Poll: Season Ending Top Players

Written by JimmyDee on April 19 2023

Over the next week or so, I’ll be running polls on the potential top players on each line, in response to some good thumbs up from Smurf’s suggestion.

Today we start with the defence and a list of the top twenty averaging players as at round six. As the community wants an idea of the top six, you are encouraged to select the six you would like in your line up at season’s end. If there is anyone else you think will appear, not listed, please mention in comments for further discussion.


Which six players would you like in your team come season's end ? Select six.

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13 thoughts on “Poll: Season Ending Top Players”

    1. Just about my most famous bombers moment ever was Leon Baker’s first goal in the last qtr of the 84 GF…apologies to Neale Daniher v Blues in 1981.


  1. Going to keep Sheezel and Ziebell FWD for now and probably going to merge Setters & Hopper for Dawson eventually.

    Downback angling for Sinc, Sic, Day and Stewart to join Daicos.


  2. I think Doc still belongs on this list. Come end of the year I am expecting to trade him back in, despite the fact that he and Andy Brayshaw effectively killed my season in such a short space of time.
    I consumed a lot of content preseason. Both Fantasy and SC. These content creators are people who have won or been highly placed before. And are clearly serious students of the game. Doc was almost universally put forward as a must-have on the basis that he might be 10-20 points ahead of the next best defender.
    Not saying this to defend selecting Doc. We are all responsible for own decisions. But I am saying how quickly perception of a player can change. It would be interesting to have him in the poll to see how many still see him as a top 6 defender.


    1. Hell yeah love the doc suggestion, he’ll return down back once he’s fit scoring his usual output


    1. Yeah, however Leon Baker was a silky smooth Mid – not some seagull floating across half-back….


  3. With Sheezel & Ziebel, do we see them as being more value up forward, rather than down back. They bring consistency and better scores than many of the forwards imo- so I’ll probably be looking to get them down fwd by end of year imo



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