Round 16 Review

Written by Dane on July 1 2024

Brisbane (11.20.86) defeated Melbourne (11.15.81)

  1. Josh Dunkley (143). Huge game from Dunkley in the middle of the ground, finishing with 32 touches (14 contested) with 12 marks, 10 tackles and 7 clearances, starting off the weekend right.
  2. Kysaiah Pickett (122). Dangerous all night up front for the Demons, slotting 5 goals  from 12 touches as well as laying 6 tackles to keep his team in it.
  3. Jack Viney (120). Led the game for contested touches with 19 of them in his 26 disposals, pairing that with 8 tackles, 9 clearances and a team best 518 metres gained.
  4. Dayne Zorko (115). 552 metres gained off half-back for Zorko, his 28 touches and 9 marks leading him to his tenth ton of the year.
  5. Lachie Neale (114). Not a single clanger in his 29 touches (12 contested) while also grabbing 9 marks, eleventh ton of 2024.

Other 100+ scores: Clayton Oliver (101), Hugh McCluggage (100)

Disappointment: Has to go to big Max Gawn (79) who had just 9 touches on Friday night.

Rookies: Little bit to cover here. Second game for Brown (15), who was the sub, while it was the third game for Tholstrup, who had 16 touches for 58 points. There was also a debut for Moniz-Wakefield (59) who also had 16 touches. Some really nice rookie scores worth mentioning for the Brisbane duo of Reville (95) and Lohmann (90).

Injuries: Clean sheets in this one, Petty and Morris those subbed out.


North Melbourne (9.6.60) defeated by Western Bulldogs (11.11.77)

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (157). Was a rumoured late out again but that just propelled him to his third 150+ score in past his past 4 games. 35 touches (20 contested) with 11 clearances, 6 marks and a game best 647 metres gained.
  2. Tristan Xerri (141). This guy has been a revelation for North. Good on you for picking him if you did, no reason to move him on currently either. Another great week thanks to 20 touches (13 contested) plus 5 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 34 hitouts. Averaging 111.
  3. Charlie Comben (117). Second ton in a row for Comben, his 21 touches included 10 contested possessions with just 1 clanger and 85% DE plus 7 marks for the game.
  4. Ed Richards (116). Kept busy in the midfield, finding 21 touches @ 81% DE without a clanger plus 5 clearances and 6 tackles.
  5. Darcy Tucker (108). 30 touches around half-back and the wing for Tucker, leading the Roos for that category as well as having 7 marks and 5 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Harry Sheezel (103)

Disappointment: Plenty in this one, probably for his recent form though it goes to LDU for a quiet game of 72.

Rookies: Solid score for Archer (76) who makes the cut thanks to his 13 touch, 4 tackle game. Very nice too from Freijah (79) with 19 touches next to his name.

Injuries: Duryea (foot) and the ever injured Vandermeer (ankle) listed for the Dogs. Fisher subbed out for North with a corkie, but not listed on the injury report.


Sydney (14.14.98) defeated by Fremantle (15.9.99)

  1. Nick Blakey (148). Best on ground in the loss, Blakey led all players with 32 touches and 755 metres gained as well as slotting 1 goal and grabbing 10 marks for a season best score.
  2. Luke Ryan (116). Back to the tons for Ryan after a few quiet weeks, he found 26 touches (23 kicks) and 8 marks with his usual high DE, this week being 88%.
  3. James Rowbottom (114). Another good, contested game in the middle for Rowbottom, his 15 contested touches from 23 disposals boosting his score.
  4. Joshua Draper (111). Career high for Draper here. 14 disposals with 8 marks but it was the 85% DE and 1 clanger that really increased it, and a tight game.
  5. Sam Switkowski (108). Rounds out the top five with his second ton of the year, being crafty and clean with his 17 touches and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Papley (104), Jordan Clark (101)

Disappointment: Heaps of them here. Nearly none of the premiums making big scores. Gulden (95), Warner (89), Heeney (85) and Grundy (82) very quiet. Serong (85) well held, same as Brayshaw (85), with Jackson (72) struggling again. Young (62) rounds it out.

Rookies: Draper has had his time. Some love to Sharp (82) who realistically has had a great year. Davies (33) was subbed out in his second game, while Cleary (17) also played his second game.

