Rookie Review – Round 8

Written by Alza on May 9 2023

It seems like a lot of the rookies have hit their peak the last couple of weeks. It is upgrade season and we do need to get those rookies off of our ground but also keep an eye on the bench. It is so easy to use our highest priced rookies as trade bait to get to the top premiums but just be sure to still have decent cover. The byes are coming and we need our rookies to have quality job security over that period.

Atkins is going to be a very popular trade in target this week and it really could go either way. He doesn’t have the best job security but he does have a great role right now playing down back and not all that accountable. If he is named again and Weller returns then it could be an option but be sure to have an exit plan if he does find his way out the door again.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Alex CINCOTTA (MID)CAR$178,300 (+$75.9k)70 (75)-57
Rory ATKINS* (MID)GCS$203,90068 (79)-42
Ollie LORD* (DEF)PTA$123,900DNP (44)-18
Josh WEDDLE*HAW$130,80054 (46)-18
Miller BERGMANNTH$196,300 (+$31.1k)52 (54)4
Daniel TURNERMEL$123,90043 (43)4
Will KELLY*COL$123,900DNP (28)14
Seamus MITCHELL (FWD)HAW$210,300 (+$33.7k)54 (60)24
Darcy WILMOT (MID)BRL$264,900 (+$1.3k)50 (57)37
Aaron FRANCIS (FWD)SYD$189,800 (+$0.4k)30 (36)37
Tylar YOUNGRIC$217,500DNP (49)39
Harry SHEEZEL (FWD)NTH$452,000 (+$8.8k)110 (104)39
Marc SHEATHER* (FWD)SYD$123,90014 (12)47
Jack BUCKLEYGWS$419,900 (+$24.1k)99 (89)48
Judd MCVEE (MID)MEL$276,700 (+$4.6k)62 (56)52
Max MICHALANNEYADE$300,900 (-$3.2k)64 (65)55
Conor MCKENNABRL$306,700 (-$0.2k)46 (68)57
Reuben GINBEY (MID)WCE$284,000 (+$0.9k)61 (65)61
Rhyan MANSELL (FWD)RIC$239,900 (-$12.1k)16 (42)88

The Good: Sheezel once again scored 110 on the back of 30 touches at 77% with 8 marks, he just has the perfect role. Buckley is reminding majority of us every week we missed out on picking a great rookie and player. He had 16 touches at 94% with 5 marks, 4 tackles and topped it off nicely with 13 one percenters and 9 intercepts.

The Bad: Sheather was subbed out with a knee/ankle injury after 33% TOG with 4 touches, 2 tackles and a goal.

Time To Trade: McKenna


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Mitchell KNEVITTGEE$164,500 (+$23.8k)72 (44)-25
Harry SHARPBRL$123,90040 (40)7
Matthew JOHNSONFRE$185,500DNP (39)17
Luke EDWARDSWCE$252,400 (+$10.6k)62 (59)31
Oskar BAKERWBD$284,200 (+$10.5k)50 (59)42
Xavier O'HALLORANGWS$276,400 (+$32.3k)42 (63)50
Oliver HOLLANDSCAR$289,900 (+$4.3k)51 (60)53
Jack BYTELSTK$133,500 (-$26.6k)8 (26)54
Harry ROWSTONGWS$175,000DNP (38)56
Will ASHCROFTBRL$373,200 (+$3k)37 (75)71

The Good: Knevitt only played 58% game time but he had 15 touches, 3 marks and a goal to have a decent 3rd game although not a popular selection.

The Bad: Bytel was the sub again for 21% TOG with 4 touches and 2 marks with 2 clangers, he could be an option if he can get into the best 22. Ashcroft had his worst game of the year with 13 touches at 85% with 4 marks and 4 tackles. 73% TOG is slightly lower than normal so possibly a slight in game rest. I would definitely not be rushing to trade him even with his break even increasing as his scoring is too valuable on field.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Samson RYAN (FWD)RIC$303,000 (+$52.3k)104 (65)-4
Max RAMSDEN (FWD)HAW$123,900DNP (22)25
Brynn TEAKLEPTA$232,500 (+$34k)42 (62)30
Esava RATUGOLEA (FWD)GEE$331,300 (+$11.3k)88 (64)56

