6 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 17”

  1. Is it worth trading some of the lower performers like Warner, Jackson, Martin or keep hoping they come good. SuperCoach rule don’t trade sideways unless you really need to, injuries etc


  2. Something that is of interest to me (and maybe some others) is starting to learn from this year for next. So with that in mind I think the following has value.
    How many starting keepers do you still have?
    Then by line, who (top 15/8 rucks, other in comments)


  3. What I would like to see – with more than just a poll, but the comments on the poll and maybe some analysis from those in the know (more than the rest of us!!) is the following:

    Is it worthwhile trading in Gawn? – hear me out:
    there was discussion by the panel on Fox on the weekend that he is carrying a left calf problem.
    It was, and has been, heavily strapped
    He has lost Petracca from his mids and thus potentially a lot less taps to advantage
    He has pretty much been playing solo ruck all year – it would have to take its toll eventually …

    So, he is my last targeted trade – I have Jackson playing R2 … I’m not sure abot how many others were looking to bring him in, but I think its worth a good discussion / article / research??


  4. Should there be a honeymoon clause… if you trade a player in and he gets injured in the first game and then misses the next you get the trade back for free…
    Call it the Player Warranty



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