POLL – Keepers and Rookies

Written by JimmyDee on May 9 2023

I have deliberately steered clear of categorising this poll as “Premos and Rookies” for the simple reason that we all have a different take on what a premo is. We could put a price on it (eg $500k) but that would set up a debate that a certain player should be classified as a premo in someone’s eyes simply because they are staying in their team despite not reaching that $500k barrier (eg Gulden, Day, Hopper types).

Hence the term Keepers for the purposes of this poll. If you plan to keep them, all things equal, then they fit the category regardless of price or whether they have fallen below (eg Crisp/Hurn types) or are rising towards
$500k (eg Sheezel/Owens types).

For the purposes of the rookie poll, treat this as players you started as rookies but have absolutely no intention of keeping on for the duration.

Factor in your trades this week when you answer so that it will reflect an expected completed round nine team and everyone is singing out of the same Father Dougal Hymn Book.

As always thanks for participating, and let us know your thoughts on what is and isn’t considered Premo or Keeper.

How many Keepers will coaches have for round 9 after trading this week ?

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How many Rookies (ones you are not considering keeping) are on your field for round 9 after trading this week ?

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14 thoughts on “POLL – Keepers and Rookies”

  1. Injuries and such have depleted my trades so I need to hope the likes of Sheezle and maybe Hopper can last the year. I also still have the sinking ship that is called Grundy but can’t justify moving him on coz of all the rookies I still have on field. How good is SuperCoach!! Haha


  2. I’m with FBS.

    Hopper and Sheezel probably permanent.

    hopper has been pretty useful though.


  3. Just to clarify. I assume that the 2 numbers won’t necessarily add to 22 as there will be players in your team that don’t fit either category.


    1. I have 17 keepers , 3 rookies on field and 2 mid pricers on field that I don’t intend to keep.


    2. Correct Stevo. You may have to put up with a player or two you are not planning to keep due to various circumstances, but they were not necessarily rookies to start.


  4. 17 keepers (if Sheezel keeps his spot), 1 mid (Wood), 4 rooks. 19 trades left and 2 boosts if my current planned trades go ahead.



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