Punters Club – Kid81

Written by Motts on October 27 2017

Horses, a dog and a roundball multi – good stuff!
Randwick 28/10 race 8 number 16.
$10 W @ 21/1
MV 28/10 race 6 number 5.
$10 W @ 7/1
MV 28/10 race 9 number 1. $10 the win (you read that right, Winx to run 2nd!)
$10 W @ TT+ (currently 26/1 but I reckon it’ll go out)
Sale 29/10 race 12 number 1 (lil blackbook – this is Kid81’s dog!)
$10 W @ Midi Div
Multi – all to win
Man city
Athletico Madrid
$10 @ 14.97

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29 thoughts on “Punters Club – Kid81”

  1. My Tips for the Valley Tomorrow

    Best Value Each Way Race 1 No11 Seabrook @$8.50 Fixed. Mick Price has a great Strike Rate with 1st Starters.

    Best Bet Race 2 No2 Badajoz $3.20 Fixed. Scratched last week for this Race.

    Best Roughie Race 7 No7 Nothin’ On Me @$13 Fixed.


  2. Barrier 10 killed Seabrook in the 1sr as had to go 4 to 5 wide and ran on for 4th.

    Bloody shit ride by McEvoy on Badajoz first trying to go in between horses not getting to the outside early enough as it had plenty to give and stormed home for 3rd. That is why i hate the Valley with it’s tight home turn into the straight and then such a short straight.


    1. A 1-1 draw between Athletico Madrid and Villareal the only thing that stopped you pulling off another big bet. Whatever happens with your dog today, Kid, you’ve been tremendous. Look forward to seeing what you back up next week with!


  3. A $280 collect for Kid81. Best we’ve had so far in PC12. Great stuff. We’ll bank $180 of that and give him $100 to play with on Derby Day.

    Joining him will be Team Still Needs Work.

    Good luck boys!



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