Poll: Trade Targets

Written by The Salamander on June 16 2021

With another bye round behind us, there’s now another cohort of post-bye players for us to consider.

Who are the best choices, taking both price and scoring potential into consideration?

First up, the backline:

Defenders – two choices.

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Moving on to the midfield, I’ve left Jack Macrae off because he’s in almost 50 percent of teams. I’ve also left Dayne Zorko off the list because he’s still suspended.

Midfielders – 3 choices.

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The highest-averaging ruck from this bye cohort is Tim English at 85, so there’s no real point having a poll for that line.

Finally, there’s the forward line:

Forwards – 3 choices.

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Bringing in any of the above players this week? Let us know in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “Poll: Trade Targets”

  1. Not around 13 bye player, but what do we think of bringing in Danger as a forward upgrade this week? Massive breakeven, but with many people looking for just one more forward would it be better to pay overs rather than get in a Bailey Dale, Kyle Langford type and fade Danger for the season?


    1. Danger is a much better option than Langford. Since his 4th year in 2018 Langford usually knocks 3 tons and a few 90’s in a season then craps the bed for 12 games with sub 70’s. He’s already had his quota of 90+ games with 3 x 100+ in his last 3 games but prior to that he only averaged 77 over 9 games, he’s more likely to have a post bye average of 80 than he is to average 95. He hasn’t had a role change or found some left over James Turd Peptide juice so I doubt very much that he’ll be a top 20 fwd in the remaining 10 games
      2019 Post bye average 71 – 2020 post bye average 79 but his bye was round 3


  2. Aaron Hall gotta be top of the list for forwards for me personally if you haven’t got him already. Then I’d be looking at Danger, Marshall possibly Butters in a few. Like most I’ve left the last couple forwards to last and it looks like there’s a few options and not much harm leaving decent scoring rooks like CCJ/Weightman/Robertson to fatten up before the aforementioned come in after their respective price drops.


  3. Definitely bringing in Newcombe and Hall, and definitely getting Danger in 2-3 weeks time like many teams. I’m torn though as I really want Parish so I can use Bont and Parish (VC/C) for the rest of the year in an attempt to climb back up the rankings, but worried if I get some big injuries I’ll run out of trades. Thoughts below community?

    TU: Kelly or Merrett or Walsh (after getting Danger in 2-3 weeks time, will have 4 trades left with C.J my last rookie on field)
    TD: Parish & Rookie (after getting Danger in 2-3 weeks time, will have 3 trades left with approx 120K in the cap, with C.J my last rookie on field)


    1. I’m in a similar boat, looking at either getting in a kelly type but losing poulter a little early, v a parish / bont type but holding poulter. Like the job security and dpp of poulter at the moment and he still has more cash to be made.

      T/U: Kelly / walsh in, poulter out.
      T/D: Bont / Parish in, byrnes out.



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