Ryan had an excellent game with Soldo pulling out of the side on Friday. He had 31 hitouts, 8 touches, 4 marks and a goal to have his best game so far. He has already increased $150k since Big Nank was injured. Teakle was traded in by 2% of coaches and was fairly disappointing. He had 7 touches with 3 marks, 3 tackles and 14 hitouts against Draper and Phillips. Ratugolea bounced back very well to reward coaches that held him with 13 touches at 100% with 8 marks, 8 intercepts and 7 one percenters.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Dylan WILLIAMSPTA$240,800 (+$43.3k)85 (64)-34
Blake DRURY (MID)NTH$102,40051 (51)-12
Arthur JONESWBD$169,100 (+$27.2k)65 (36)-11
Thomas BERRYGCS$123,90057 (57)-10
Sam STURTFRE$148,100DNP (41)-3
Sam SIMPSON (MID)GEE$216,100 (+$50k)66 (68)-2
Ryan ANGWIN (MID)GWS$154,300 (+$30.4k)33 (46)12
Josh HONEYCAR$178,200 (+$0.7k)27 (34)30
Ben KINGGCS$320,000 (+$44k)49 (57)32
Oliver DEMPSEYGEE$148,40024 (24)33
James TSITAS (MID)GCS$123,90013 (13)34
Luke PEDLARADE$276,300 (+$6.6k)50 (60)36
Zane TREW* (MID)WCE$175,40020 (31)38
Bailey HUMPHREY (MID)GCS$178,800 (+$1.8k)64 (36)40
Kade CHANDLERMEL$358,000 (+$26.6k)57 (77)42
Tyler BROCKMANHAW$226,800 (+$4.1k)33 (53)44
Francis EVANS*PTA$136,50027 (17)44
Alwyn DAVEY (MID)ESS$212,000 (+$0.1k)31 (48)45
Josh TREACY*FRE$200,40045 (31)51
Angus SHELDRICK (MID)SYD$165,700DNP (11)53
Toby MCLEAN (MID)WBD$175,900DNP (32)56
Jye MENZIEESS$207,000 (-$23.4k)20 (47)57
Mattaes PHILLIPOU (MID)STK$238,900 (-$12.3k)56 (54)59
Jacob VAN ROOYENMEL$247,800 (+$12.7k)48 (59)59
Charlie COMBENNTH$212,400DNP (45)60
Aaron CADMANGWS$171,900 (-$19k)15 (24)67
Judson CLARKERIC$245,900 (-$9.2k)58 (55)68
Brent DANIELSGWS$351,700 (+$8.6k)63 (73)77
Nathan KREUGER*COL$192,300DNP (9)92
Fergus GREENEHAW$267,100 (-$17.7k)17 (51)106

The Good: Williams had another great game down back with 24 touches at 88% and took 8 marks with 8 intercepts to give his score a decent boost.

The Bad: Cadman was tactically subbed out again unfortunately after 50% TOG with only 3 kicks but 1 effective. Greene had his worst game and was subbed out after 54% TOG. He finished with just 4 handballs.

Time To Trade: Greene, Van Rooyen

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Harry Sheezel
2 – Samson Ryan
1 – Jack Buckley

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 8:
21 – Harry Sheezel
3 – Ben King
3 – Will Ashcroft


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6 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 8”

  1. TU out McKenna, ginbey, baker
    In R Atkins, Anderson, drury

    TD out McKenna, ginbey
    In Mills/ Steele, drury

    Which is better?


    1. I am planning on bringing him in at this stage but I feel like Mitchell is happy to give the kids a few games and then if they don’t perform, he is happy to get them back to the VFL to find some form.

      He is a high draft pick and played well in the VFL to earn his debut so he should hold for a few games.


    2. Not sure that he does. Think Mitchell will be looking to get games into a range of young players to see what he’s got going fwd. there is also rumours of teams circling Denver G-B who has been starved of games to this point. I can see him getting a run again soon. He is a top end draft pick and will either shape up or they will want to boost his trade currency by being able to say he’s best 22.



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