Poll: Downgrades & Upgrades

Written by JimmyDee on May 4 2022

This week’s poll opens a raft of of options that I’m sure the community will find the results a valuable help in trading this week. Lock & Load wanted to know which of the downgrade options would be best this week, and received  a great amount of support. Bear in mind two of the more popular options on SC Plus are not bubble boys. Greg Clark has his own transparent story without too many catches, but Jack Carroll may be compromised by the return of Hewett this week and another week of data could be handy.
Probably worth a mini poll, given the other options.

Is it worth going early on Greg Clark?

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Is it worth going early on Jack Carroll

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As there appears to be more downgrade options this week, who do you think are the best to target to suit both cash generation and fulfilling upgrade targets for maximum impact.

Which are the best downgrade options this week? (choose 2)

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Following the vote here leads us to The Original Force’s poll suggestion. Once we’ve decided whether to trade or not, then used the above data to choose a downgrade(s), what are the best premium options on each line to target. The basis for these numbers is averages to this point, and if anyone outside this criteria is on your radar, let us know in the comments.
Base the vote on the best in your opinion, not from those not in your team.

Who are the best defensive premos to target ? (choose 3)

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Who are the best Mid premos to target ? (Choose 6)

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Who are the the best Rucks to end up with ? (choose 2)

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Who are the best Forward premos to target ? (choose 3)

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Pretty big poll I know but hope it helps you move up the ladders in your respective leagues. As always, thanks for participating.


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10 thoughts on “Poll: Downgrades & Upgrades”

  1. Still like Darcy’s chances of being R2.

    Unless you think there are 6 forwards better than all the rucks, why would you burn R2 on English in your final team?


    1. My bad Based. Realised I missed Darcy but got distracted and the post went live. Genuine chance to be R2 IMO.

      The ruck/forward thing was a structure choice for those wanting the DPP flexibility, as well as English being a top average in both positions.


  2. Only problem with Greg Clark is that I get a nagging feeling WA just reeks with Covid.


    1. Agree John, and that’s why I haven’t brought in any senior WA players. However, Clark as a rookie should theoretically be able to withstand a week of H&S protocols with less damage to your score than a premo. 28k coaches have already pulled that trigger!!


  3. Which is the better option here.. 2 trades to do

    OUT O ‘Driscoll , Rachele plus 121k
    IN Touk, McComb

    OR use three trades

    OUT Butters, Rachele, Whitfield
    IN Touk, Parker and Clark

    The first option (2 trades) allows me to keep Whitfield and butters and I am gaining a premo in Touk

    The second option (3 trades) allows me to get in 2 premium players at the expense of Whitfield and butters but I lose butters in the process( so probably only gaining a nett 1 premium player

    Which is the better option


  4. Which should I put into the forward line this week
    Dylan Moore t/u
    Luke Parker t/d


  5. Luke McDonald (not nominated above), is a good option as defensive DPP, BE 45, under value (IMO) & likely to score consistently well.



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