Poll: Lachie vs Satan

Written by The Salamander on April 23 2021

Stevo suggested in the Polling Station thread that we have a poll on whether to trade in Lachie Neale or Clayton Oliver, and it was a popular suggestion, so here it is:

Assuming you had neither in your team, and had the money in the bank, who would you grab this week?

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What upgrade targets have you got your eyes set on at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “Poll: Lachie vs Satan”

  1. Satan will be M1 or M2. Lachie probably M3

    Flip a coin?

    You should really have started both. There was no bigger lock than Satan this year besides Goldy.


    1. Must clarify that as a North fan it brings me great pleasure to meme the f out of Goldy. Am actually joking please don’t TD me into oblivion again


      1. I think you trolling Goldy is hilarious. I also think it’s hilarious that you think you won’t get downvoted into oblivion for it.


  2. Love to get Andrew Brayshaw and/or Trac…but they both have the r14 bye and I dont need another for that round.


  3. Personally I’d take Oliver this week as Lachie Neale is every chance to cop a Curnow tag this week and I’d like to see another solid performance for reassurance that he’s over the back issue.



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