Perforated Teams

Written by Motts on June 15 2011


Player Injury Estimated Return
Ian Callinan Bicep Indefinite
James Craig Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Phil Davis Shoulder Season
David Mackay Shoulder 1 week
Jason Porplyzia Shoulder Indefinite
Brodie Smith Hip Test
Scott Stevens Ill Indefinite
Kurt Tippett Shoulder TBC
Will Young Knee Available
Taylor Walker Knee 3 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Jed Adcock Finger TBC
Callum Bartlett Knee 3 weeks
Claye Beams Foot Season
Jamie Charman Achilles Indefinite
Ryan Lester Foot Season
Daniel Merrett Back fractures 8-10 weeks
Brent Staker Knee 3 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Blake Bray Shoulder Indefinite
Levi Casboult Knee 1 weeks
Andrew Collins Shoulder Season
Kane Lucas Knee Test
Jeremy Laidler Knee 2 weeks
Luke Mitchell Shoulder Season
Jarrad Waite Hamstring tightness Test
Robbie Warnock Concussion Available
Simon White Knee 2 weeks
*Updated June 7, 2011


Player Injury Estimated Return
Dayne Beams Foot 4-6 weeks
Nathan Brown Knee Season
Ben Johnson Hamstring Test
Darren Jolly Knee 2-3 weeks
Brent Macaffer Foot 2-3 weeks
Ben Sinclair Leg 2-3 weeks
Josh Thomas Foot 1-2 weeks
*Updated June 7, 2011


Player Injury Estimated Return
Courtenay Dempsey Knee Indefinite
Darcy Daniher Groin TBA
Anthony Long Hamstring Indefinite
Scott Gumbleton Back 1 week
Jason Winderlich Knee Indefinite


Player Injury Estimated Return
Jack Anthony Calf 1-2 weeks
Hayden Ballantyne Hamstring 2 weeks
Justin Bollenhagen Knee 4 weeks
Peter Faulks Calf 1 week
Joel Houghton Broken arm 1 week
Adam McPhee Knee 4 weeks
Viv Michie Foot Season
Anthony Morabito Knee Season
David Mundy Leg 6-8 weeks
Gavin Roberts Quad 3 weeks
Tim Ruffles Knee 4 weeks
Nick Suban Fibula fracture 4 weeks
Aaron Sandilands Toe 2-3 weeks

Geelong Cats*

Player Injury Estimated Return
Paul Chapman Groin Test
Simon Hogan Depression 2 weeks
Darren Milburn Soreness Test
Cameron Mooney Knee Test
Billie Smedts Hip Season
*Updated June 8, 2011

Gold Coast

Player Injury Estimated Return
Roland Ah Chee Shoulder Season
Josh Caddy Foot Indefinite
Michael Coad Hamstring Indefinite
Piers Flanagan Hip Indefinite
Brandon Matera Groin 1-2 weels
Lewis Moss Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Tom Nicholls Knee 1 week


Player Injury Estimated Return
Chance Bateman Ankle 3-4 weeks
Cameron Bruce Knee 4 + weeks
Xavier Ellis Calf 2-3 weeks
Stephen Gilham Knee Season
Brent Guerra perforated eardrum Test
Angus Litherland Foot Indefinite
Brent Renouf Bruised liver TBC
Jarryd Roughead Achilles Indefinite
Ben Stratton Knee Season
Clinton Young Hamstring 1-2 weeks


Player Injury Estimated Return
Rohan Bail Knee 2-3 weeks
Aaron Davey Knee 5 weeks
Jack Fitzpatrick Ankle 4-6 weeks
Jack Grimes Foot Season
Mark Jamar Knee Test
Neville Jetta Hand 2 weeks
Kelvin Lawrence Quad 2-3 weeks
Michael Newton Foot 4 weeks
Jake Spencer Knee Season
Luke Tapscott Hamstring Test

North Melbourne

Player Injury Estimated Return
Shaun Atley Knee Test
Nathan Grima Finger Test
Lachlan Hansen Concussion Test
Ayden Kennedy Knee Season
Ed Lower Knee Indefinite
Hamish McIntosh Achilles 2 weeks
Daniel Pratt Thumb 1 week
Marcus White Shoulder Indefinite

Port Adelaide

Player Injury Estimated Return
John Butcher Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Jarrad Irons Shoulder Season
Tom Jonas Ruptured hand tendon 6-8 weeks
Jarred Redden Hamstring tendonitis 1 week
Paul Stewart Shoulder Season


Player Injury Estimated Return
David Astbury Dislocated patella TBA
Pat Contin Quad 1 week
Daniel Connors Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Matt Dea Leg 3 weeks
Tom Derickx Fractured ankle TBA
Dylan Grimes Hamstring TBA
Kelvin Moore Hip TBA
Nick Westhoff Hamstring 2 weeks

St Kilda

Player Injury Estimated Return
Jason Blake Knee TBA
Jamie Cripps Calf TBA
Michael Gardiner Knee 2 weeks
Jarryn Geary Fibula TBA
Lenny Hayes Knee Season
Leigh Montagna Knee Test

Sydney Swans

Player Injury Estimated Return
Daniel Bradshaw Knee Indefinite
Jed Lamb Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Shane Mumford Knee Test
Mike Pyke Quad Test
Gary Rohan Knee 1-2 weeks

West Coast Eagles

Player Injury Estimated Return
Mitch Brown Thumb 1 week
Ryan Neates Elbow 9-11 weeks
Beau Waters Elbow 2 weeks

Western Bulldogs

Player Injury Estimated Return
Adam Cooney Knee Test
Ayce Cordy Back Soreness 1 week
Barry Hall Ankle Test
Ryan Hargrave Ankle 3 weeks
Tom Hill Foot 5 weeks
Brian Lake Groin Test
Brodie Moles Shoulder Test
James Mulligan Calf 2 weeks
Sam Reid Hamstring 1-2 weeks

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28 thoughts on “Perforated Teams”

  1. Ian Callinan is NOT injured he played last week for Central District in the SANFL. He picked up 18 touches, along with four marks and four tackles!


  2. Jonty would like to let you all know that Zac Smith is sore (hamstrings + young body generally) – will miss the next 1-2 weeks. Will not play against Hawthorn in Tasmania. Move Petrie to the ruck if you can –


  3. BREAKING NEWS-*From Heraldsun Supercoach Video*

    Z Smith will not play for the Gold Coast this week, he is OUT with, you guessed it, general soreness.


  4. I can’t wait for Gardi to be back! Macca been great filling the void but he’s still fairly young too. Might help Roo/BJ/Kosi/Arch who’ve been backing him up too.


  5. Hey Motts, have you tried using the site instead of AFL. I know you’ve got the link there and they seem a lot more informed than the AFL are. All teams are updated on the 15/06.

    They are also saying Rd 17 for +cock. OUCH. If true puts him in the same boat as Duckwood with four weeks off plus a bye in Rd 19. They could even wait until after that to bring him in.



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