn Grundy Conway
    FWD Macrae Fyfe Billings sexton jordon mannagh (Simpson Malay)

    Love to hear your thoughts


  43. Hi guys good luck for anther year. Hope you say good things if not.
    Hear it is

    Def. D Houston. Sheezel. H young. H himmelberg. D Curtin. N coffield. Bench z Reid e phillips

    Mids. J Dawson. E gulden. C serong. C rozee. M holmes. J jorden. N watson. R Sanders. Bench d wilson j sharp. J clark.

    Rucks. M gawn. L jackson bench f maley

    Fwds. T green. J Finlayson. B Humphreys. J billings. H Reid. S mannagh. Bench a sexton. A Cadman.
    What do you guys think rookies might change. I picked holmes as he will be in def. Mid a lot this year. Pod player for me


  44. DEF: Daicos, Sheezel, Young, D’Ambrosio, Gibcus, Z Reid (Coffield, Phillips)

    MID: Bont, Butters, Gulden, Newcombe, Miller, N Martin, McKercher, Sanders (Roberts, Sharp, Clark)

    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Maley)

    FWD: Flanders, Fyfe, Jordon, Harmes, H Reid, Wilson (Sexton, Mannagh)

    $112k remaining.

    I really like Newcombe and N Martin this year – both have solid scoring roles for their teams, priced well and look set for a big year.

    I am torn between Harmes and Billings for my F4 spot -I’m unsure who has the better role?

    Aside from that i’m relatively set across the ground I think. Any thoughts are appreciated!


  45. TU: Gulden
    TD: Serong

    Currently running with Serong due to his bye and the fact Gulden will be having two byes, but think Gulden will be the better scorer of the two.


  46. So Hustwaite’s performance probably means we should get him in. My dilemma is how:

    TU: Serong (M4), Crouch/Wines (M6) – Hustwaite at M9

    TD: Steele M4, Sheezel D4 – Hustwaite on field and takes a rookie def off field

    Really just comes down to how essential it is to field Hustwaite. I prefer TU as i want to keep my def options open in the long run but also think hustwaite will outscore any rookie def.


  47. DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, Z Williams, Gibcus, Z Reid, (Coffield, E Phillips)

    MID: Bont, LDU, T Green, Touk, Steele, JHF, McKercher, Roberts, (Sanders, J Clark, Sinn)

    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Naismith)

    FWD: Macrae, Fyfe, Jordon, Harmes, H Redi, Sexton, (Laurie, Mannagh)

    $11k itb


  48. I’m a late inclusion this Season & returning after a few Seasons off. This is my first effort. I’d appreciate some comments.

    DEF: Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, Z Williams, Gibcus, Z Reid, (Coffield, E Phillips)

    MID: Bont, Gulden, McCluggage, Sparrow, Jordan, McKercher, Sanders, Clark (Hustwaite, Curtin, Roberts)

    RUCK: English, Gawn (Maley)

    FWD: Jackson, Greene, Rankine, H Reid, Windsor, Sexton, (Billings, Laurie)

    $83.3k in the bank


  49. Prior to this week my team had 12 premos a couple of mid pricers a few expensive rookies and the rest 126k or below

    Now I have this, and 11 days to change it 8 or 9 times

    Salem-Coleman-Gibcus (Reid,Coffield)

    Miller-Holmes-McKercher-Hustwaite (Sanders,Roberts,Clark)

    Gawn-Xerri (Naismith)

    Reid-Lohman-Sexton (Dempsey,Voss)

    Miller & Xerri might become Toby Greene & Grundy via Ried to mids
    66k left

    I’ve selected the mid pricers based on how I saw their games (not on other peoples opinions) if I’m right I’ll have a couple of keepers for dirt cheap prices and be ranked in top 10 before july only to fade into the obscurity of 2,000+ by seasons end.

    This is before watching Saints and Roos so might be totally different in 8 hours


    1. 7 opening round players is a lot…. Fyfe and yeo in the same team isn’t an injury profile I love, all the best though!


