Polling Station – Round 1

Written by Dane on March 21 2022

Got some thoughts from the weekend that you feel would be a hotly discussed topic here on SuperCoach Talk? Put it down in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do!

Please remember that this comment section isn’t for a TU – TD question, but instead those buttons will be used as to what’re or not a proposed poll is relevant at the point in time for a devoted post later in the week.

So if you’ve got a poll idea in mind, leave it in the comment section down below!


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15 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 1”

    1. Two. If I need it Three for Round 3 and then try and sit tight to about round 7 barring long term injury.

      That still gives as many trades as I’d start a season with, but with all my corrective trades done.


  1. What’s peoples thoughts on
    TU – Steele & Berry (no trades required)
    TD – Tom Green & Lipinski + 110k (2 trades req)
    Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt Steele will still be in the top handful of mids at seasons end but I believe there’s more $$$ to be made by the second 2. Green quite possibly go to the next level.


      1. I can’t get away from the same feeling so I’ll likely just hold what I’ve got – that being Steele.
        No matter what happens you can never have everyone you want at the start so holding trades is probably the smart play.


  2. Which players (above 250k) do you regret not having round 1/will you prioritise trying to bring in round 2


  3. I’d love a poll on whether we hold fire on correctional trades for another round or do them now.

    For what it’s worth, i’m a wait a week person.


    1. Unless your teams a mess Hold.
      Premo’s are premo’s they all come good and should not be traded unless long term injury, rookies are yo-yos so 1 week is not a gauge (unless they get dropped and played awfull they will then struggle normally to get a game), trades will be absolute gold this year!!


  4. What to do with Jack Crisp.

    In 40% of teams and looks like being shut out of the backline due to Daicos, Pendlebury and Maynard to return.

    Is he a genuine midfielder?


  5. Who to field in our forward line out of the midpricers and rookies? Rookies Hayes, Rachele and Martin scored very well. Do we field them over a McGovern Brodie, Rayner or Coniglio?



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