Round 4 Review

Written by Dane on April 11 2022

Port Adelaide (4.12.36) defeated by Melbourne (10.8.68)

1. Max Gawn (160). The Gawn that we all knew arrived on Thursday, putting in a dominate performance to get this round going. 25 touches (12 contested) with 6 clearances, 512 metres gained, 1 goal, 12 marks and 33 hitouts helped him produce this monster score.

2. Luke Jackson (126). Not to be outdone, Jackson also feasted on the ruck contest with Lycett being hindered by a shoulder injury. Little bit of everything with 14 touches, 5 marks, 6 tackles, 8 hitouts and 1 goal for him.

3. Tom Clurey (125).
Best scoring game of Clureys 111 game career on Thursday, as he had plenty to do down back. 17 touches and 14 marks, with what I’m assuming was heaps of intercept possessions boosted his score, as did his 100% DE.

4. Riley Bonner (124). Gave Port plenty of drive off half-back with his 37 touch, 9 mark game, 1 point off his career best total.

5. Williem Drew (119). Got the tagging job on Petracca but still did plenty himself, gathering 18 touches (11 contested) and laying 10 tackles.


Other 100+ scores: James Harmes (118), Travis Boak/Tom Jonas (117), Steven May (111), Ryan Burton (108), Jack Viney (100)


Disappointment: A very average start to the week if you owned any of Butters or Bowey (47), Oliver (68), who had his worst score since round 3 last season, or Petracca (85), who saw some close attention.

Rookies: Jed McEntee didn’t get around it much on Thursday night, only recording 6 touches and 33 points, while the only other rookie was Jackson Mead (49), who ran around the get 14 touches of the footy and lay 3 tackles.

Injuries: Really bad news for Brownlow medalist Ollie Wines who was subbed out with nausea and ended up spending a lengthy period in hospital, fingers crossed a solution can be found for him! Scott Lycett was also fairly banged up with a shoulder injury but played on.

Geelong (11.14.80) defeated Brisbane (11.4.70)

1. Isaac Smith (129). Great game from Smith who generated 626 metres for Geelong along the wing and off half-back from his 29 touches. Also had 10 marks, kicked 1 goal and ran at 89% DE.

2. Lachie Neale (128). Looked to have O’Connor for company but overcame that with a 30 touch game (21 contested) that also had 11 clearances and 5 tackles.


3. Tom Hawkins (120). Was the difference up forward taking 8 shots on goal, ultimately converting 5 of them into majors while also doing his usual other things: 14 touches, 7 marks, 3 tackles, 4 hitouts.

4. Mark Blicavs (119). Essentially split his ruck time with Stanley and just ran around doing whatever was needed when he wasnt there. Had 22 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles and 20 hitouts.

5. Daniel Rich (105). Game 250 for Rich and it wasn’t a bad one at all. Had 24 touches and 3 tackles but most importantly, generated 796 metres for his club, a game high.

Other 100+ scores: Zach Tuohy (103), Harris Andrews/Dan McStay (100)

Disappointment: Breakout contenders Bailey (51) and Rayner (also 51) only found 15 and 13 touches of the ball respectively, while for the Cats Dangerfield (70) hasn’t looked like cracking the ton since round 1, and Duncan (67) is set to lose significant cash.

Rookies: Defender Sam De Koning was pretty solid down back, hauling on 5 marks and having 9 touches for a third up score of 62 which should see him make some nice profit. Not much else so a quick word on Stengle (71) and Berry (96) who are a couple of midpricers that look set to make some cash.

 Injuries: A late in for Tom Stewart, promising young midfielder Narkle may unfortunately be set for a stint on the sidelines after rolling his ankle.

Sydney (13.8.86) defeated North Melbourne (12.3.75)

1. Jaidyn Stephenson (139). Massive effort from Stephenson who returned to the midfield role here to find 24 touches of the ball that ran at 70% with no clangers. Also took 7 marks and layed 8 tackles.

2. Justin McInerney (137). Has shown plenty of promise in his 30-odd career games and this one had some career bests in it. Obviously his score was one of them, but also 30 touches and 7 clearances set benchmarks for him.


3. Isaac Heeney (131). Got a nice little boost with the sealing goal but all-round played a very good game to find 17 touches and lay 11 tackles for his third 130+ score this year.

4. Callum Mills (130). Poor score last week but much better here with 28 touches (10 contested), 7 clearances and 4 tackles to lead the Swans midfield.


5. Jy Simpkin/Todd Goldstein (114). This was Simpkin’s third ton of the year so far as he collected 33 touches of the footy that gained 543 metres for his club, while also slotting 1 goal and laying 4 tackles, while Goldy kicked 2 goals from 16 touches, 5 marks and 13 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Braeden Campbell (110), Luke McDonald (101), James Rowbottom (100)

Disappointment: Maybe I’ve been talking up Parker (39) too much and haven’t been considering the new Swans midfield thats coming through, but it is a very long season. Another disappointment this week would’ve been Lloyd, who brought his three round average to 94 after this 76.