  50. daicos, houston, short, coleman, gibcus, phillips (reid, coffield)

    Bony, Tracc, gulden, newcombe, steele, harmes, H reid, sanders (mckercher, roberts, sharp)

    gawn, grundy (maley)

    macrae, jackson, lohman, sexton, wilson, corey warner (mannagh, H thomas)

    any advice welcome 🙂


    1. 22

      jokes – i have 2, another family member has 5 (mckercher, wardlaw,LDU, Maley and fisher) – it’s just how it fits i guess


  51. Backs: Daicos, Stewart, Young, Curtin,Gibcus,Coffield (Reid and Phillips)

    Mid: Tracca, Gulden, Green, Miller, Steele, Martin, McKercher, Sanders ( Clark, Roberts, Sharp

    Rucks: Gawn,Grundy (Naismith)

    Fwds: Green, Fisher, Jordan, Billings, Reid, Sexton ( Wilson, Nyuon)

    Rookies subject to change. Nervous on the McKercher pick.

    Yes or no. What should change?


  52. I’m going value all over the mids this year.
    Touk, Steele, Martin and Wines with the two rookies to finish it.

    M1 and M2 is my struggle

    T/U: Bont and Newcombe
    T/D: 2 of Butters, Trac, Serong, Green

    I do believe Newcombe could be a nice M8. But at the same time so does Steele and potentially Wines. Martin will find himself in DEF


  53. Gday all.
    Hoping to get some feedback on my team. I’ve been sitting on this for a while but no doubt changes will come.

    Def. Daicos, Stewart, Sheezel, young, D’Ambrosio, gibcus….Reid, Coffield

    Mid. Bont, Gulden, Serong, Miller, Steel, McKercher, Sanders, Hustwaite…. M Roberts, sharp, Clark

    Rucks. Gawn, Grundy….Maley

    Fwd. Flanders, Fyfe, Billings, Reid, Lazzaro, Sexton… Wilson, Laurie.

    23k left.



  54. TU: Nic martin, lazzaro, windsor
    TD: Parish, Cadman, nyuon

    Want sexton and potentially wilson on field so thinking of downgrading lazzaro and windsor to allow that and then put cadman and nyuon to bench so i can get nic martin up to parish?? thoughts


  55. Significant changes now since the end of the practice matches ( I was pretty settled until that final NM v Stk match which triggering another restructure!). Latest update until R0 and final selections.

    DEF: Daicos, Sheezel, Young, D’ambrosio, Burgoyne, Reid (Coffield, Phillips)
    MID: Bont, Trac, Dawson, Liberatore, Guilden, Miller, Sanders, Windsor (Roberts, Sharp, Clark)
    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWD: Fisher, Jordon, Harmes, Billings,Sexton, Wilson (Lohmann, Dempsey)

    Flirted with Xerri but went back to Grundy. The issue for me was if Xerri went down there is nobody at that price point but if Grundy goes down you can still go to Xerri.

    Fisher’s game forced my hand to replace Jackson and also affecting the Xerri pick.

    Would of loved one more premo Def or possibly Coleman who could go either way but I ended up questioning why I would pick Houston or Coleman vs someone like Miller who is under priced and think will easily make up those bye points and giving me a unique structure with 6 Mid elite premos.

    Anyway let’s see what R0 brings.


      1. Interesting good or Interesting bad?
        I’m not sold yet. I’d like more info on him and his JS but I liked his stats for limited game time. Something like 67 points with 20 possessions in 63% game time. If he can lock a place think he will be serviceable. And if it fails can always back track to Gibcus or even try to get to Coleman before his 3rd game, that’s sort of the aim.


  56. Hey I just met you,
    And this is crazy

    So thumb up my team
    Unless you’re lazy

    Daicos Houston Sheezel Young Coleman Coffield (Reid Phillips)
    Bont Rozee Miller Steele Martin Wines McKercher Sanders
    (Roberts Sharp Clark)
    Gawn Xerrri (Livingstone)
    Fyfe Jordan Harmes Billings Lazzaro Sexton ( Wilson Cadman) 50k


    1. Yeah thumbs up from me. Whilst I don’t like all the players like Fyfe, Wines, Cadman and luke warm on McKercher for the price, but I do love the structure which I think is achievable.

      If I was going that team, I think Wilson on field looks better in the mids in placec of McKercher and gives you another Fwd option/link to compensate for the weak Fwds. And then add another Fwd rookie.

      And the newly minted Clarko’s Fish-gull in place of Fyfe. He could be just as injury prone (maybe another Hall mark II?) but he could also be a major difference leaving you behind the pack. But yeah I get it, if you think it was only one game.

      Rock solid Backline btw which I am taking serious note of.


  57. Thoughts on Houston? Stats show he loves AO which he plays 4 of the first 6 there, but is he someone we should wait for until he drops? 6 scores below 90 mean his price will never get away from us. What we think?

    TU: Yes he’s a genuine option

    TD: Will drop, spend money elsewhere



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