Polls: Dusty & Dunkley Replacements

Written by The Salamander on April 28 2021

With Josh Dunkley ($634,100) set to miss quite some time, his owners will be shopping for a replacement. As he is dual-position, I’ve included both FWDs and MIDs in the poll as potential options.

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Who are the best replacements for Josh Dunkley? Four choices.

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Most of the above are also cheap enough that they should qualify as Lachie Neale ($578,700) replacements, too.

Meanwhile, with Dustin Martin set to miss at least one week due to concussion, some coaches are considering moving him on. What are their best options?

What about some Dusty-priced options? Three choices.

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What are you planning to do about all the injured premiums? Let us know in the comments below!


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35 thoughts on “Polls: Dusty & Dunkley Replacements”

  1. I’ve gone the Bont and Tracca
    The Bont to spend more midfield time in Dunkley’s absence and Petracca is coming into some easy games.
    Trying to keep it simple and not overthink things.


  2. I’ve got Dunkley and a planned upgrade for Gulden.

    I’m turning Dunkley into Bolton as I need a forward option and he’s the only viable/semi reliable option I can see. Gulden will become one of Walsh, Petracca or Oliver. I’m going Walsh as he’s due to climb in price this week and has been performing brilliantly all season. The other two are top options but I expect Oliver to get tagged heavily v Adelaide and Carlton in 2 weeks time.


  3. any reason why there’s no love for guthrie? been killing it this season and especially now with danger out long term he should feast. i get the other options are safer and more reliable, but surely he’s a good sneaky pod option?


    1. I traded Dunkley for Gawn. Get him before he becomes unreachable… and Walsh for Martin. Don’t know what kind of lingering effects his concussion/foot injury over the coming weeks will do.


  4. Need to trade Dunkley & Neale.

    Will replace Neale with McRae.

    Thinking Sidebottom or Zorko for Dunkley. I think Bolton is too inconsistent.

    Sidebottom TU
    Zorko Td


    1. Mark, my advice is to take a risk on Ben Brown (???) as he’s making his club debut and has North this weekend were he can hopefully get his breakeven down to about 10 and then when the byes come around, upgrade to Zak Butters.


    1. Hasn’t everyone had enough injury pain already. Sidey will break down again don’t do it. Good luck to those who do hope it goes well.


  5. I’m so sick of this season every week I’m trading out my long term injured prem players
    I think if I pick em they get injured so with that I’m going all POD

    Dunkley to Green
    Neale to Guthrie


  6. With most (all?) coaches impacted by injuries, I’m curious with what your strategy is, because we have all been compelled to abandon it.

    TU – Trade out premium-for-premium
    TD – Cull rookies with brutal break evens
    Comment – One of each over two weeks


  7. That’s a good question RRS. I’m sure the majority of us start the season with some sort of strategy & an understanding of SC does & don’ts which is learnt over many seasons. This year we have been faced with a whole lot contradictions to a lot of rules we have come to know & understand ie: Dumping premo’s, sideways trading, culling cows early, benching premo’s longer than usual ect and all the while we are counting trades ! Even keeping our structure & bye planning has become somewhat precariously perched upon injuries, way more than seasons past.
    For me, I remain very mindful of my bye structure as to who & when I bring them in, & how many trades I’ll need at the end, but I have gotten to the point where a long term strategy has become a two to three weeks plan at best.
    I play in a cash League , which is somewhat different to playing for overall, however the rules of SC are basically the same. Maybe its now a case of ” whatever works for you & your set up at the time, I really don’t know but if any of our more Knowledgeable Coaches would care to chime in, I’m sure a great number of us would be evermore grateful.

    Cheers Buddy !


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Syringe.

      I, too, am mindful of my Bye structure and it certainly comes into calculations when considering trades. My strategy is to have all the rounds equal (i.e. 10/30).

      Here’s my Bye Team Analysis:
      Round 12 – 8/30
      Round 13 – 12/30
      Round 14 – 10/30


      1. Looks Good RRS .Sounds like you have it in hand ! I’m a little like you ATM, although mine is little heavy in the first & last round but lighter in the 2nd. With the culling of the Cygnet’s & Flynn the inclusion of my intended trades of Walsh, Bont & Lyons & having started with a CCS looper ( not that That”s been necessary !!) It will even out.

        Good Luck to you Buddy !


      2. Hi – can you explain what the first number is – us it how many premiums you have on field out of 30, or how many players you have missing?


  8. Really want to trade in Macrae but need another trade other than Dunkley to do it. Thinking Dunkley and Cripps out for Macrae and Bailey Smith. Thinking Smith’s role will change for the better with Dunkley out and he is great value at the moment. Not ideal with Cripps but he shows no signs of being the premo we hoped.


  9. Thinking of Mills as a replacement for Dunkley other than a forward. Can move Cox forward.
    T/U Go for it.
    T/D Go Zorko



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