Polling Station – Round 22

Written by Dane on August 8 2022

Got something you want to see on the site leading into preliminary finals week? Put in the comments below down below.


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12 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 22”

  1. If Hewett is still out, who do we trade him to?

    Obviously just need them for the next two weeks (SC prelim & hopefully GF).

    I currently have Sinclar, Docherty, Stewart, Short, Crisp & Pendles (and Hewett), so my personal options for this trade are:

    Dawson (vs Nth @ Adelaide Oval & vs Port @ Adelaide Oval)
    Saad (vs Melb @ MCG & vs Coll @ MCG)
    Sicily (vs Rich @ MCG & vs WB @ UTS)
    Luke Ryan (vs WCE @ Optus & vs GWS @ MO)


    1. And why is Parish currently the most popular replacement (over team mate Merrett)? Are people thinking Merrett will be tagged, he is too expensive or they already have him?


    1. Might be nice as a thread, something like
      Player name:
      Year added to your list:
      Reason traded in:
      Reason they’re never again:


      1. Great !! Can I suggest we limit the nominations to say three each category….otherwise we might have huge lists being put forward.



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