Motts Movers R15, 2012 – The Backs

Written by Motts on July 11 2012

There’ll be more than a few looking for a sea change this week (Waters trade – geddit?).

Now you’ve picked yourself back off the floor after that little piece of hilarity, here are your best options:


Pearce Hanley ($500,100, 93.79, 63) – Whale. Oil. Beef. Hooked. (say it fast). The Irishman from up North has let rip over the last 3 weeks scoring 151, 124, and 119 against The Dogs, Melbourne and Sydney. The good news – he’s scored 5 tons in 7 weeks. The bad news – the other 2 games were a 55 and a 41. I feel like Simon Baker……. you’re probably wondering what Brisbane’s finals run looks like? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. Carlton (away), Adelaide (home), Port (away), The Dogs (home).


Andrew Carrazzo ($471,400, 96, 82) – Jumped up almost $30k last week on the back of his last 3 (132, 98, 108) but is still $34k down on his starting price this year. With Kade Simpson going in for unscheduled dental work, his chances of getting more midfield time have increased so don’t use a stick, Carrots is much more effective.

Corey Enright ($485,800, 92.46, 81) – Started the year lackadaisically but has pulled up his socks over the last 6 rounds only scoring less than 93 once. Can’t say I’m a big fan of Geelong’s run home though: Collingwood, Essendon, Adelaide, Hawthorn, WCE, St Kilda, WBD and Sydney. BS would tell you “don’t worry mate, she’ll be Enright”. Me, I’m not so sure. In fact, Geelong (currently 7th) could very well miss the 8 on the back of that schedule.

Matt Suckling ($446,900, 90.14, 78) and Grant Birchall ($478,800, 96.58, 72) – It was close when we put these two up against these other in R7 this year, Birch won in a close one – 54%-46% – and has since averaged higher (clearly our readers are very discerning pickers of SC talent) but Suckers has picked it up over the last 3 weeks to claim Birch by 3 points a game (104.67 – 101.67). My pick would still be Birchall but if you’re looking for a POD, Suckling could be your man.

Luke McGuane ($324,100, 104) – OK lets get the disclaimers out of the way first. He’s played one game and it was against Melbourne. Now I’m going to tell you that he’s averaging 104 and is priced at $324k! Like a bit of risk in life?

Will Schofield ($395,300, 79.3, 25) – Now here’s a name I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned in the Movers before (PA, I’m sure you’ll pull me up on that one if I’m wrong). Over the last 6 weeks he’s played 3 times (1 bye, 2 weeks off) and scored 91, 110 and 108. They were his 3 highest scores for the year so far so I’m caveating his emptor. Adding to the risk associated with Will is his finals run: Geelong, Port, Collingwood and Hawthorn.

Value Picks

Thomas Jonas ($184,300, 59, -7) – Went pick #16 in the first round of the 2010 draft and played 4 games at the end of 2011 (avg: 34). He ain’t cheap but you’re probably only looking for bench coverage at this time of the season meaning, he has to play and score reasonably well. I don’t know whether he’s going to play and 59 isn’t THAT reasonable but you don’t have a lot to choose from down back I’m afraid.

Daniel Talia ($232,200, 49.43, 2) – Here’s a bloke that will definitely play every game. Adelaide love him like Duck loves free stuff. The only game he’s missed this year was Adelaide’s bye. As you can tell by his average he’s not the world’s highest scoring SC player but his scores have been increasing of late – his last 2 weeks have been a 66 and a 73.

Beau Wilkes ($154,200, 48.75, -14) – I’m going to bow to the greater knowledge of St Kilda and WC supporters on Bad Boy Beau but here are the facts: he’s played in Rounds 5, 7, 8 and 15 for scores of 52, 36, 19 and …. wait for it ….. 88. What you have to like about him is that the Saints swing him forward and he kicks goals – 3 in R5 and 2 in R15.


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22 thoughts on “Motts Movers R15, 2012 – The Backs”

  1. If you like a risk, r Shaw is fairly cheap and can put out +100 scores. He can stink it up on occasions as well. If you are light on cash and are chasing a final 8 spot then consider. One for the brave.


  2. Agree with MJ on either Fisher or Newman for the bargains,

    what about Andrew McInnes from Carlton, played his first game on the weekend against the Saints for 51 points, does anyone think he’ll get a game and what is his JS like?

    I need a downgrade for Martly Clarke that will be useful as bench cover in finals…


  3. Hi guys,
    need some help on the casualty front this week.
    i was thinking next week to make the direct swap waters-shaw.
    is this a good idea?
    with 7 TRADES i think ill have to keep buddy, goddard for sure and marley williams (emergency midfield) in the team, would you trade any of them bare in mind 180k spare and 7 trades?
    opinions? thanks


  4. who would you suggest to come in for waters?
    My backline is; also i can efford any backman.
    Goddard,Waters,Enright,Carrazzo, Birchall,Adcock,Yarran
    cheers help is needed



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