SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 1

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 21 2022

Going to expand the weekly leagues update to “SCT Leagues & Coaches Update”, highlighting not only the SCT Leagues inside the Top 5oo but also the best SCT Coaches from the round passed as well as overall. Feel free to also let us know how the leagues you’re involved in are going.

SCT Coaches in the Top 1000

  • Vicwood (Paul): 96 [1]
  • Shai it isn’t so (Reuben): 96 [1]
  • Colonel’s Clan (Luke): 313 [2]
  • Dam Dogs (Dale): 478, [3]
  • SnoiL@SCT (Shane): 736 [5]

*team name, coach name, OA rank, [SCT Group rank]

Vicwood and Shai it isn’t so have both mounted impressive and identical starts to the season, sitting pretty at 96th OA and topping the SCT Group. Luke, Dale and Shane have also busted into the Top 1k. Great job, fellas! That’s 5 for SCT!

Quick shout out to Balls on Parade, River@SCT, Need for sheed, Humble Pies@SCT, 88 MPH @SCT and Nato’s Potatos@SCT who’ve also started the season nicely around the 1000-1700 mark.

SCT Coaches Top Round 1 Scores

*same as overall for Round 1, will begin next week

SCT Leagues in the Top 500:

  • CraggyIsland: 9
  • SCT #5: 59
  • Tragics@SCT #3: 80
  • SCT LoEC #3: 106
  • Last Minute Guns: 109
  • CattaSCTchallenge3: 163
  • SCT #1: 214
  • B-Harvs SCT League: 256
  • SCT #4: 274
  • ArmChairExpert@SCT: 296
  • Rock The Casboult: 361
  • Gun’s Regulars #1: 363
  • SCT LoEC #1: 376
  • Goin’ Hard@SCT: 436
  • CattasSCTchallenge: 470
  • LateStarters@SCT: 479
  • Gun’s Regulars #2: 483
  • Tragics@SCT #2: 487

*if I’ve missed any SCT Leagues in the Top 500, official or community run, let me know

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17 thoughts on “SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 1”

  1. Speaks to the quality of this site where my 2315 I was very happy with has me 157th in the group.
    Still remember the 2016-2017 days where we probably had 200 total people in that SCT group!

    Well done to all who have started strongly.


    1. Thanks Motts and GD for the shout out – on a massive buzz as highest ever rank, watch it all come crashing down in weeks to come! Told my boys I got mentioned on SCT, impressed them greatly!

      On a separate note, you gents (i.e. the whole SCT crew) are phenomenal. I have followed – mainly passively – for almost a decade and the effort, thoughtfulness and care for your fellow SCTers is truly outstanding and deeply appreciated. Thank you!


  2. Hey GB
    Can’t recall where you see rankings of each of your leagues on supercoach app ?
    can you kindly remind me please


    1. Hey, PBuzz.

      Yeah, go to ‘Rankings’ then in the top left you can tab between ‘Coaches’ and ‘Leagues’. Pretty neat, I only discovered it now that I’m posting the weekly updates.

      Once leagues properly start you should also be able to see the rank of a league you’re in by pressing ‘View League’ as normal.


  3. Thanks GB
    l knew that l could view league ranking last year so that’s what l was looking for . Don’t have time to scroll all leagues unfortunately.


    1. Yeah, doesn’t look like league rankings by going ‘View Leagues’ are active just yet.

      My guess would be they’ll be up Round 3.

      Early days.


  4. Hi Gunboat

    Last Minute Guns – 109
    SCT #1 – 214

    Great work to the coaches in both of the above leagues.



    1. Hmm. Don’t recall getting a nomination email from you, xbxx.

      What’s your team name in LoEC #3?


  5. I’ve still got room in a league if anyone is interested…..(Hopefully you can still enter)
    FinalsBound@SCT 332793
    Finished in the top 500 last year so hopefully looking to repeat this year.
    Must play out the whole season



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