Round 8 Review

Written by Dane on May 9 2022

Port Adelaide (12.14.86) defeated Western Bulldogs (10.9.69)

1. Travis Boak (149). Another monstrous game from Baok who brought up his sixth ton of the year on the back of 30 touches (14 contested), 6 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal. Averaging pretty much 125 this year.

2. Jack Macrae (144). After a couple of down weeks by his standards, a massive first quarter set the foundation for this big score that came from 32 touches (20 contested), 10 clearances and 543 metres gained.

3. Todd Marshall (130). Only had 13 touches (9 contested), 8 marks and 2 goals while running at 84% DE, which makes me think he must’ve had a massive impact on the game (personally didn’t get to see it) for his third ton of 2022.

4. Aaron Naughton (124). Was the most dominant forward on the ground by purely looking at the stats, finishing with 4 goals, 15 touches and 6 marks.

5. Tom Liberatore (107). Fourth ton of the year for Libba who rounds out the top 5 with his standard 21 touches (16 contested), 10 clearances and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Ollie Wines (104), Bailey Dale (103)

Disappointment: Many a coach will surely be losing patience with Zak Butters (52), who had his fourth score in the 50’s this year, which more comes down to his role on game day rather than his overall footballing ability. 74 was the worst so far of Treloar’s year, the same with Dunkleys, 78.

Rookies: Second game of 127K defender Baku Khamis’s career on Friday night, as he had 9 touches and 1 goal for 44 points. Robbie McComb will see a decent price increase and should hold his spot for a few more weeks with more performances that consist of 16 touches and 73 points, while Hayes (98) will be keeping that number 1 ruck role for a little while longer.

Injuries: Plenty of injuries came out of this game. The initial subs were Bonner (ankle) and O’Brien (calf), but both Vandermeer and Weightman also finished on the bench for the Dogs due to a hamstring and a heavy knock.

Fremantle (15.12.102) defeated North Melbourne (3.6.24)

1. Sean Darcy (178). With the ideal rucking combination not being as evident just yet this year, Darcy put his hand up with a massive effort of 17 touches (10 contested, no clangers, 82% DE) to pair with 4 clearances, 7 marks, 1 goal and 42 hitouts. Will be interesting to see how the rucks pan out.

2. Todd Goldstein (142). While he may not be in calculations for the ruck this year, Goldy has value in the forward line, especially if he can retain a decent ruck %. Had his second big score in a row from 16 touches (12 contested, 87% DE) and 34 hitouts.

3. Heath Chapman (136). First game back from a two game absence and had a huge impact on this game to finish with 25 touches (10 contested), 5 marks, 3 tackles and 92% DE.

4. Andrew Brayshaw (134). Coming off a season worst 77, Brayshaw returned to the big scores and kept that average closer to 120 thanks to 34 disposals (12 contested), 6 marks, 7 tackles and 10 clearances with just the one clanger.

5. Caleb Serong (117). First ton of the year for Serong who might be showing signs of that predicted breakout now that he has some consistent games under his belt. Had 27 touches (13 contested) with 7 clearances and 9 tackles for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Will Brodie (115), David Mundy (111)

Disappointment: Admittedly the ball wasn’t down his end much but this was the fourth score in the 70’s for Luke Ryan (75) of the season.

Rookies: Solid first up outing for Jye Amiss, who played up forward and snagged 2 goals from 9 touches and 5 marks for 75 points which promises good scoring potential if he can hold his spot for long enough. His fellow draftee Neil Erasmus (21) played his third game but was the sub. Nathan O’Driscoll missed his breakeven but with a score of 61, he’ll ideally hold close to that 300K mark, which is a similar situation for Jason Horne-Francis (66). Paul Curtis struggled to get going here, running at 28% DE with 5 clangers for his 35, while Flynn Perez had a season best 53.

Injuries: Unfortunately the promising defender in Ben McKay was subbed out here due to a sore knee, while Switkowski was off late due to concussion. 

Richmond (17.11.113) defeated Collingwood (12.14.86)

1. Tom Lynch (184). Dominated for the second week in a row as he takes a lead in the Coleman race medal. Best score of his career and could’ve been even better if he slotted some easy shots, but you can’t be mad with 25 touches, 11 marks and 6 goals

2. Toby Nankervis/Jack Crisp (121). Nank did plenty of work around the ground to finish up with 23 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 33 hitouts, while Crisp did his usual thing with 30 touches, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 606 metres gained.