Injuries: Cunningham (hamstring) the causality for Sydney, while as mentioned above, Davies was the sub for Freo tactically.


Gold Coast (14.17.101) defeated Collingwood (13.12.90)

  1. Noah Anderson (140). Led this Saturday afternoon fixture with a massive 39 touches (13 contested) plus 6 clearances, 8 marks and 5 tackles.
  2. Touk Miller (121). 31 touches (10 contested) plus 5 tackles for Touk , plus just over 450 metres gained for his eighth ton of the year.
  3. Nick Daicos (116). Led the game with 691 metres gained from his 32 touches (11 contested), adding 2 goals and 5 clearances throughout.
  4. Sam Flanders (114). Pretty much had a ton at half-time but was slow after that, no trouble. Another ton in 2024 from 33 touches (15 contested) with 1 goal and 6 clearances.
  5. Jordan De Goey (107). Busy all game and rounds out the top five thanks to 21 touches, 2 goals and over 450 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Ben Ainsworth (106), Sam Collins (104), Jarrod Witts (102), Jeremy Howe (100), Josh Daicos (100)

Disappointment: Rowell (79) now hasn’t tonned up since round 12.

Rookies: Good on Uwland and Graham (95) as well as coaches who kept them up until this point. Sexton (86) was good again and worth keeping as a loop. Third game for Krueger (64) who kicked 1 goal from 7 touches. Nothing else to mention.

Injuries: McCreery (calf) on the report for the Pies, while it was Swallow who got subbed out tactically for the Suns.


Geelong (16.9.105) defeated Essendon (9.6.60)

  1. Jack Bowes/Jye Caldwell (127). A tie at the top here. Bowes has produced some nice scores since moving into the midfield, this week recording 26 touches (10 contested), 6 marks, 7 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 572 metres gained, while the same can be said for Caldwell. He finished up with 32 touches (18 contested) plus 12 clearances and 12 tackles, a solid triple-double.
  2. Mitch Duncan (119). Did plenty of damage with his ball use, having 20 touches @ 85% DE plus 1 goal before being subbed off.
  3. Matt Guelfi (112). Busy game for Guelfi, recording his second ton in a row. 17 touches, 7 tackles and 1 goal.
  4. Max Holmes (110). Very busy around half-back again, this week finding 23 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal.
  5. Zach Tuohy (106). Rounds out the top five thanks to a game of 20 touches (10 contested) with 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Oliver Dempsey (104).

Disappointment: Poor DE (47%) and clangers (6) held back Zach Merrett to just 78. Same issue with Martin (75).

Rookies: Dempsey had a ripping game, slotting 2 goals from 25 touches for a great score of 104, while debutant Humphries (91) was classy with his 15 touches off half-back. Nothing else to mention.

Injuries: Clean reports apparently but Duncan and Jones were the listed subs. Both however I have seen with a shoulder and calf injury tag elsewhere.


Adelaide (13.16.94) defeated GWS (12.6.78)

  1. Mitch Hinge/Izak Rankine (121). Another ton to add to Hinge’s 2024 campaign, this week it was a 31 touches, 8 marks and 622 metres gained that got him there, while Rankine had 27 touches (14 contested) with 7 marks, 6 clearances, 2 goals and 591 metres gained.
  2. Ben Keays (120). Busy work for Keays, he recorded 21 touches (11 contested) with 8 tackles and 2 goals for his first ton of the year.
  3. Lachie Whitfield/Tom Green (117). Massive numbers from both of these guys. 41 touches ad 12 marks with 564 metres gained for Whitfield, while Green had 38 touches (17 contested) with 5 tackles and 5 clearances.
  4. Rory Laird (113). Not as prolific as usual but a solid 23 touches (9 contested) plus 5 clearances, 5 tackles and just 1 clanger for Rory.
  5. Callan Ward (111). Not a single clanger and 87% DE boosted Ward, but a stat line of 24 touches, 9 marks and 2 goals overall a great effort all the same.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Berry (104)

Disappointment: A tale of two half’s for Dawson (94) who will for that reason, take this games disappointment.

Rookies: Third game for Dowling (57) who had 16 touches and 1 goal, while a debut in this one went to Taylor (4) who was subbed on. Gruzewski (19) played his second game and that’s about all worth mentioning.

