Poll – Trades Are Burning

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 1 2019

How can we dance when our Earth is turning?

How do we sleep while our trades are burning?

What’s that?  Why yes, I AM seeing Midnight Oil on Wednesday night in Stuttgart…….thank you for asking! 😉

Lisa has asked the question of trades in the Polling Station and we’re only happy to help……..

Lisa would like to know how many trades you still have BEFORE any moves are made this week.  Are you close to your ‘ideal team’?  Have you got enough trades left for Finals?  Have you got enough to cover a couple injuries in the run home?  Let us know in the Poll below………


How many trades do you have left BEFORE making any moves for Rd16?

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20 thoughts on “Poll – Trades Are Burning”

  1. 6 trades left
    D6 Sicily
    M8 Martin
    R2 ROB
    F6 Heeney
    Trades are like oxygen unlikely to go anyone for a while, D7 Logue,M9 Duursma, Fort and SFA for a F7. Just hang there till something presents.


  2. 5 trades left.. 380k in bank

    D6 logue (will become whitfield)
    F8 bcrouch
    R2 RoB (will become Grundy)
    F6 Heeney

    3 trades left pray for no injuries and could possibly upgrade bcrouch in finals


    1. mate with 8 trades left and that ranking that is unreal – you’ve clearly avoided all of the injuries / issues with various players … well done!!


      1. Cheers lads. Macca your spot on, have dodged a fair bit *knock on wood* (looking at you Gawn). Dont have Caleb daniel either. Still got a bit of fine tuning to do so will burn a couple more trades this week


  3. 12 trades left with 3 definite upgrades needed 2 defs (although Hore to Hurn is happening this week) and 1 mid.
    Then a couple of maybes – Mundy, brayshaw, m. Crouch.
    Reasonably happy


  4. I think this time of year the ideal situation would be this.
    Full premo
    Solid D/F 7 M9 R3
    DPP versatility.
    If you have all of the above and have 6 trades left , then consider yourself safe. More than 6 enters into luxury trade territory,5 trades or less left means you should only be trading as a last resort.
    That’s my reading at this stage of the season.


  5. 8 left

    Weller D6, Logue, Naish cover
    Walsh M8, Bewely, Hately, Hind cover
    Gawndy, no cover
    Heeney F6, Gardner, Young – so basically sweet fa cover

    only 32k in bank – not enough to go Walsh to Sloane/Bont without extra trade out of a Mid cover to cheap rookie, could chop Young to Chol for +37k and get Pendles


  6. Got 6 trades left with Crisp at D6 and Worpel at F6, 50k in the bank. Pretty happy with the staying the same for a while, I think Crisp will improve his average as he normally gets better towards the end of the year, those durable players always seem to be above all the battered players that needs the finals break. Might trade Worpel later but he’s so consistent that I might just hold onto him.


  7. I will have 1 trade left and all premos on field, playing duds on bench and a bit of dpp coverage for injuries.
    My team is like a shot for goal from outside 50 after siren on a wet and windy day. Once its left the boot all i can do is cross fingers.
    Currently top 6% and hope to finish in top 5% and beat my boss. Had a shocker this year. Ha ha.



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