Round 21 Review

Written by Dane on August 8 2022

Melbourne (13.11.89) defeated by Collingwood (15.6.96)

1. Clayton Oliver (152). Was tipped to go huge and did exactly that with plenty of coaches enjoying his VC score. Had 42 touches (24 contested) plus 14 clearacnes and 8 tackles to lead this games scoring.

2. Christian Petracca/Max Gawn (136). Tied up here. Petracca found 36 touches, with a third of those being contested, plus 1 goal and a game high 553 metres gained, while Gawn dominated the ruck battle, having 31 touches (14 contested), 10 clearances, 10 marks, 27 hitouts and 490 metres gained.

3. Nick Daicos (129). Looked super sore after a heavy tackle but came back on and played a great game overall, finding 31 touches (10 contested) with 4 marks and 5 tackles.

4. Angus Brayshaw (113). Pushed his average into triple figures with his eleventh ton of the year courtesy of 32 touches (13 contested) with another 5 clearances and 6 tackles. No marks interestingly even though he is second in the comp this season for clunks.

5. Jack Viney (110). Ninth ton for Viney in 2022 as he collected 30 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal running through the Demons midfield.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Crisp (105), Steele Sidebottom (104)

Disappointment: He’s been super since his role change but just 45 from Darcy Cameron was painful for coaches (including myself) who were hopeful he had a few more tons in him.

Rookies: Nothing to mention here in terms of debuts, but a shoutout goes to Ash Johnson for his 4 goal performance from 7 touches, which resulted in a solid 78 points.

Injuries: Will Hoskin-Elliott was subbed off in the third term with what I think was a hip issue.

Hawthorn (10.10.70) defeated Gold Coast (8.15.63)

1. Jarrod Witts (133). Back in the big scores here since the game was not played in Queensland. Scored well after finding 14 touches (10 contested) with 6 clearances, a couple of tackles and marks, 1 goal and 44 hitouts. 

2. David Swallow (130). Big game from Swallow who has had a few of these this season. Finished with 33 touches (15 contested) plus 6 clearances, 6 marks, 7 tackles and just under 500 metres gained for the game.

3. Jack Gunston (120). Second big game in a row for Gunston who snagged 5 goals for the game from 14 touches and 8 marks.

4. Elijah Hollands (116). Massive game from Hollands before his first price rise, makes you wonder why he couldn’t crack a senior debut earlier. Had 23 touches, 2 goals, 9 marks and 521 metres gained.

5. Ben McEvoy (110). Good game in his 250th, slotting 1 goal from his 8 touches plus 6 tackles and 31 hitouts for the Hawks captain.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy McPherson (109), Jaeger O’Meara (108), Jai Newcombe (105), James Sicily/Conor Nash (104), Dylan Moore (101), Jy Farrar (100)

Disappointment: Nothing really horrible in this game and I’d feel bad giving it to Touk Miller (98) who still had 21 touches (18 contested) plus 7 clearances and 10 tackles despite having a heavy tag all day, but since he was the VC for many teams, it will unfortunately go to him.

Rookies: Jai Serong got a debut in this one, finishing with a win first up plus 44 points from 9 touches, 3 marks and 3 tackles. Mac Andrew played game number two and showed a fair bit, finishing with 14 touches and 8 marks for 65 points. Multiple other rookies in this game from our early season teams, but a shoutout to Ward who has provided some encouraging scores to finish the season, having a 90 in this game from 20 touches and 1 goal.

Injuries: No subs used in this one.

GWS (14.12.96) defeated Essendon (10.9.69)

1. Jesse Hogan (144). One point off a career best score here as Hogan dominated up forward with 17 disposals, 12 marks, 3 tackles and 4 goals to be close to BOG.

2. Lachie Whitfield (125). If Hogan wasnt awarded 3 votes, it’ll surely got the Whitfield who had 29 touches plus 8 marks, 1 goal and a game high 544 metres gained.

