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Written by Chaos Theory on March 6 2023

Hi Everyone.

The first MRO for the year.

May your 2023 Supercoach team players not feature here during the year!

All the best everyone.

Lets get started, with the sanctions from the match review officer.

Trent Cotchin has been fined $1500 for “misconduct” after a scuffle with Melbourne’s James Harmes on Saturday.

Cotchin  wrestled on the ground with Harmes during the third quarter of their match at Casey Fields and appeared to drop his forearm into Harmes‘ face.

It is fixed financial sanction of $1500. Will be free to play in the opening round of the season.


Jordan De Goey has been fined $3000 for his dangerous tackle on Hawthorn’s Lloyd Meek in Launceston on Thursday, which was classified as rough conduct, careless and low impact.  $2000 fine with an early plea. Will be free to play in the opening round of the season.



Greater Western Sydney ruckman Braydon Preuss doesn’t have a case to answer for his tackle on Gold Coast’s Tom Berry, who landed awkwardly after jumping into a contest with Preuss.


Short but sweet, as we hope all MRO’s will be this year.

Until the season starts




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2 thoughts on “MRO – Practice Matches”

  1. This better be the set standard all season.
    If another player cops a week for the same thing Cotchin did, I will never accept this system and a massive changes needs to be made!!!


    1. Cotchin seems to be able to get away with this for the rest of his career and then just laughs at the players hoping for a retaliation



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