Poll: The Cygnets

Written by The Salamander on April 21 2021

All four have fattened up nicely after a great start to the season; all four have also slowed down immensely over the last couple of weeks. With some good downgrade options being on the bubble over the next couple of weeks, it’s time to start thinking about who goes first.

LEGEND: Player Name (Position, Price, Breakeven)

Who should we trade out first? Two choices.

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Still unsure what to do? For a hearty mix of numbers and wisdom, don’t forget to check out this week’s edition of Cow Talk when it drops later this afternoon!


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4 thoughts on “Poll: The Cygnets”

  1. I’m unsure whether to offload Campbell as he is getting a minimum of 12 disposals a game but is using it poorly. The first 2 rounds his DE% was 91% and 80% but then in his last 3 games it went 50%,63%,50% with 4,6,4 clangers and 6,7,5 turnovers. He has also only had a total of 5 tackles in the first 5 rounds.
    What really hurts with Campbell is that his BE at 53 has only been beaten in 2 games this season with a 56 and 118. So can he get anywhere close to that 118 score or was that a 1 off and he will only average around 60 at best?


      1. You could be right.

        McDonald may stay in with Buddy out. They already have Sinclair coming in for Hickey.

        FD mentions in CowTalk about them maybe resting some of the Swans. Historically they ( cows ) come back with a good score.

        I’m holding all of them ( I don’t own McDonald )


  2. Braeden and Logan show the typical problem with premo priced rookies.

    They also show that the $150k cash generation per rookie trade is a total myth, based on the golden years of expansion teams.

    Sadly, premium rookies need to go really well for a long time to make the ching ching, and rookies normally don’t.

    Both aren’t desperate trades. Campbell is looking like he’s more the 50 point player than the 112 point player, but gets to drop out that 24. Next rule of 3 though he’s a trade out.

    McDonald is likely to significantly benefit from no Buddy for 3-4 weeks so that puts him in the zone for upgrade season.

    For me, the only one you need to seriously consider axing this week is Campbell, but you’re probably better off letting the 24 drop from his cycle.



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