Rare Gems – Mid Season Review

Written by Freo Tragic on June 2 2022

Hello all. Heading into the Byes I decided to give myself a Mid Season Review. I thought it might be fun to take a look back and see some of the good (and bad ) calls I’ve made this season.I did question the relevance of such a venture , but most of these players are still under owned and decent value.So..Let’s start with the best of Rare Gems so far in 2022.

Legend.( Club, Round reviewed, Price, 3 round average, Ownership % ) ( Now, Price, 3 round average, Ownership %)  


Bailey Dale (WBD, Preseason, $518.300, 95.2, 2.0% ) (Now,  $542.700, 106.0, 4.3%) Currently the number 8 defender for total points, Dale has been incredibly consistent this year. He may lack the ceiling  of some of the other premium defenders with a top score of 121, but his lowest score of 86 means you’re rarely disappointed with his output. I’m still kicking myself for talking him up all preseason and still starting bloody Whitfield.Congrats to Gunboat and all the others that had the gumption to start him, or trade him in this year.If you still have a defender spot open,I still think he would be a great get after his round 13 bye.

George Hewett (MID/DEF) ( CARL, Preseason, $399.700, 73.3, 4% ) (Now, $575.600, 116.8, 56.2% ) Can you believe this guy was under $400K? I wrote him up before his second preseason game, I was so worried about him potentially failing. I wrote a bunch of stuff about “be careful picking Mid-pricers” etc.. Thankfully Gunboat ( again ) helped me come to my senses and back my convictions that “maybe with the right role” he could work. Well that Pre-season game and pretty much every game he’s played since have been simply amazing. He’s currently the 3rd highest averaging defender, and even though he missed rounds 7 and 8 ,has been one of the best value picks this year.Those that managed to start both him and Sicily, got a huge leg up on the rest of the competition.


Callum Mills ( SYD, Round 5, $586.100, 115.7, 1.0% ) (Now, $644.000, 128.7, 13.6% ) This is the tale if the one that got away. Battling an injury early, I think we all had doubts on is durability. Then barely a week after I wrote this about him ” When he’s up and running , theres few in the comp that gather stats and score as fast as Callum ”  he scored that memorable 214. His price sky rocketed and the rest is history. Currently the 3rd top scorer in the game for total points. Even though he was thrown back in the second half last week. Mills is a shoe-in to finish top 6 for midfielders this year. Congrats to those that jumped on early, because the rest of us were soon priced out of contention.


Most of the low owned Rucks (and a few of the well owned ones)  have been Meh this year. There is one that gets a write up in the “Fail ” section later in this article.


Luke Parker ( SYD, Round 7, $475. 300, 87.3, 1.8% ) ( $546. 900, 111.0, 20.9% ) Sydney started the year with a focus on youth in the Midfield. Heeney was promised time, Josh Kennedy was sent to half back and Luke was spending most of the game forward. At some stage the coaching staff realised Parker was needed back in the middle and he hasn’t really looked back since. Probably the best of the round six  recipients of Forward status, Parker is now cemented in the top 6 forwards. One in five coaches own him already, and all the coaches that only own Heeney, wish they could just swap them over without cost. After Dunkley and English, the best “Forward” in the game. Get him in if you can.

Darcy Cameron ( COLL, Round 9, $368.400, 92.7, 0.7% ) ($470. 800, 104.3, 4% )  While popular Forward choices in Heeney and De’Goey have been going backwards in the last month, Darcy has been flying. Even the addition of Cox over the last fortnight has hardly put a dent in Cameron scoring. His round 14 Bye and the recent addition of ruck status has only added to his appeal.The jury is still out on if he will be a season keeper. There is no doubt he’s been a very solid selection up until this point. For me he’s a last up grade at worst.

Rare Gem Fails so far in 2022.


Dane Zorko (BRIS, Round 9, $522.900, 105.3, 1.8% ) ( $495. 100, 74.7, 4.9% ) It was only a few weeks ago I was talking up Zorko as a Defensive option. It still maybe a little early to call this a failed pick. I do know that everyone that took the punt on the magician has seen his scoring disappear ! The red flags were there with some early season injuries but it seems like he is running on empty at the moment. I hope for owners sake he can bounce back sooner ( not this week v my mob ) rather than later.


Travis Boak. ( PTA, Round 3, $578.000, 152. 1.5%) ( $489.800, 74.3, 8.4% ) Thats not a typo above, in round 3 Travis was averaging 152 and in the top few players in the game. A change of role ( more Forward ) to allow Butters and Rozee more mid time has put a handbrake on Boak scoring. A slight bounce back last week with a 101 has hardly made his owners feel like things are back on track. I would probably cut my losses and get out of this pick if you can.


Ivan Soldo ( RICH, Pre Season, $326.000, 75, 2% ) ( $319.00, 70.0,0.7%)  To be honest most of the rucks I’ve written up this season could have taken this spot.ROB was very average before he was dropped and none of the others have done much at all.  I did honestly think Soldo was a chance to stand up and take the number one mantle from Nankervis. How wrong was I, That 3 round average flatters Soldo as he’s actually only averaging 55.0  this year. I guess you can’t win them all..

