8 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd22”

  1. 687 / 5 / Kelly VC. (taken the 148)

    Kelly gave me a doughnut last week so he has nearly redeemed himself.


  2. 274/2 Steele into Miller

    Have 5 confirmed donuts this round plus Taranto on my bench cause I was looping w Bramble and messed up my mid bench. Stupidly kept Dusty there instead of swapping him w Ely Smith then Newcombe got named and I didn’t check.

    In 10 prelims, ranked 433 overall start of the round. I expect my season to be over so best of luck to all SCer’s especially Baps and Emile!

    Bring on 2022 covid-free footy 🙂


  3. 126/Steele into Macrae
    Frustrating season capped off by frustrating end.
    Traded in Mills last week for my final trade only to be a late out.
    Who did l trade Mills out for?
    You guessed it Josh Kelly .
    Oh well at least we are fortunate AFL season has continued despite the challenges of COVID.
    Well done to all SCT writers who have kept everyone engaged and informed this season .
    Stay safe , take care SCT community


  4. Projected to get 2391. After Friday night Opponent was projected to get over 2700, myself 2500. Opponent has taken 3 Donuts and now I’m a chance to make the Granny.


  5. 1755/16/Macrae

    Playing 3 major and 1 minor prelim out if my 10 leagues.
    Had C on Oliver/Gawn but decided to take 136 from JMac.
    Forced to take 40 from Bianco with Lloyd and Highmore not playing.
    Have rolled the dice and taking Treacy’s score over 42 from Weightman.



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