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Written by Motts on November 22 2013

Schwarzy’s sent me his bets and its taken me about an hour to get them all on so for the love of God I hope they come in.

$20 Multi:

Leverkusen or the draw (Germany)
Bayern Munich or the draw (Germany)
Chelsea (England)
Atletico Madrid (Spain)
Real Madrid (Spain)
Napoli (Italy)
Porto (Portugal)
$20 @ $12.15 to win $243

$10 Multi: (all Germany)
Bayern Munich
$10 @ $22.56 to win $225.60

$10 Multi:
Wolfsburg or the draw
Schalke or the draw
Leverkusen or the draw
Bayern Munich or the draw
Paris SG (France)
Olympique Lyon (France)
$10 @ $10.57 to win $105.70

$10 Multi: (Sunday games…..in case everything goes belly up on Saturday)
Hamburg or the draw (Germany)
Man Utd (England)
Fenerbahce (Turkey)
Lille (France)
Juventus (Italy)
Fiorentina/Florence – Double Chance X2 (Italy)
$10 @ $9.48 to win $94.80

And some Roughies to round it off……..

$5 Multi: (both England)
Everton vs Liverpool DRAW
$5 @ $19.50 to win $97.50

$5 Multi:
Fiorentina / Florence
Inter Milan
Man City vs Tottenham DRAW
$5 @ $17.91 to win $89.55

All the best SW!



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11 thoughts on “Punters Club – Schwarzwalder”

  1. Sorry Motts, that’s how it shows up on my punting website (tipico). 1X refers to the “Home team and draw”. X2 refers to the “Away team and draw” option. For example, Wolfsburg is playing in Nuremburg on Saturday. They’re the away side. So I’m tipping them to win or draw……X2. Or to see it another way, I’m tipping them not to lose. Hope that helps clear it up. If there’s any other problems, I’d be happy to help………


  2. Hopefully for Motts, it was an hour well-invested, thanks Champ!! 😉 Bundesliga tips for the weekend are as follows:

    ** Leverkusen (2.20) – One of the most potent attacks in the League with Sam, Kiessling and Son running hot last Round in their 5-3 win over Hamburg. That winning form should continue against Berlin this week.

    ** Schalke (2.60) – Looked gone at halftime against Bemen last Round but their individual class dragged them over the line. It’s that class (Boateng, Draxler, Meier) that will give them a big show against Frankfurt this week. Frankfurt are struggling to recapture the form of last season which saw them finish 6th. Currently they are fighting against relegation.

    ** Wolfsburg (2.00) – A month ago they lost to the bottom side (Braunschweig) and were promptly placed on the ‘Schwarze Liste’ (black list). Since then they have won four on the trot, including an impressive 2-1 victory over Dortmund last Round…….so much for the list 😉 Nuremberg are winless after twelve Rounds and won’t find it any easier here.

    ** Bayern Munich (2.00) – I was planning on just staying out of the big Blockbuster match against Dortmund (1st vs 2nd) but circumstances have changed. Dortmund have lost three of their starting four defenders to injury for the rest of the year. Good teams can cover one or two losses but three is a bit of a stretch, especially against Bayern Munich. Having said that, Franck Ribery, recently named European Footballer of the Year, injured himself playing for France on Tuesday and will miss this game. Munich are always a better side with Ribery than without. Though I’m quite sure they will have enough firepower to deal with the weakened Dortmund defence.

    With any luck we’ll get one or two of those multis home this week, fingers crossed………


  3. Barclays Premier League.

    Not sure if i’m recomending this or not, but her’es what i have gone for – It’s NOT a straight Multi

    I’m going for all AWAY wins

    Aston Villa 13/5
    Tottenham 4/1
    Sunderland 14/5
    Norwich 15/4
    Crystal Palace 10/3
    Swansea 5/4
    Southampton 5/1
    Liverpool 7/5

    56 x 20p trebles £11-20
    70 x 20p fourfolds £14-00
    56 x 20p fivefolds £11-20
    28 x 20p sixfolds £5-60
    8 x 20p sevenfolds £1-60
    1 x 20p Accumulator £0-20

    Total stake £43-80

    I don’t expect to get them all up, 5 or more would be nice.

    If by an absolute miracle they did all come in potential return £62,000-00 but It won’t happen.


  4. A bit unlucky Schwarzwalder dare I say it leverkusen going down 2-1 killed you. Especially in the 3rd multi with all the other results going your way.
    Also in the 1st multi with all results going your way with 2 games to be completed. Good try and hopefully better luck with last few multis left.


  5. ……..And it was looking so promising going into the Saturday night games then it all went wrong in a hurry. Lyon led early and looked to be coasting but only managed a draw and cost us a small win on that $10 multi. Then Porto and Napoli put in uncharacteristic performances at home to put an end to the $20 multi. There were quite a few winners in there but unfortunately not on the same ticket. Feel really bad that I couldn’t get a win for the Club. Will offer up tips as usual for next week. Hopefully the next punter has some better luck than me…….


  6. I must apolise Schwarzwalder Leverkusen got up 1-0. Must have been some other result I got confused with so sorry about that everyone. Anyway in my defence all I can say is I did have big Saturday night at a party. I was a bit hungover.
    There’s a lesson to be learnt there I think. I will make sure that never happens again posting the wrong result.
    I must say a bit embarassing.
    I am pleased to report I have fully recovered.



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