Round 1 Rookies

Written by Motts on February 9 2022

OK let’s start with how many on-field rookies you plan to field in the team you take into Round 1.

How many on-field rookies (<$208,000) are you starting in Round 1?

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Now, as we all know, the Sunday teams are not released until after the first bounce which creates some risk for coaches when selecting Round 1 players and especially rookies. This year, the Round 1 Sunday games are:

  • Hawthorn v North
  • Adelaide v Fremantle
  • West Coast v Gold Coast

That means unless it’s released in the press prior, we won’t know if rookies like Ward (Hawthorn), Comben (North), Rachelle (Adelaide), O’Driscoll/Erasmus/Johnson (Freo), Chesser/Clark (Eagles), and Uwland/Constable//Hollands (GCS) will be getting a run which could potentially mean dreaded duck eggs in Round 1.

So Wighty wants to know if you’ve factored it in to your thinking yet.

Do the 3 Sunday games in R1 affect your rookie selections?

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If you have, perhaps you can let us know in Comments how you’re dealing with it.



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10 thoughts on “Round 1 Rookies”

  1. If they get named in the starting 18 on Thursday night, and not on an extended bench – that helps.


  2. Haven’t thought about it but of my 6 current onfield rookies 5 if them are priced at over $148k. I believe this will give me the flexibility to downgrade to named rookies even though 4 of my 6 current onfield rookies are playing Sunday.


  3. Thankfully most clubs have got into the habit of announcing Rd 1 debuts well before the weekend – hopefully this trend continues


  4. I’m not too worried about the Sunday Rookies getting named .

    The Social Media managers love releasing those cheesy videos of players getting told at training , they’re playing that weekend. This is usually followed by them ringing their mum !

    This usually filters down to the mainstream media. We should have a pretty good idea who’s playing well in advance.


    1. Fully agree FT.
      I will endeavour to keep the community updated in the “Coaches Box” and “The teams” post.


  5. This scenario is the exact reason why I always pen my 1st team in using higher priced rookies ie $160k+, and sacrifice on a Premo as such.

    It’s always much easier to downgrade rookies in hope of putting enough cash in the back pocket to add another premo, than it is to try and beg, steal and pilfer from your Premo lines trying to ‘upgrade’ your $117k rookies that don’t get named round 1


  6. To many years I don’t start a rookie I really like cause they’re not named round one. I pick a guy only based on him playing round one even if I don’t think the cash or JS is there. Not this year to many times you just pick a rookie cause they’re playing round one and they’re out of the side before price rise and you stuck waiting for weeks for him to get another crack meanwhile the rookie you liked that didn’t play round one comes in and is playing well and holding his spot.


    1. Agree with you there Travis. We are all guilty of that. Always start with one rookie that is expected to play but not named round one to use as a loophole early.



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