Polling Station – Round 4

Written by Dane on April 11 2022

What do you guys want to see on the site this week? Put it down below and the ones that have high relevancy should see their own thread sometime this week!

Im tipping names like Butters, Whitfield and Ridley will be at the front of peoples minds this week!


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13 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 4”

    1. Been thinking the same myself , but think I’ll wait and see. My only concern is that Jones and Billing’s may either push him back out onto a hbf or gets reduced midfield time. Regardless he’s been very impressive.


  1. What’s too long an out for Cripps Hammy? I’ll hold a 1-2 week awareness hammy, can go either way on the normal 3 weeker, will trade at 4+.


    1. It looked high up, which all the commentators seem to think it’s a bad thing 😀

      The bigger concern would be a re-occurance. It’s it going to be an issue all year?



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