3. Noah Balta (111). Played down back and had plenty of intercepts, ultimately finishing with 18 touches, 9 marks and 440 metres gained while running at 88% DE. 

4. Jayden Short (109). The midfield time was evident again and he started on fire but faded in the second half, but no bother as he still found 27 touches (10 contested) for a game high 708 metres gained.

5. Darcy Cameron (108). Second ton in a row for Cameron who could be an interesting choice while he has the number 1 ruck role. Had 21 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 14 hitouts for his second ton on the trot.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Graham (103), Shai Bolton (101)

Disappointment: Another poor score from De Goey (74) who didn’t have a poor game overall (22 touches, 77% DE). Steele Sidebottom (33) is now averaging worse than his debut year.

Rookies: Starting off with the guys who are already pushing that 300-350K barrier in Daicos and Gibcus. The young Pie may be moved on by some but with consistent efforts of 25 touches and 80 points, he’ll be sticking around for me and eventually moved to the bench as D/M cover, while the young Tiger defender continues his solid debut season with another good display of 66 points from 12 touches at 75% DE. Forward Ginnivan kicked 3 but didn’t do much else, only registering 44 points, while Begg (37) had 13 touches and 3 marks. I think the one that will be the most talked about this week though is Maurice Rioli Jnr (72), who had 14 touches but was elite with his pressure and surely holds his spot long enough to make some valuable cash.

Injuries: No subs used here so hopefully no mystery injuries!

Sydney (8.13.61) defeated by Gold Coast (10.15.75)

1. Jarrod Witts (132). Witts continues to cruise along and will be pushing 600K soon. 19 touches (11 contested) with 37 hitouts, 4 marks and 7 clearances this week while running at 78% DE.

2. David Swallow (123). Has been playing that half-back role a lot so far this year but made a move to the midfield in this game, finding 24 touches at 75% DE with just 1 clanger to pair with 7 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

3. Touk Miller (122). Huge first quarter but shadowed by Rowbottom from then on but that wasn’t enough to stop him finding 20 touches (11 contested), 5 clearances, 4 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Nick Blakey/Jake Lloyd (116). This pair of rebounding defenders couldn’t be split as Blakey led the Swans with 656 metres gained from his 25 touches, while Lloyd led the Swans for disposals with 26 as well as completing 5 tackles.

5. Brayden Fiorini (106). Has lost over 150K from his starting price this year and thats no surprise considering this is his first ton. Led the Suns with 448 metres gained from his 29 touches, but did run at 51% DE which held him back.

Other 100+ scores: Chad Warner/Charlie Ballard (105), Connor Budarick (102)

Disappointment: Rough game for owners of Mills (60), as he could only find 20 touches that ran at 65% DE and included 6 clangers.

Rookies: A great return from McCartin after missing a week due to concussion protocols, he marked everything coming his way, ultimately finishing the game with 19 touches, 10 marks, 7 rebounds from 50 and 94 points which were all career highs. If you were relying on any Suns rookies this week, particularly Rosas or Davies, look away now as they only registered 18 and 37 points respectively. Down back though, Rory Thompson made a long-awaited return and scored 38 from 7 touches and 4 marks, and while he may not have the scoring potential, at least he is an option for a playing-downgrade defender in the weeks to come.

Injuries: Unfortunately Lukosuis was subbed off in this one due to a leg injury. 

GWS (4.11.35) defeated by Geelong (12.16.88)

1. Isaac Cumming (128). Averaging 109 now on the back of four tons across seven games. Had a game high 785 metres gained in this one from his 29 touches (25 kicks) coming out of the Giants backline.

2. Tyson Stengle/Mitch Duncan (116). Take out his 13 in round 2 and Stengle is averaging 91 on the year, a great return for his starting price. Had 20 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 3 goals in this one. Duncan on the other hand has had a very slow start to the year which will hopefully change now after he scored his first ton from 33 touches and 12 marks.

3. Mark Blicavs (111). Great game again from Blicavs who is having a terrific season as I touched on last week. Had 25 touches (11 contested), 8 clearances, 7 marks, 8 tackles, 21 hitouts, 511 metres gained and ran at 80% DE on Saturday, which just by the look of the stats, is well under par and has seen scores of 150 in the past.

4. Jake Kolodjashnij (107). Didn’t do much wrong down back and that led to him securing this score. Ran at 95% DE with no clangers from his 21 touches and 6 marks.

