Poll: Finishing Touches

Written by The Salamander on August 21 2020

Daisy is putting the finishing touches on her midfield, and is weighing up a couple of different players for M8.

Who would you prefer at M8?

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Last Trade Warrior, meanwhile, has a similar question about the backline:

How about at D6?

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Finally, I’m curious to know how many upgrades we all are away from full-premium (or at least full-keeper):

How many more upgrades?

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Got another suggestion for a good D6 or M8? Or perhaps even F6? Let us know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Poll: Finishing Touches”

  1. Mills intrigues me, he’s going to have to play taller with Rampe out, that in most cases is a bad thing for SC scoring but we’ve seen the affect it’s had on Ryan this season.


  2. I was going to go with Williams but I think now I’m going with Saad. 10k cheaper, less injury risk and better average


    1. I’ve done the same, but I don’t think Saad’s average will stay higher.

      Williams has more of a capacity to blow the game up, but shorter rounds and his soft tissue history make picking him too risky of a call.


  3. I’m considering my boy Cerra.

    While Andrew Brayshaw has been getting all the praise for his “Breakout” season, Adam has been chugging along nicely.

    3R ave 98.3
    5R ave 97.4

    I’m hoping with us no chance to make finals, We start to play more of the older Guys forward ( Mundy, Walters ), and get Cerra and Andy in the guts.

    I would be taking a fair risk, as these Mid minutes aren’t certain, and when he’s played Wing / H/F all game he’s put up some stinky numbers.

    On the other side of that coin though..

    When he has played big mid minutes, he’s had 2x 134’s and a 112.

    “If” he does start running through the mids more consistently. I can see these scores more often.

    Not one for the faint hearted.


  4. Parish (or Angus (TU, please comment which one) + Rankine (will trade out soon) + Foot v Walsh + Cameron + Reid (TD).



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