R23 Progress Scores

Written by MJ on August 25 2017

For the last time this season, how are you faring in your quest for SC Glory?

Score / No of Players / Captain


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7 thoughts on “R23 Progress Scores”

  1. 111/1/Danger VC.
    Had Bont & Dalh on bench with E but they disappointed again. Both unlikely to make my team next year? I will rely on Wines instead Bont’s pitiful 73.

    Should I take Dahlhaus’s 67 or punt on J. Thomas (Col)?
    Thumb up Yes or Down No. Thanks.
    BTW. My opponent has both Bont & Dahl. 370/4.


    1. J. Thomas has only beaten 67 once in the last 5 games whilst throwing in a pair of 43’s. I guess it depends whether you think you have your opponent covered or you need to roll the dice on a few.


  2. 1581/Buddy/14
    In my main grand final saw that I was losing badly so I switched the C from Danger to Buddy.
    It comes down to my smokeys in Daniher and Hurn vs his 184 points.
    Who wins from here?

    TU: You got this.
    TD: Looking like an L



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