5. Jeremy Cameron (106). Had a ripping first quarter and finished the game against his old side with 12 touches, 7 marks and 5 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Braydon Preuss (103), Zach Tuohy/Zach Guthrie (100)

Disappointment: After a massive game last week Stewart could only register 74 from 23 touches at 82% DE with 11 marks, which seems a tad rough but 7 clangers and only 3 contested possessions were the reason he got held back.

Rookies: Similarly to Gibcus, De Koning has been more impressive as the season goes on and is now making some decent coin. This week he found 17 touches and 8 marks while running at 82% DE for 82 points, while a couple of first gamer Cats in Knevitt (49, 15 touches, 7 marks) and Cooper Stephens (66, 19 touches, 8 contested) were equally as impressive on debut. Hamilton had a second up 55 from 10 touches and 3 tackles and has some scoring potential for those looking to bring him in this week, but Finn Callaghan (33) will stall for a bit after he didn’t record a single contested touch and 6 clangers from his 15 touches that ran at 53% DE. Pruess (103) made it another ton with his standard sort of stats (17 touches, 31 hitouts).

Injuries: Looks like Jed Bews was the only casualty here due to an elbow to the head.

Essendon (16.12.108) defeated by Hawthorn (11.15.81)

1. Darcy Parish (139). Big game from Parish in the middle as he found himself 32 touches of the ball to pair with 6 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal for his best score so far this year. 

2. James Sicily (134). Another big score for Sicily, this one coming from 22 touches that ran at 90% DE, which was paired with 7 marks and a team best 499 metres gained.

3. Peter Wright (113). Ended up with 6 goals for the game from 16 touches and 8 marks, netting him his second hundred of the year.

4. Nick Hind (112). Plenty of drive off half-back from his 23 disposals, eventually leading the Bombers for metres gained with 552 of them while also running at 78% DE.

5. Dyson Heppell (111). Slow start after a super consistent 2021 for Heppell, but has found his way back to the big scores over the past few weeks. Had 25 touches and 12 marks while running at 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Scrimshaw (109), Sam Draper/Jaeger O’Meara/Zach Merrett (108), Jai Newcombe (102), Max Lynch (100)

Disappointment: A fair bit of support was thrown out to Dylan Moore as a POD this week and for good reason, but unfortunately his score of 72 was the worst of his 2022 campaign. Tom Mitchell (40) is up and down.

Rookies: Alright so there were plenty on this contest. Zach Reid (173K DEF) scored 40 from 9 touches and 3 tackles, while late in Baldwin kicked 1 goal from 8 touches to score 60. Nick Bryan shared the ruck time and had 11 hitouts, 4 tackles and 6 touches for his 50, while Ben Hobbs made up for last weeks effort with a solid 19 touch, 1 goal, 93 point game. Nick Martin (88) arguably should’ve had a lot more. For the Hawks, Max Lynch scored excactly 100 from 12 touches, 18 hitouts and 2 goals, while after that it went Maginess (75), Ward (53), MacDonald (43), Callow (41) and finally Grainger-Barras (28).

Injuries: Seemingly none here either.

Brisbane (16.9.105) defeated West Coast (4.6.30)

1. Hugh McCluggage (154). Massive game for McCluggage and a stellar last quarter boosted him to his fourth ton in a row. Had 26 touches (12 contested) with 10 tackles and a career best 4 goals.

2. Shannon Hurn (129). Under siege the whole night but did his thing and ended up with 27 touches (23 kicks) with 8 marks and 4 tackles all while running at 92% DE which is impressive as conditions were slippery.

3. Lachie Neale/Dayne Zorko (123). Huge first half for Neale but like others this weekend, his score faded as the game went on. Still had an elite 29 touches (15 contested), 10 clearances and 6 tackles, while Zorko led the game for metres gained with 537 of them from 26 touches as well as grabbing 10 marks.

4. Daniel Rich (117). Fourth ton of Rich’s year, but they’ve all come in even rounds so far. Had 28 touches and 8 marks across half-back and ran at a very good 85% DE.

5. Jeremy McGovern (107). Much like Hurn, was met with plenty of delivery from the Brisbane midfielders and did well enough, finishing with 21 touches (12 contested) at 85% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jamaine Jones/Jake Florenca (102), Noah Answerth (100)

Disappointment: Despite the conditions, it wasn’t Jarryd Lyons night, only scoring 77.