Rookies: Flynn Perez played his first game of the season to gather 11 touches and record 32 points, while number 1 pick and now quickly moving into cash-cow category, Jason Horne-Francis (93), had another fantastic game with 23 touches (11 contested) and 5 tackles. Ben Ronke (186K Forward surprisingly) came on as the sub and was great, scoring 73 in a quarter and a half, while McCartin was good for 59 but will also be covered in the injuries section.

Injuries: Ruckman Xerri was looking pretty good up until the third quarter where he spent the majority on the bench with a head cut, but he did play on, the same as opposing ruckman Ladhams who copped one in the jaw and looked sore. Paddy McCartin also had a heavy clash so fingers crossed it’s nothing bad considering his history, while the eventual subs were Franklin with a finger injury and Zurhaar with concussion.

Collingwood (10.14.74) defeated by West Coast (14.3.87)

1. Jack Crisp (132). Best score of the year so far for Crisp who met his breakeven of 115 pretty comfortably. Had 29 touches (13 contested) and a huge 676 metres gained for the game.

2. Alex Witherden (127). Only Eagle to crack the ton was Witherden, his second in a row. Had 27 touches and ran at a very good 85% DE while only recording 1 clanger to boost his score.


3. Nick Daicos (125). One of the most popular players in the game produced on Saturday afternoon, scoring his first career ton from a game best 32 touches that gained almost 500 metres for his club.

4. Brodie Grundy (118). A typical Grundy game who had a good contest with Nic Nat and the rotating Dixon. 19 disposals (14 contested), 8 clearances, 5 marks, 6 tackles and 33 hitouts for him.

5. Scott Pendlebury (110). Constructive as ever off half-back as Pendles scored his third ton in a row from 23 touches that ran at 91% DE and, as expected with him, not a single clanger.

Other 100+ scores:
Brayden Maynard (107)

Disappointment: Can’t remember the last time I saw Shannon Hurn (46) run at 64% DE and record 6 clangers, he’s usually so reliable with the ball, thats the combined amount of clangers he had in the first three rounds.

Rookies: Former Tiger Patrick Naish has been outstanding for the Eagles in the early part of the season, this 23 touch, 4 mark, 1 goal, 90 point effort was his second such score of that nature so far as he makes plenty of cash, one not many of us considered! Hugh Dixon (96) though is in plenty of teams and was influential in this one, having 16 touches (10 contested), 4 marks, 4 tackles and 5 hitouts. Brady Hough wasn’t too bad in his role, scoring 49 from 15 touches, while if you started Rioli at 225K you’d be pleased with his first price rise after averaging 87 thus far. For the Pies, Ginnivan will continue to make money after a solid outing that had 12 touches, 2 goals and 60 points next to his name, while Wilson in his first game for the year was good for 68 points from 16 touches and 1 goal. Second-gamer McInnes (21) only found 6 touches of the footy.

Injuries: Midfielder Luke Edwards was subbed out at 3QT with an injury that I can’t find any concrete evidence on, while Jamie Elliot looks like he’ll be on the sidelines for a while after a shoulder injury in a big tackle ended his day.

Richmond (15.9.99) defeated Western Bulldogs (7.19.61)

1. Jack Macrae (158). Bounce back week from Macrae who found his usual allocation of the footy, collecting 36 touches (16 contested) to pair with 9 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

2. Marcus Bontempelli (136). Best score for the Bont so far in 2022, following on from underwhelming but not horrible scores of 105, 105 and 108. Had 33 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances, 1 goal and 541 metres gained.


3. Bailey Smith (122). Another good score from Smith (second 120+ this year), as he found 36 touches playing across the middle of the ground to record a team high 645 metres gained.

4. Bailey Dale/Tom Liberatore (115). Second ton of the year for Dale as he accumulated 31 touches off half-back to drive the Dogs forward, while Libba did his usual in-and-under role, finishing with 23 touches (13 contested) and 5 tackles.

5. Caleb Daniel (113). Rounding out the top 5 is Daniel, who ran at 96% DE from his 26 touches while also taking 5 marks and laying 4 tackles, second ton for the year for him.

Other 100+ scores: Dion Prestia (112), Jayden Short (111), Marlion Pickett (109), Tom Lynch (104), Josh Dunkley (103), Daniel Rioli (101)

Disappointment: Not much to run with here with plenty of the popular premiums delivering , so Treloar’s score of 80 gets the nod.