3. Darcy Parish (120). Back in the side and back to the big scores after finding 28 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances and 6 tackles in his usual midfieild role.

4. Harry Perryman (109). Played a really important role in the Giants win, tagging the in-form Merrett while also finding 23 touches (12 contested) plus 1 goal, 6 clearacnes and 4 tackles.

5. Callan Ward (108). Solid game from Ward who rounded out the top five scores with his 25 touch game being paired with 10 marks and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Stephen Coniglio (106), Tom Green (105), Harry Himmelberg (103)

Disappointment: Goes to Merrett (71) who got tagged out of this one. Another couple of defenders in Ridley (75) and Redman (68) were below their usual standard aswell. In saying that it was pretty much all of Essendon bar Parish, no one else broke 90.

Rookies: Second game from Leek Aleer here who showed some good scoring potential with a score of 64 that came from just 7 touches and 6 marks, plus a couple of tackles. D’Ambrosio was the sub but didn’t get onto the ground.

Injuries: GWS forward Peatling had a concussion after a collision with Redman that saw him subbed out.

Western Bulldogs (11.12.72) defeated by Fremantle (14.11.95)

1. Josh Dunkley (155). Massive game from one of the most popular picks in the game, finishing with 33 touches (21 contested) with 6 clearances and 1 goal while running at 75 % DE.

2. Luke Ryan (146). Huge game from Ryan who has shown his scoring ability lately. Had a monster statline of 32 touches to pair with 15 marks, 4 tackles, 573 metres gained and an elite 96% DE.

3. Caleb Serong (103). Solid game from Serong who found 24 touches (11 contested) with 8 clearances while running at 83% DE, helping him to this triple figure score.

4. Jack Macrae (102). Cracked the ton after finding 29 touches with 6 marks for his fifteenth ton of the season.

5. Marcus Bontempelli/Lachlan Schutlz/Jordan Clark (100). Bont crawled his was to triple figures from 21 touches (12 contested), 7 clearances and 6 marks, which Schutlz used his 15 touches at 93% while also slotting 1 goal and having 6 marks. Clark has had a really good year with six tons, this latest one thanks to 26 touches and 10 marks at 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: No idea what Sean Darcy did wrong in this one to score just 59 from 12 touches at 91% DE with 30 hitouts. Will Brodie (65) had his worst score of the year and hasn’t gone above triple figures since round 15. 

Rookies: First game here for number 2 pick Sam Darcy who had 10 touches and 8 marks playing predominantly in the backline for a first up score of 52.

Injuries: Fremantle forward Matt Taberner was subbed off in this one with a calf injury. 

Geelong (17.8.110) defeated St Kilda (10.5.65)

1. Jack Sinlair (116). Top scored in this Saturday night fixture thanks to 23 touches that ran at 91% DE plus 1 goal and 4 marks for the game.

2. Rhys Stanley (110). Had pretty much the solo ruck and provided one of his usual random hundreds for the year. Had 16 touches at 93% DE plus 7 tackles and 22 hitouts.

3. Brandon Parfitt (108). Stepped up in the absence of the usual midfield core, finishing with 25 touches (17 contested) plus 10 clearances and 6 tackles.

4. Isaac Smith (107). Great game from the veteran wingman who had 21 touches, 7 marks and 3 goals while gaining almost 500 metres gained.

5. Mason Wood (105). Rounded out the top five with this 20 touch, 10 mark game while also slotting the 1 major.

Other 100+ scores: Zach Guthrie (103), Max Holmes (101)

Disappointment: Copping a tag from Owens, premium defender Tom Stewart gave away 4 free kicks which held him back to just 48 points. 

Rookies: No rookies running around at GMHBA on Saturday night.

Injuries: Unfortunately another injury in this one to Dan Hannebery, who was subbed off around three quarter time. 

