Polling Station – Round 9

Written by Dane on May 9 2022

Got some thoughts on a thread that might be beneficial for the community this week, well then chuck it down below!

Got a few ideas myself, including a trade check-in, and an interesting one in my book would be a thread around which ruck setup people are targeting. If someone could word that better for me, feel free to chuck it in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 9”

  1. Should we prioritise upgrading almost-premos (i.e Butters / Rowell) to uber premos or stepping stones (Bowey / Daicos) to fallen premos?


  2. With forwards scoring like a roller coaster – up, down and often somewhere in between – who are the must haves in this line?


  3. Numerous rookies are still making money (Ward, JHF, McDonald, Dixon etc), albeit slowly & still appear to have reachable BE’s. Is it time to move some of them on now or wait until they hit their ceiling?


  4. Are any of the rookie rucks worth trading in:
    – Strnadica
    – Begg
    – Jamieson

    Who would you trade out… is it too early to trade S Hayes out?


  5. How many current players playing in the round 12 Bye. I only have 13. Will be correcting that in the next couple weeks.



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