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Written by The Salamander on April 9 2021

Two massive games to start the season saw a lot of coaches trade in Taylor Walker ($406,100, -35 BE) last week. He then went and had another big score, leading a number of coaches who missed out the first time around to wonder if it’s still worth getting him in.

What do you think?

Is it too late to bring in Tex?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Tex”

  1. So torn with this…can get Impey and hold $167k or Tex and $49k. Gonna wait till Sunday and see how match ups are going. Impey will allow my first upgrade next week though, so I think thats the answer.


  2. Too late. If u gambled and got him in early good on u. But at 400k you’re saying he’ll be a keeper. I’ll eat my shorts if he’s a top forward from round 4 onwards


  3. I agree you’ve missed the boat at 400k you almost want him to be a keeper you don’t want to waste a trade getting him in then out again. His AVG isn’t sustainable. PASS!

    But I’m thinking Phillips to Impey instead?

    110k banked and 110k rise over the next 3 weeks. Jarmen should our average Phillips too. Good move?


  4. Tex, mightn’t be a top 6 forward, but he won’t be far away, he is clearly the biggest beneficiary of the stand rule and while that gives him leading lines to run into he will score and score well. I got him in last week and I won’t be at all surprised if he remains a permanent fixture in my forward line. The question you have to ask yourself would you select a top 8 forward for a little over 400k? I still would.


    1. I approve this message. He doesn’t need to be top-6 if you’re bringing him in for $400k. You’d want top-6 for a player you paid top-dollar for. At 400k, he’s priced for a mid-high 80’s average and I feel he’s likely to average that (or more) from here. Whether or not you can afford the trades (based on other issues / injuries / rookies) is another question altogether.



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