Polls: Trade Or Hold

Written by The Salamander on June 8 2021

First up, Brodie Grundy is out injured until after the byes. With coaches struggling to get enough warm bodies on to the field over the next two weeks, is it worth moving him on?

Brodie Grundy

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Meanwhile, Patrick Cripps has looked better over the last couple of weeks – he even scored 133 in Round 11 – but has still been well down on his beastly best this year. He has the bye this week; is it time to move him on?

Patrick Cripps

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Jordan Ridley has also dropped off after an explosive start to the year, only scoring 100+ twice since returning from injury.

Jordan Ridley

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Dayne Zorko has also been suspended for this week, meaning he’s now going to miss the next two weeks, including his Round 14 bye.

Dayne Zorko

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Finally, young Saint Hunter Clarke was widely viewed as a potential break-out candidate this season, but thus far has averaged 80, and has lost just over $50K since Round 1. Is it time to say goodbye?

Hunter Clarke

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Who’s on your team’s chopping block this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Polls: Trade Or Hold”

    1. He needs to look up the word leadership !!! Hope his team mates have got stuck right into him. He somehow got into my team a few weeks back despite being on my never again list….think he was the best available at the price at the time. Pretty certain I can field full teams for rds13/14 so he gets a reprieve unless my match ups go sour.


  1. Entirely based on team selections.

    Bergman or Warner; Scott or RCD; Highmore or Sharp*; Flynn

    *Only because we have been granted a luxury trade, otherwise he was
    my captain’s loophole insurance.


  2. Think I’m finally riding myself of Cripps.

    Two tons in 12 games would be sufficient as a D6 / F6, but as a M8?


  3. Thanks for the Poll Sal.

    Grundy … is a hold.
    Cripps … left my side R6.
    Ridley… I must hold, How can anyone trade out warm bodies playing in R14 ?

    Zorko is a trade for me .

    I know its not for everyone.
    I feel I have enough trades and I feel my team will be much better, sooner trading Zorko this week.

    Zorko to Hall gets me Jelly instead of Titch.

    I will also finish my team R15-16 with 4-5 trades.

    The other reason I’m doing it, is I really don’t like the downgrade options this week. I went early on Bianco and Reeves, CCJ comes in for RCD. I hate CCJ’s Bye ( Now! ) but I don’t think you can miss out on his cash growth. I will cop a donut R14 to have an extra uber at years end.

    I totally get why folks are holding Zorko. If he wasn’t suspended I wouldn’t even think about it. I just feel with the extra trades, I can maybe take a risk.

    I never owned H Clark, If I did I would probably trade him at his bye.

    Thanks again Sal.


  4. Thanks Sal, this time of the year again:

    Grundy : Hold. I rather use the extra trades to strengthen other lines. We are in R13, In the last few weeks 2 extra trades will be a massive advantage to move a non performing (or rested for finals) Uber to the hottest property coming home.

    Cripps: Hold. If you hanged on so long, it is pointless to let him go now. Give him 2 more extra weeks, Carlton is starting to play a better game and he is having more influence. Lucky I went Walsh. 50/50 decision really , but still massively believe he will come back. Hopefully in time for his owners.

    Ridley has to go but after R14. He no longer holds the role that made him the must have he was. It is also important to consider, Defenders are no longer dishing out the huge numbers they were at the beginning of the season so you could keep him at D6 to save a trade if you are happy for 85-100.

    Zorko I am holding. 3 games is my trade out threshold. He could still be F1 or F2. Straight swap to Dangerfield if needed. (Disappointing but We knew of his indiscipline, zebras don’t change their stripes)



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