Poll: Midfield Midpricers

Written by Motts on March 7 2023

How many of these players priced between $250k and $450k are currently in your team (either in the Midfield or Forward line)?

Midprice Mids

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Midfield Midpricers”

  1. Only have Hopper M5 (along with Green M4) atm even though I’m not convinced either will be a M8 by seasons end. So seriously thinking offloading both and replacing with Bont & Mackenzie (if he is selected).

    Fyfe (currently priced at 57 ave) is still of interest. While cognisant of his body and injury potential, he has to much pride and skill to finish his career on a low. I expect him to ave 90-95 which may be enough for a F6 ultimately should he get through the season or will generate sufficient cash to trade around the byes.


  2. I currently have Ziebell in my forward line as he has been played at half back. I feel he can do what he did in 2021 where he averaged 107.6 but now under Clarkson’s guidance

    I also have Callaghan that just missed the 250k cut


    1. I have ziebell to but don’t believe he’ll go 107 again 85-95 is more his go i reckon. For that price and the upside he has tho if he averages 90 i reckon ill be happy with that


      1. Yeah I can see that he probably won’t reach that level again.
        I wouldn’t think him to be my F6 but I see so much more good consistent scores as a half back than I do for someone like Fyfe who can go goalless in a game and take a big hit on his money making


        1. Yeh thats my thinking behind it, the consistency, i think the order goes Bruhn > Ziebell > Fyfe but it’s up to personal preference really


  3. I’ve got Hopper and thinking of flipping him to Callaghan and I keep swapping Fyfe and Ziebell.


  4. Setterfield needs more love. Seems to have been given the perfect role with essendon to maximise his scoring potential. Time will tell tho.


  5. I’ve Hopper in the midfield and Fyfe/Bruhn in the forwards. Have toyed with Flanders and Wanganeen-Milera in the team as well. W-M took most of the kick ins for the Saints during the practice match and is generally a good user of the footy.
    Talk in the West is pretty positive for Fyfe the forward (given he was a gun in that position in his junior years), so much so that there’s murmurings of him kicking 50/60 goals this season for Freo, if fit (BIG ‘IF’!). He’s shown during this pre-season that he has different avenues to goal; he’s always going to be a contested beast – ground and air. And if Freo are in trouble in the midfield…break glass – get FYFE! (I hope I haven’t steered too many coaches off the cliff with that Fyfe endorsement).
    Bruhn is going to be a jet.
    Hopper is just a defensive ploy because virtually every coach is going to have him in the midfield. And if/when he goes nuts, you just don’t want to be THAT coach at the bus stop waiving forlornly at the missed bus!

    That’s my two cents for this season. Happy Supercoaching!


  6. In total I’m going to have about 10-11 players in that 200-450 range in my side.

    As has been said here before. “ any player that can make 150k is a rookie”

    I think these players provide the best blend of Job security and value compared to price in the game.

    Now with extra trades it’s possible to run a 10 premo setup where before that would have left you with too few trades to full premium.


    1. I agree.

      I looked at

      Steele Mackenzie Sheezel
      Hopper Callaghan Ziebell

      In past years I would definitely have gone with Option A, but I am much more towards option B now. Points onfield are higher, and cash generation is probably higher too. (Plus the 50k saving on starting price). The elevated price of rookies means that Mackenzie and Sheezel gaining $150k each is a 50/50 bet. I feel more hopeful of Hopper and Ziebell averaging 85-90 to generate their $150k.


  7. Hunter Clark had 24 disposals 16 contested and has a decent enough role.. am I crazy for considering him over yeo? His disposal efficiency on a windy day is what let him down but he won’t go at 50% most weeks…

    Do we think hunter can match or out do yeo?



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