Rookie Review Rd15

Written by Huttabito on July 2 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd15AvgBE
LogueFRE$238,600 (+$74.3k)6787.7-29
RothamWCE$177,700 DNP64.7-33
Answerth (MID)BRI$234,700 (-$3.0k)6353.938
GarnerPTA$161,400 (+$37.5k)4252.34
Gardner* (FWD)WBD$102,400DNP31.5-2


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd15AvgBE
WalshCAR$444,000 (+$4.9k)8089.1133
StackRIC$411,500 (+$16.6k)9881.843
HatelyGWS$214,700 (+$65.9k)5578.3-13
ClarkeESS$245,500 (+$32.1k)6374.323
HindSTK$171,800 (+$54.5k)5863.7-46
BakerMEL$236,100 (+$11.0k)5354.232
BewleyFRE$214,500 (+$23.8k)4152.418

Goodbye for now: After a cracking start to his debut season, it’s time to move Walsh on from our SuperCoach teams. Filling the void of Patrick Cripps this weekend, he lead the way for the Blues with 30 disposals (19 kicks), 4 marks, 8 tackles and a goal assist but 7 clangers and a DE of 33% held him back to just 80 – which is pretty decent given the later.


O'BrienADE$509,200 (+$63.2k)12097.71
FortGEE$179,800 DNP69.73


O’Brien continues to chug along and now sits at 510k with a BE that is still 1! Absolutely phenomenal reward for those that held onto him and it could be a genius move if Gawn doesn’t get up this weekend….


Ladhams was bought in for his second game as an extra tall with Ryder/Hoff being dropped. Playing back up ruck and mainly up against Naughton, he finished with 15 hitouts to go with 12 disposals (4 kicks) at a rather impressive 75% DE and 75% contested rate given the weather conditions. He laid 3 tackles, put in 4 1%ers and even managed to slot a goal to finish on 79 points.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd15AvgBE
Setterfield (MID)CAR$285,200 (+$19.6k)7257.135
RoseSYD$197,900 (+$32.9k)5757-7
BegleyESS$245,500 (+$15.0k)3352.817
Cameron* (MID)WCE$117,3002647.5-26
R.YoungSTK$139,200 DNP39.732
Hayden (MID)NTH$102,4003131-


The cult figure Chol did it on the weekend and had a day out against the Saints collecting 16 disposals (13 kicks) at 75% DE to go with 8 contested possessions, 9 marks (2 contested), 7 hitouts, 2 tackles, 4 1%ers and 3 goals and a goal assist for 113 points.

Cameron kept his spot despite Riolis return but it may have just been 1 to many small forwards for the Eagles as he just managed 6 disposals and 2 marks for 26 points. Long term JS is quite low with this one.

Hanrahan made his debut against the Eagles and other than 10 disposals and a goal, he had a very quite day to finish on 44 points but being small forward we can’t expect much.

Hayden made his debut this weekend and is cheap, has favourable DPP but with just 4 disposals and 4 tackles for a score of 31 he may not be more than just a floating loophole option in the coming weeks.


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7 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd15”

  1. Great write up Hutta, didn’t Hayden injured his Achilles in the second term? looks to be a good scorer, will have to see what plays out with the Injury report.


    1. He’s likely out for the season I read. A great shame as he was going along nicely. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery and a full pre-season.
      One to watch for 2020. He should still be cheap!


  2. Hard to watch as a Saints fan, but Mabior CHOL looked very good indeed. I know his JS is considered shaky, but if he plays like that every week (both FWD and back) he’ll surely be hard to drop. Great composure, hands and kick (for goal).


    1. Yeah, nah. Would probably help me jump a few more places. Both in real and TECHTeam comps 🙂


    2. I know what you mean allsaints & Chillo, being a ROB owner. It would be good to use his score as well as just generating lovely cash on the bench.

      I took the thought a step further and if Max missed a few weeks and I traded him??? Oh boy! The possibilities! With $690k I could turn my struggling backline into an elite. Answerth and Smith to Hurn and Lloyd. Then Milera to Whitfield with about $150k left over with 5 trades.

      Just dreaming. Max will be back this week….. but food for thought.



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