Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Defenders

Written by Motts on February 9 2022

For a bit of fun, I thought I’d go back over my starting SuperCoach team from 12 years ago today. Great to see some of the old names again.

After spending more than a couple of hours on Supercoach to date I’m ready to put up a first cut of my team. I’m not promising this will be the final revision, I’m just saying that this is where my head is at today. Form in the NAB Cup, injuries, and arrests for possession and trafficking will all play a part on the final make-up of the side.

So in no particular order, here goes:


This position is going to generate most of your value in 2010. My strategy this year is to gain the value increase on a lot of these guys and then flip them for more proven (expensive) performers. The blokes I have my eye on early in this bracket are Broughton, Drummond, Grimes, Hodge and Adcock.

B Goddard ($613,600, 115.52) – plays back, forward, midfield, hell they may even throw him into the ruck this year. Gets tons of it. Must. Have.


R Hargrave ($514,200, 96.80) – great year last year and I reckon he’s going to get better in 2010.

J Gram ($419,600, 79.00) – not a good year by his standards in 2009 but that just makes him that much cheaper now. Also spends time in the middle.

M Hurley ($393,600, 82.33) – averaged 82 in 9 games last year and looked pretty flashy doing it. After a turbulent offseason I reckon he’ll put his head down.

T Kennelly ($320,700) – at this price worth the injury risk.

R Ladson ($249,300, 58.67) – only got 3 games in last year so you’re taking a risk by grabbing him but also plays in the guts so should generate some handy numbers for you.

D Myers ($228,400, 43.00) – another cheap option. Played 6 games last year and is due to step up in 2010.


B Waters ($151,100) – injured himself early last year and didn’t get a game. At this price I couldn’t go past him.

M Maguire ($114,000) – another bloke who struggled with injury last year but is a steal at this price and playing for a new club will be keen to impress.

So what do you think? Have I gone too cheap? Am I taking too much of a risk with injuries? Let me know your thoughts.

Tomorrow, the all important Midfielders. Did I snaffle Gaz or will I choose 2 premier midfields in his place? Who will be the all important Emergencies?

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6 thoughts on “Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Defenders”

  1. Remembering what a beast Goddard was. 106.6 in his debut year in 2006. Goes on to do 130.2 in 2010.

    Well played, Motts lol.


  2. As a VERY early AFL fantasy player (i remember sending stuff through the mail to The Age in the 90s for a very early version of this stuff) this is a great piece of nostalgia. Do you have a record of what your starting team actually ended up looking like??



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