Rookies: Thomson Dow looks set to make some good coin after another solid outing in the Richmond midfield, he finished up with 15 touches, 7 tackles and 83 points to be the best of the rookies/cash cows. Backline pair Ben Miller (57) and Josh Gibcus (49), didnt do much wrong, while Ralphsmith continues to play well, scoring 71 from 19 touches. Louis Butler (43) was the lowest priced Dog at 130K, picking up 13 touches but only running at 38% DE in his first senior game of the year.

Injuries: Anthony Scott was subbed off in the third quarter. 

Fremantle (13.10.88) defeated GWS (8.6.54)

1. Will Brodie (135). Second ton of the year for Brodie with this massive effort in the midfield. Had 37 touches (career high) including 21 contested possessions, 5 tackles and 6 clearances. I know it’s a small sample size and a new team etc, but shocked that he didnt have a spot in the Suns best 22 based of these early season efforts.

2. Griffin Logue (125). Tends to produce a couple of big scores a year and this was his first of 2022. Only had 17 touches and 8 marks, so Ill assume a lot of intercept possessions and 82% DE boosted his score, also had no clangers.


3. Tim Taranto (121). Another staller game from Taranto, who, with Green (90 this week for those wondering), has been the most consistent Giant thus far. 32 touches (14 contested) to pair with 6 clearances and 4 tackles.

4. Isaac Cumming (119). Averaging 103 over the first four rounds, and seems to be the most trusted with kickouts without me looking at %’s. Had 29 touches and 8 marks on Saturday evening, resulting in a game high 679 metres gained.

5. Heath Chapman (118). Was looking like a bit of a bust after scoring 80 (largely thanks to his hand of god save) and then 56, but has backed it up with two stellar games to reward those who picked him. Career best score here coming from a career best 24 touches (12 contested) that ran at 87% DE. A really bright future ahead for him.

Other 100+ scores: Nathan O’Driscoll (104), Braydan Preuss (102), Hayden Young (101)

Disappointment: One of the most popular players in the league Stephen Coniglio couldn’t get going on Saturday evening, scoring 66 but also recording 8 clangers and 4 frees against.

Rookies: Nathan O’Driscoll deserves a second mention here for his first career ton which came on the back of 20 touches, 5 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals. He’s probably still going to be at a fair price to bing in if you missed the boat so far, although for probably a little less, you could bring in Neil Erasmus, who scored 70 in game number 2 from 15 touches and 5 tackles. Only person who falls into the “rookie” category for GWS is Stein (176K DEF) who had a second up score of 52 from 6 touches. Oh, also Preuss (104), who will be very popular this week if he avoids suspension (which he hasn’t, offered a week on Sunday night) for what was reported as a high hit on Mundy. 

Injuries: No subs used but like I always say, doesn’t mean there were no mystery injuries out of this game, so be aware of the injury list and team selection.

Essendon (15.13.103) defeated Adelaide (15.9.99)

1. Rory Laird (143). Didnt take too long for Rory to get back to his ball-winning best, as he accumulated 38 touches (15 contested) in the middle of the ground for the Crows. Is in just 400 teams and a massive POD.

2. Darcy Parish (121). Best score of the year so far for Parish who has been consistent without being a standout. 38 touches (17 contested) for him as well.


3. Andrew McGrath (111). Had a couple of down weeks but a solid bounce back here, he found 25 touches and ran at 88% DE while also laying 7 tackles.

4. Ben Keays (110). 4/4 tons for Keays as he flirts with that 600K pricetag. 27 touches (11 contested) to pair with 523 metres gained, 1 goal and 11 tackles.

5. Taylor Walker (107). First game from Tex this season and he delivered, snagging 4 goals from 18 disposals and 6 marks to lead the Crows forward line.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Rachele (106), Nick Hind (104)

Disappointment: Big man Reilly O’Brien has looked very good so far in 2022, but everyone has a down week somewhere and this was his, only scoring 61 from 8 touches and 25 hitouts.

Rookies: Josh Rachele wasn’t copping much love throughout the week but turned up and played a great game on Sunday, kicking 3 goals from 19 touches and 9 marks to score 106. Martin (84) was once again very solid as he consolidated his spot in Essendons best 22 with 22 touches and 1 goal, while Wanganeen (20) had as many tackles (3), as disposals. Gollant wasn’t as prominent this week with Walker back but still kicked 1 goal from 6 touches to score 44, while Cook (19) was subbed on for …

Injuries: One of the most popular backline rookies in Hinge (37), who had a hip issue. The reliable Snelling was subbed off for the Bombers with a calf injury, while Ridley had a heavy knock late in the game and may not have returned, I’m not 100% sure on that one.