Injuries: Clean sheet for both teams, Cook and Gruzewski the tactical subs.


St Kilda (8.12.60) defeated by Port Adelaide (8.14.62)

  1. Jack Sinclair (143). Huge from Sinclair, he recorded just 1 clanger from his 31 touches that went @ 83% DE as well as having 10 marks and 5 tackles plus 556 metres gained.
  2. Callum Wilkie (130). Really nice stuff from Wilkie, holding down the backline with 25 touches (11 contested) plus 5 marks and 92% DE.
  3. Aliir Aliir (124). 90% DE for Aliir in his 22 touch, 10 mark game, resulting in his second ton of the year.
  4. Jason Horne-Francis (118). Seventh ton of the the year for JHF, probably best on ground for his 28 touch, 6 mark, 1 goal effort.
  5. Zak Butters (114). Had a tag set on him but was solid enough to find 22 touches (10 contested) with 5 clearances, 5 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 569 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Rowan Marshall (111), Kane Farrell (110), Jordon Sweet (105), Connor Rozee (103), Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (101), Mason Wood (100)

Disappointment: Dan Houston (59), simple as that.

Rookies: Second gamers Schoenmaker (55) and Evans (52) were solid and seem like good options for next week. First game in this one too to Lorenz for Port, he came on as the sub to score 31. Some love for Sweet (105) who was solid against Marshall with 11 touches, 7 tackles and 38 hitouts.

Injuries: Hill is named on the injury report with a hip but it was Campbell who got subbed, while Marshall (hamstring) finished on the bench for the Power.


Richmond (10.10.70) defeated by Carlton (20.11.131)

  1. Nic Newman (156). Seventh ton for the season for Newman, his 28 touches and 14 marks went @ 75% DE with just 1 clanger, plus a game best 706 metres gained.
  2. Sam Walsh (148). One half of an elite midfield performance. 2 goals for Walsh from his 26 touches, also recording 5 clearances and 10 tackles.
  3. Patrick Cripps (144). The other half. 40 touches (second week in a row) with 17 contested, 14 clearances and 1 goal for the Carlton skipper.
  4. Daniel Rioli (123). Clean use (91% DE) and minimal turnovers in his 24 touches off half-back, also adding 7 marks to his game.
  5. Toby Nankervis (121). Rounds out the top five with another great individual performance. 17 touches (11 contested) with 9 clearances, 43 hitouts and 1 goal. 

Other 100+ scores: Adam Saad (118), Blake Acres (109), Adam Cerra (102), Ben Miller (101)

Disappointment: Frustrating week to bring in Curnow (54), while Short (44) was not near his pre-bye form.

Rookies: Debut to mid season draftee Jacob Blight (50) for the Tigers. Incredibly Fantasia gets a mention for his 4 goal, 76 point game.

Injuries: Dustin Martin was subbed out with a back issue for the Tigers, while Kennedy and Cerra ended on the bench for the Blues, Kennedy listed with a hamstring.


West Coast (4.9.33) defeated by Hawthorn (14.10.94)

  1. Lloyd Meek (145). Career high score for Meek, he did a bit of everything with 16 touches, 5 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 37 hitouts for the game.
  2. James Sicily (142). Injured his shoulder late but did enough with 21 touches @ 90% DE plus 11 marks to record that score.
  3. Dylan Moore (136). Kept busy all game, finding 29 touches and 12 marks plus scoring 2 goals to be one of the Hawks best.
  4. Jeremy McGovern (132). Having a great season, averaging 108 with eleven tons. 20 disposals, 9 marks, 90% DE, 560 metres gained and 1 goal.
  5. James Worpel (124). Great game in the middle from Worpel, he found 28 touches (14 contested) with 11 clearances to round out the top five.

Other 100+ scores: Liam Duggan (116), Jai Newcombe (105), Will Day (104), Jarman Impey (103)

Disappointment: Goes to Elliot Yeo (64) who wasn’t as his usual impactful best.

Rookies: Reid returned for those who held and led the Eagles for contested touches with 14 of his 21 touches coming that way, resulting in 80 points. Watson (89) was super for the Hawks, finding 13 touches and 1 goal.

Injuries: New recruit Flynn (ankle) and goalkicker Waterman (knee) the issues for West Coast, while Sicily and his shoulder were the Hawks issues. Dear the initial sub.


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