Port Adelaide (10.11.71) defeated by Richmond (16.13.109)

1. Toby Nankervis (158). Just a massive game from Nank who has found some poor scores after peaking at 573K. Had an equal career high 29 touches in this one  (14 contested) plus 8 clearances and 42 hitouts. 

2. Trent Cotchin (124). Solid game from the former captain who found 31 touches (17 contested) plus 6 marks, 6 clearances and 5 tackles for the game.

3. Zak Butters (121). Led the scoring for Port with this 28 touch effort that included 13 contested touches plus 1 goal and 8 tackles in a hybrid role.

4. Dion Prestia (120). Massive game in the middle from Prestia who had 32 touches (23 contested) plus 10 clearances, 5 tackles and 476 metres gained for his seventh ton of the year.

5. Ollie Wines (118). Back to back tons now for Wines after a lean run of scores, rounding out the top five here thanks to 32 touches (13 contested) plus 5 marks and 6 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Travis Boak (116), Williem Drew (111), Daniel Rioli (108), Sahi Bolton (105), Tom Lynch (104)

Disappointment: Once again goes to Jayden Short (77) who just hasnt been using the ball well. Rozee also well below his recent form with just 67. 

Rookies: Nothing worth mentioning in this bar the second game for Teakle, who came back after a collarbone injury with a nice statline of 12 touches, 8 tackles and 21 hitouts for 73 points.

 Injuries: It seems like Nick Vlastuin has some broke ribs after being crashed in a pack in this game.

North Melbourne (13.10.88) defeated Sydney (18.18.126)

1. Tom Hickey (126). Just the fourth ton of the Swans ruckman’s season as he found 20 touches (15 contested) with 9 clearances and 38 hitouts for the game.

2. Isaac Heeney (121). Started super slow but then got his game going with a variety of scoring options, including 2 goals from his 21 touches, while also having 5 tackles and 5 marks for the day.

3. Luke Davies-Uniacke (119). Was super in the middle of the ground, finding 30 touches (14 contested) with 5 clearances, 5 tackles and 509 metres gained, plus 1 major.

4. Nick Larkey (114). Finished with a bag of 7 goals from 11 touches of the footy for just his third ton of the season.

5. Jaidyn Stephenson (109). Second ton in a row and third from the past four games for the former rising star winner, who is seemingly having more of a distributor role in the backline lately, finishing with 31 touches at 80% DE and 503 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Callum Mills/Errol Gulden (106), Aaron Hall (105), Chad Warner (104), Luke Parker (103), Jy Simpkin (100)

Disappointment: Goes to Jake Lloyd who finished on 81 from 20 touches.

Rookies: Solid second game from Kallan Dawson who found 14 touches and 4 tackles in a defensive role, securing himself 54 points.

Injuries: No injuries in this early Sunday fixture.

Brisbane (17.12.114) defeated Carlton (12.9.81)

1. Lachie Neale (138). Great game from Neale who found 32 touches (20 contested) of the leather, while also registering 9 clearances, a couple of tackles and 1 goal for the game.

2. Sam Docherty/Adam Saad (124). A pair of Carlton backman couldn’t be split here. Docherty was fantastic, registering 28 touches and 7 marks at 75% DE, while Saad kept his great season going with 24 touches (11 contested) at 79% DE while also gaining 500 metres.

3. Oscar McInerney (110). Fifth ton for the Lions ruckman in season 2022 here as he dominated the ruck contest, finishing with 37 hitouts as well as 19 touches (16 contested), 8 clearances and 4 tackles.

4. Rhys Mathieson (105). Has transferred his VFL form into the senior side pretty seamlessly, this week cracking the ton thanks to 24 touches and 1 goal.

5. Patrick Cripps (104). Rounded out the top 5 but it wasn’t without some bad news. Finished with 24 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal, but a high hit on Ah Chee that saw the Lion subbed out could cost him the rest of 2022. Wait and see on that one.