Hawthorn (10.13.73) defeated by St Kilda (22.10.142)

 1. Jack Sinclair (135). Just another really solid, safe outing from Sinclair. Was at this game and just seemed to have time when using it, which probably reflects as he had no clangers from his 35 touches (ran at 82% DE too). Didn’t do much else bar that but looks a real steal this season.

2. Jack Steele (125). The Saints captain stepped up in this game to lead the midfield. Had 33 touches (15 contested) with 10 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal.


3. Tom Mitchell (119). Bit of a bounce back game from Titch which is excellent to see for us. Had 32 touches (18 contested) to go with 9 clearances and 4 tackles.

4. James Sicily (113). Third ton of the season for Sicily who used the pill very well on Sunday, running at 90% from his 20 disposals. Also had 8 marks.

5.Dan Butler (111). Did a little bit of everything in this game, eventually ending it with 15 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Jade Gresham (106), Dylan Moore (105), Seb Ross (103)

Disappointment: Bit left field but hasn’t Worpel (37) fallen off the Supercoach map? Only had 5 touches on Sunday in 72% gametime.

Rookies: Look away now if you had any Hawks rookies on the field. Ward (41) was the best of them with 9 touches, but after that the scores read: Maginess (27), Grainger-Barras (27) and MacDonald (23). Slightly better news for the Saints rookies with Wanganeen-Milera having 18 touches and 7 marks for 57 points, while debutant Windhanger had 15 touches and 4 tackles, but 7 clangers that held back his score to 33. Solid name though.

Injuries: Promising young Hawk Will Day felt the full force of a Paddy Ryder bump and was subbed off at half-time seemingly due to the effects of that.

Gold Coast (13.14.92) defeated Carlton (8.14.62)

1. Jarrod Witts (154). Monster score from Witts, actually the biggest in his 126 game career. With no real recognised ruckman for the Blues, Witts had 42 hitouts as well as 16 touches (11 contested), plus a couple of tackles and marks.

2. Sam Docherty/Zac Williams (135). Docherty is looking like a must-have defender with another huge score, this one coming from 29 touches (11 contested) at 82% DE, while Williams had a huge 36 touces (31 kicks) as well as 5 marks, 5 tackles and 800 metres gained.


3. Adam Saad (129). Huge score from Saad, his second above 125 for the year. Had 23 touches at 78% DE and gained 529 metres for his club.

4. George Hewett (120). Another Blue who has scored 4/4 tons is Hewett, as he posted another stellar statline even while tagging. 29 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 8 clearances for him.

5. Lachie Weller (116). Touted as a bit of a cash-cow/breakout early, scores of 53 and 70 previous to this hurt but hey, its a long season and a breakout doesnt happen from round 1. Hopefully we can see more 31 touch, 811 metre gained games often from him.

Other 100+ scores:
Noah Anderson (111), Mbior Chol (107), Touk Miller (105), Sam Walsh/Jack Lukosius (101), Will Powell/Brandon Ellis (100)

Disappointment: 19 touches and 6 tackles, plus a win isn’t a bad week of football, but 65 points from Rowell hurt in the last game of the weekend.

Rookies: Not a crazy amount to cover here. Davies seems to be a contested beast (15 touches, 11 contested, 6 clearances) but 6 clangers held him to 39, while for the Blues Boyd was subbed on and had 12 disposals for 39 as well. The noteworthy one from this game was 130K Forward Rosas, who kicked 3 goals from 12 touches and scored 74.

Injuries: In for his first game of the season, Jy Farrar didn’t last long before his hamstring caused some issues, while they’ll be plenty of coaches sweating on Cripps’s fitness after he was subbed of at quarter time with the same issue.


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  1. Tough week full of headaches. Glad I was working and didn’t get to watch much of the horror show.
    2049 for me, dropping 11.5k in rank.
    Oliver. Butters, Bowey, Ridley, Rowell, Cogs and Xerri some underperformers for me and with the injuries to Cripps and Hinge. Missed some big scores of Gawn, Witts, Bont, Sinclair, Brodie, Heeney, Crisp so it’s going to be very interesting how I approach this week.


  2. A huge effort every week that is greatly appreciated.

    Anyone have a read on Ryan, has his roll permanently changed or is it going to be a week by week maddening prospect?


    1. Thanks TC!

      Ryan is one of the great unknowns at this point, another couple of weeks may give more clarity on his role but if you can move him on now, that may be the best play.


    2. A defender being out from freo meant he couldn’t be as free as usual. Forgot who the our was though …


  3. Great read, thanks very much for your effort!

    Nic NAT was hurt in the 3rd QTR, out until mid-season, so a must trade if you have him.


  4. G’day guys. Is there anyone out there with a time machine? I need to get to 2023 Supercoach now that this year is a bigger disaster than Titanic’s maiden voyage I have some advice for everyone though, if you want to be successful do the exact opposite of me haha.



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