11 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 14”

  1. 607/7 played currently/macrae C
    Jordan Boyd was a stud but Ridley has really failed me. Chopping block soon.


  2. Anyone seen Wighty? I don’t think people told him that the bombers haven’t won the premiership yet.
    Might have got a bit wild last night.


  3. Last midfielder who to get?
    Td) Keays
    Looking at the last 4 games ( finals) who is leaning towards one of them?


  4. 1656/16/Macrae

    Couldn’t post yesterday as I was still in shock about how horrendous my saints were but congrats to all the Essendon fans. Really hope your boys can play like that again cause that would’ve been fun to watch if it wasn’t emotionally destroying me.

    Should’ve listened to GD and not taken the VC off Mills to Sinclair but chaotically putting the C on Macrae 5 minutes before the bounce has worked out. Hopefully on track for 2000+ with Witts, Miller and Dawson to come and Preuss’ score to drop off.


  5. 1751/19/Mills

    Preuss and Butters injuries are going to hurt but I’ll enjoy this round while it lasts!

    Witts, Laird and Touk to come then praying I can navigate the rest of the season with only 4 trades left.

    I will checking myself into Traders Anonymous once the season end to cure my addiction to the trade button!


  6. 1814/17/Mills
    Still have 3 to play in Witts, Miller and Soligo. They have to beat scores of 45 and 51 to improve the score. This has me projected to 2039 for the round.
    Houston, Butters, Blakey, Short and Cripps were all with disappointing scores, but new recruits in Bont and English were satisfying


  7. 1899 – 18 played, 4 to go including Miller as Captain.

    Sinclair 105
    Hewitt 103
    Houston 76 xxxxxxx
    Docherty 128
    Short 84 xxxxxxx
    Emg: Hurn 109 (via loop, left out Daniel 105!)
    *Special note…. No Stewart almost paid off

    Mills 138
    Macrae 155
    Cripps 79 xxxxxxx
    Emg: Shiel 103 (via loop, left Boak on)
    Green 102
    T Miller ????
    B Keays ????
    Laird ????

    English 110
    Witts ????

    Dunkley 114
    Cogs 113
    Gresham 125
    Treloer 88
    Butters 68 xxxxxxx
    Emg: T Lynch 99 (via loop)

    Hoping to swap 68, 76, 79, 84 for whatever these last 4 dish up (+ Touk x2 as C)


  8. I’ve been a bit bored, so decided to do a SC Brownlow count, and thought I would share it with you all. (Wasn’t sure where else to post it)
    After 13 rounds.
    Witts, Jarrod 16
    Walsh, Sam 15
    Oliver, Clayton 15
    Neale, Lachie 14
    Cripps, Patrick 14
    Miller, Touk 14
    Boak, Travis 14
    Parish, Darcy 12
    Steele, Jack 12
    Brodie, Will 11
    Gawn, Max 11
    Mills, Callum 11
    Macrae, Jack 11
    Laird, Rory 10
    Dunkley, Josh 10
    Docherty, Sam 9
    Brayshaw, Andrew 9
    Kelly, Josh 9
    Sicily, James 9
    Crouch, Brad 9



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