Other 100+ scores: Zac Bailey (103)

Disappointment: Down game from Coleman, who only found 14 touches to score 67 in this contest.

Rookies: Nothing to cover here.

Injuries: Carlton made their sub late with Jack Martin exiting the contest, while for the Lions, it was Ah Chee after that Cripps bump, plus Adams had a massive hit in the fourth that saw him finish on the bench.

West Coast (13.8.86) defeated by Adelaide (16.6.102)

 1. Josh Kennedy (156). Was obviously the Eagles focal point in attack in his farewell game, slotting 8 majors from 15 touches and 8 marks for one last big score in his 293 game career. Was one of the few key position players you could actually field for a while, averaging 90+ from 2015-17. From the SCT community and an Eagles supporter, thank you JJK!

2. Rory Laird (145). In game 200 Laird was insane once again, finding 36 touches (20 contested) plus 10 clearances with 5 tackles, 2 goals and just under 500 metres gained.

3. Nic Naitanui (132). Splendid in the ruck and gave his all to find 15 touches (12 contested), 9 clearances, 5 tackles and 35 hitouts.

4. Shane McAdam (111). Was super as the linkman between the arcs but also found the goals himself, finishing with 3 of them from his 16 touches and 8 marks for an equal best career score.

5. Shannon Hurn/Reilly O’Brien (110). Hurn has been in elite form and that continued with another 25 touch game that ran at 84% DE. Also had 7 marks and 508 metres gained, while the Crows ruckman made it ton number ten for the year thanks to 13 touches, 5 marks and 40 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan Dawson (108), Lachlan Murphy (105), Tom Barrass (104), Darcy Fogarty (100)

Disappointment: I would love to know whose bright idea it was to put one of the competitions most reliable early season midfielders Ben Keays (40) into a forward pocket role. Personally, it brought my rough weekend to a horror close.

Rookies: Nothing to cover in this one either.

Injuries: Crow youngster Will Hamill was on the rough end of heavy hit which saw him subbed out of the game.



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12 thoughts on “Round 21 Review”

  1. Thanks again Dane – this write up is very much appreciated 🙂

    Yes – those coaches are a funny bunch sometimes!!

    Thought Short might go back into defence once Vlastuin got injured, but Dimma didn’t seem to do this on the weekend?

    And Ben Keays playing forward is just perplexing – as he is such a good contested ball winner.


  2. Thanks Dane… started on fire with Oliver vc, Gawn & Crisp- only to suffer from nearly all your ‘disappointing’ players you mentioned. Doh- still alive in a couple of leagues! So always next week!


  3. Some people may be interested in this, I have been keeping a SC Brownlow count throughout the year as I’m interested in the contrast to the real thing.
    Here are the current standings.
    Oliver, Clayton – 25
    Miller, Touk – 24
    Laird, Rory – 24
    Walsh, Sam – 22
    Witts, Jarrod – 22
    Neale, Lachie – 19
    Brayshaw, Andrew – 18
    Mills, Callum – 17
    Cripps, Patrick – 17
    Merrett, Zach – 16
    Petracca, Christian – 16
    Docherty, Sam – 16
    Dunkley, Josh – 16
    Bontempelli, Marcus – 15
    Gawn, Max – 15
    Sinclair, Jack – 15


    1. Big fan of this TC!

      Was having a discussion yesterday over Lairds chances, you think, even in losses, he be a safe bet for top 5 and could be a smoky to take it out.


      1. Dane, I think he’s a chance, almost always best for the Crows, so even if he is picking up 2s in their losses he might do enough to be in the conversation.
        As a side note, it will be interesting to see how it matches up as CD claim their system measures game impact so in theory should be pretty close. If I’m free Brownlow night I’ll post round by round updates with the real count.

        BP – Criteria is just highest SC score in each game for the votes.


      1. It seems that for him, either the Lions give up big scores or a team mate will go bigger (Often McCluggage)



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