I was going to write something about missing English completely, I did some research and he was actually owned by about 10% of coaches to start the year so wasn’t eligible for Rare Gems. If you don’t have him yet I would be moving heaven and earth to get him this week. He plays Geelong and ROB went 160 last week, Going on last weeks form  “Speaker no” could go 200 plus this week. I might even chuck the VC on him.


I’m giving myself a pass here for now. Not to many of my forwards have been terrible. The jury is still out on Dylan Moore, Rozee and a few of the other guys I’ve written up. I may save them for the end of year review.

Well thats me done for my first mid season review. Please let me know if you jumped on any of they guys above and how they went in your side. Finally good luck to everyone over the Byes. I hope you planned well and get through unscathed. We can only hope some of these mid season draft rookies ( defenders please) get games straight away. Got to love a playing $102K rookie over the Byes.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Cheers FT.









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19 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Mid Season Review”

  1. Great work as usual FT.
    Along with Fallen Premiums, Rare Gems is a must read for me.
    I had the good fortune of jumping on Hewett and Cameron early. My decision to go with the latter was definitely influenced by your article at the time.


    1. Thanks Wolf.

      Cameron seems like he’s been a great get so far. There is some talk of Grundy getting back a little earlier than first thought. Maybe as soon as round 16. I guess we just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

      Thanks again and best of luck going forward.


  2. Wonderful read as per usual. In this cut throat competition I need all the help i can get and I (and many others) love the time, energy and dedication you put in to assist everyone. Your efforts are very much appreciated!


    1. Thanks DP.

      I spent years purely as a punter on this site. It feels great to get a chance to give something back. I’m ver happy its appreciated.

      Thanks again and good luck over the Byes.


  3. I put Dylan Moore in as a possible POD Rd1 he has been up and down like a nuns knickers. Might go after the byes


    1. Yeah Waldorf Dylan has been a bit up and down lately. He stared very consistent, I think other sides started to work out he was one of the keys to Hawthorns attack.

      It definitely looks like some sides are putting a bit more work into him. He’s certainly someone you could look at trading at his bye to one of the Doggies boys.

      Best of luck over the Byes.


  4. Most pre season had Cumming and Dale D3 and D4 but went with the ‘safer’ Whitfield and Ridley, still hurts. Also didn’t give Sicily or Hewett a second thought pre season which was an oversight.
    Picked up Parker as a forward the week he went 150 and Wines the week before he went 155 so fortunate in that sense.


    1. L&L.

      Yeah Cummings made the Round 5 Rare Gems article. He looks a like a solid Premo defender for quite a few seasons to come. It will be interesting to see how his role is next week with Whitfield back.If he can keep the kick outs may even be a great choice if you need someone to finish your back line this year.


  5. Needed a trigger warning prior to Zorko’s mention FT! Aha

    Some great choices thus far (especially considering the limitations on your possible selections).


    1. Yeah Abs .

      Zorko was always the riskier pick of he and Dawson, when I wrote them up in round 9. I ended up with Dawson purely because I was worried about trades. I’m not sure if its his ( Zorko’s) role or what, as he doesn’t seem injured. I thought McCluggage missing might help him get more mid time. I wouldn’t blame anyone for jumping off after last weeks effort.

      Best of luck over the Byes.


  6. Hehe. Thanks for the shout out, FT. Highlighted my only my only two good moves this season lol.

    I’d give yourself points on Dylan Moore tbh. Has tailed off a little but you flagged his potential early. Think with Tingles back and Bont, Libba and Smith all DPP he probably isn’t relevant now.

    Great stuff, FT. Rare Gems has returned to being one of our premiere pieces. Look forward to the end of season review and your contract renewal lol!


  7. Ha ha.

    Cheers GD.

    I did mention ROB in the “Fails” section as well, but I guess thats old news now!

    Like Stewy Dew ,( and Horne Francis ) I will be putting off contract talks until later in the year. I feel this is best for my long term future !

    Looking forward to Captains this week. I’ve got a feeling few ( like me) might trade in English and whack the VC on him straight up. Touk or Neale Captains options as well.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Have a great weekend !


    1. Shhhh. Do not mention SLOB. I’ve put that dark chapter of my life behind me. Have your boy (and Abs’ ex) Darcy now.

      Yep, captaincy up now! Great minds think alike…


      1. Yeah I love Darcy. I was going to go Pruess to Darcy , but I felt English was the bigger propriety this week.

        I might go DC to Darcy post byes if I can afford it.


  8. I’m surprised so many are talking up English this week. I had him at the start of year (happily) then traded out when he got injured.
    I know his BE is low and of course I want him back, though aren’t we worried that he plays 1 game then misses due to the Bye the following week? Maybe better recruiting after his Bye???


    1. GS

      I agree in an ideal world you would trade him in in round 14.

      His low BE and the fact he’s likely to go big this week mean many might get him in early. Another big score this week and he will be ~$620K

      If you’ve planned well enough for the Byes, trading someone like Heeney to English shouldn’t matter as they have the same Bye anyway.

      If you’re able to field 18 plus next week. going English now is probably the right call.


      1. Thanks FT
        I think the magic words are “If you’ve planned well enough for the Byes”.
        Sadly can’t say I have managed to do that



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