Poll: Top 6 Rucks

Written by The Salamander on February 9 2021

I know what you’re thinking: Six!? We only need two!

And it’s true. But we all know how the top two (probably three) of this poll will go. It will be interesting to see how we all see the next level below that. So, without further ado…

Who is most likely to finish among the top six rucks? Six choices.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Top 6 Rucks”

  1. Ok, What’s the deal with Tim English? if memory serves me correctly, he double tonned up last year. I expect he will be a major force in years to come but is this year too early to pull the trigger or is this the year he comes of age?


    1. Definitely too early to pick him at the moment, but once Gawn and Grundy slow down a bit or retire, I believe English will be the new supercoach stud ruckman.



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