Punters Club – PC21 Wrap Up

Written by Motts on February 9 2021

PC21 is now finished and unfortunately it doesn’t make for pretty reading. 10 of our 21 punters failed to win a single cent this time around which has put a severe dent in our bank balance. Before I get to that, though, lets take a look at who did well for us.

Kid81 led the way with $240 closely followed by Raj ($238.75) and Pumba ($234). Great job by all but none of the boys who backed up could go on with it the following week.

So our final pool for PC21 is $1,738.34 which represents a drop of $781.66 (-31.02%) on where we started. Ouch!

The buy-in/cash out figure is therefore $82.78. If you’re keen to be a part of the madness next round and are over 18, email me: motts at supercoachtalk dot com and I’ll explain how it all works and what happens next. If you’re in and want out, get in touch with your bank details and I’ll send you your dough.

Both need to happen by 5pm Friday.


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One thought on “Punters Club – PC21 Wrap Up”

  1. Just wondering who’s made the most money for the PC over the years? Surely that punter should be inducted into the Hall of Fame!



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