Rookies: West Coast again found themselves in a top up situation so I wouldn’t say bring any of these players in with confidence. Jake Florenca isn’t even in the Supercoach system as I typed this at 4:15 on Sunday, but he had a great game of 19 touches (13 contested) with 7 tackles and 4 clearances for a score of 102. Callum Jamieson did pretty well in the ruck and around the ground, scoring 72 from 12 touches, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 13 hitouts, while Isiah Winder had 40 from 10 touches and Mountford scored 16 after coming on as the sub. Thomas Berry (37) was the only sub 200K player for Brisbane, as he found 10 touches and 5 tackles after coming on as the sub in his first game of the year.

Injuries: Eagle Connor West was subbed out late in the contest, while Dan McStay was subbed out in the first with an ankle injury.

Melbourne (14.9.93) defeated St Kilda (8.7.55)

1. Clayton Oliver (135). Took the C off him (and put it on Steele, whoops) last minute and paid dearly as Clarry had a clinical game of 38 touches (17 contested) with 4 marks, 4 tackles and 8 clearances, and just the 1 clanger!

2. Ed Langdon (126) Quiet last week but a career high 39 disposals in this Sunday afternoon fixture gave him his third ton of the year.

3. Dougal Howard (124). Played a good game down back, finishing with 10 marks and 18 disposals (all kicks). Has shown big scoring potential in the past.

4. Callum Wilkie (117). Clean across half-back as he found 19 touches and 12 marks while running at 94% DE for his first ton of the season.

5. Brad Crouch (111). Was one of the better Saints with 27 touches and 9 tackles to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Kysaiah Pickett (110), Angus Brayshaw (107), Christian Petracca (106), James Harmes (102)

Disappointment: Steele (75) had 10 clangers according to champion data, while Gawn (82) only had 16 hitouts for the game. Other disappointing scores went to Bowey (49), Gresham (55) and Sinclair (83).

Rookies: Not many to cover here with only Wanganeen-Milera (35) and Windhanger (12, subbed on late) being relevant.

Injuries: Only subbed used in this one was Dan Butler, who came off with an ankle injury. 

Carlton (17.14.116) defeated Adelaide (10.8.68)

1. Patrick Cripps (151). Just another monster game from Cripps who found 35 touches (19 contested) to pair with 9 clearances, 7 tackles, 5 marks and 2 goals.

2. Charlie Curnow (149). Huge as well as he continues a very strong 2022 campaign. Had 21 touches (20 kicks) for 609 metres gained, 10 marks and 6 goals to be the dominate forward on the day.

3. Jordan Dawson (134). Had a team best 577 metres gained from his 30 touches (23 kicks) while running at 83% DE. Also kicked 1 goal and had 10 marks in a loose role across half-back.

4. Rory Laird (123). Tried and tried all evening and performed really well as we have come to expect. Had 33 disposals at 90% DE, while also laying 7 tackles.

5. Sam Doherty (115). Rounding out the top 5 was Doherty who played a solid game across half-back, finding 30 touches of the ball and using it at 80% DE, while also grabbing 10 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Adam Cerra (114), Taylor Walker (104), Ben Keays (100)

Disappointment: Adam Saad has been very good so far this year but unfortunately this 63 was his worst so far.

Rookies: Many eyes were on Jack Carroll as a potential downgrade option and with a 59 point, 18 touch outing, he seems the goods if he can hold his spot down for long enough. Elsewhere Durdin provided plenty of pressure up forward and finished with 9 touches and 4 tackles for 59 points and Boyd (62) provided plenty of drive off half-back. Adelaide didn’t have anything fantastic in the rookie stakes, with only Hately’s (67) 15 touch, 6 tackle performance and the returning Hinge (53) going above 50. Cook (44), Rachele (40) and Gollant (23) struggled.

Injuries: Unfortunately the final game of the round saw Jack Martin subbed out with a calf injury, while Lachie Murphy was the Crows sub due to a sore neck.



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  1. Great write up Dane, I’m a bit worried about Ryan’s output with Chapman’s return, my thoughts are to hold him as an eventful D6/7 rather than burn cash, all the defenders seem to have off days but I’m seriously looking at Vlaustin to help bolster my ailing backline, My premiums are currently, Crisp, Hewett, Pendles*, Rich,and ‘Ryan’.
    Thoughts on the next best option?


    1. Ryan rolled his ankle early and with Logue out due to HSP, he was maybe playing a different role (?).

      Going to loss cash again this week, but much like Whitfield, is probably only 30-40k away from bottoming out.

      He has the last bye which is handy, although it’s still 5 weeks away. It’s probably either sell this week, or hold until the last bye and trade to Sic, Doc, Hewett, Short, Stew etc.



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