Captaincy Candidates – Round 12

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 2 2022

Vice-Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Cats: 65, 54, 77 (65 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 138, 152, 99 (130 av.)

Rapidly becoming a must have after last week’s return performance, where he notched up a casual 25 touches, 14 contested, 28 HOs and a goal. Set to ruck against either Blicavs or a returning Stanely, but it’s his around the ground work that gives him that insane scoring ability – won’t be encumbered on his home deck on a Friday night. Solid for 125, more if he has another 1:1 disposals to HO game.


  • L3 v Cats: 97, 96, 124 (106 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 117, 89, 153 (120 av.)

Had another frustratingly limp performance against soft kill last week. A big match up against the Cats at Marvel should bring out his best and make him atleast serviceable for 120.

LAIRD v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 120, 104, 76 (100 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 105, 142, 116 (121 av.)

Could not be a better match up for Laird: Eagles at home, Crows needing a win. Will go 140 in his sleep.

Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Roos: 131, 123, 110 (121 av.)
  • L3 @ TIO: 109, 102 (106 av.)

Suns get another week up at Darwin, will have some continuity and should put North to the sword as they continue an impressive month of form. Cruises to 130.

SATAN v Swans

  • L3 v Swans: 125, 130, 87 (114 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 113, 135, 119 (122 av.)

Swans are traditionally a restrictive side and not ideal to VC/C into however Satan’s got a decent record against them and it’ll be one of those high octane contests he tends to flourish in. A look for 130.

NEALE v Dockers

  • L3 v Dockers: 171, 79 (125 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 79, 140, 134 (118 av.)

He was set to get attention last week, the tag was applied immediately and yet he just beasted his way to a 164, with 39 touches, 19 contested, 2 goals and 6 tackles. The Dockers sent Aish to Satan with great effect in the 2nd half last week and have explicitly said they’ll look at something on Neale this week but the competition best form he’s in should see him grind out a 120 nevertheless.

Steer Clear


  • L3 v Swans: 87, 53, 98 (79 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 53, 106, 131 (97 av.)

Played with the flu last week for a dirty 53 and the most recent word is he’ll play but it wasn’t overly enthusiastic or zealous. Give him another week to get it out of his system and avoid a potential low-ton.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Hawks: 132, 141, 125 (133 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 141, 116, 126 (128 av.)

The age of midfield Cs is over, the time of the premo DEF has come! Sicily, Stewart and Hewett are all averaging 120 pretty much and locked in a battle for D1. It’s insane. This week Sicily is the pick of the bunch with strong match up stats and a beatable opposition key tall department. Another 140 on the cards.

WITTS v Roos

  • L3 v Roos: 115, 116, 81 (104 av.)
  • L3 @ TIO: 119, 86 (103 av.)

Underwhelmed by, let’s be honest, a solid 70 points last week. The absence of a North Melbourne engine room and the likelihood the Suns scorch the Roos should see him bounce back with a 130 however. Wouldn’t worry about Goldy cancelling him out either as rucks have still been able to pop good scores against the Roos this year.


Tingles into Miller for me. Laird v Eagles incredibly juicy, so definitely give him a look if you have him. Sicily the best late fall back if you need it.


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50 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 12”

  1. Super work again GD. No English or Laird in my side which is a shame coz they will be big VC options. Toying with Miller into Sicily. Pies have been inaccurate so hopefully lots of kick ins. Good luck all.


  2. Tough to decide for me but has to include Miller

    TU – Macrae into Miller
    TD – Miller in Neale


    1. Yep.

      DUNKLEY v Cats

      L3 v Cats: 96, 88, 103 (96 av.)
      L3 @ MRVL: 118, 139, 100 (119 av.)


      1. BONTEMPELLI v Cats

        L3 v Cats: 143, 122, 96 (120 av.)
        L3 @ MRVL: 125, 115, 102 (114 av.)


  3. Thanks GD
    What’s everyone’s thoughts on Darcy as a smokey captain pick . New addition this week.
    Like Sicily and Miller too are good picks


    1. Hey, Paul.

      Yeah, got Darcy as well. On paper Big O and Fort aren’t an ideal VC/C match up but Darcy did put a 140 past Gawn last week.

      Seems his HO to adv. work isn’t really affected by opposition that much?

      Here are his stats:

      DARCY v Lions

      L3 v Lions: 120, 114, 47 (94 av.)
      L3 @ OS: 134, 178, 94 (135 av.)

      Good luck!


      1. Thanks GB
        Interestingly it was out of Stewart or Darcy into side this week but as you point out Stewart’s best performances are at GMHBA stadium so might have to wait a few weeks .
        Darcy looking impressive again . If he stays injury free capable of anything .
        l haven’t forgotten we need to have a hit of a tennis but just had a 4 * hernia op on Monday so a bit of recovery first


        1. Yep, sound logic on Stewart.

          Argh, sorry to hear about op. Let me know when you’re all good, at match fitness and we’ll have a knock about.

          Take care.


    1. STEWART v Dogs

      L3 v Dogs: 120, 104, 114 (113 av.)
      L3 @ MRVL: 113, 98, 103 (105 av.)

      Has had his largest games at home (187, 174) and had to go back to 2019 to find that 3rd game at Marvel.


  4. Really want to use Laird so think I’ll VC Laird into Oliver.

    Wish I could go Laird into Miller but no access to phone between those games.


  5. Thanks GD!

    Personally, I’m tossing up between English and Laird for VC. I’m cautious as to VCing into Geelong as they typically raise their game in the big match ups and can see them putting some work into English to nulify his impact around the ground. On the contrary, Laird will feast against the Eagles at home.

    T/U English
    T/D Laird


    1. If it’s any help, Cats have given up enormous numbers to opposition ruckmen. Look at ROB last week.


      1. That was with Blicavs, AJ.

        Stanely likely in and English’s scoring isn’t just HOs, it’s work around the ground. Basically goes at 1:1 HOs to disposals.


      2. dunno there AJ, rucks against geelong this year havent done as well as expected- couple better than expected scores but still nothing outstanding from the bigger names

        Darcy Fort Brisbane $351,600 4 74
        Ned Reeves Hawthorn $288,900 5 21
        Peter Wright Essendon $447,700 1 61
        Brodie Grundy Collingwood $604,700 3 96
        Sam Draper Essendon $396,400 1 91
        Todd Goldstein North Melbourne $426,100 6 68
        Tom Hickey Sydney $562,000 2 73
        Tristan Xerri North Melbourne $346,200 6 68
        Lloyd Meek Fremantle $353,400 7 100
        Braydon Preuss GWS $418,900 8 103
        Matthew Flynn GWS $455,400 8 42
        Patrick Ryder St Kilda $398,200 9 94
        Rowan Marshall St Kilda $469,900 9 82
        Sam Hayes Port Adelaide $304,400 10 72
        Reilly O’Brien Adelaide $523,500 11 175


  6. I am majorly undecided on the VC and C this week.

    Currently have the VC on Mills. Lots of stoppages and tackles at the MCG on a slippery night.
    I also like Stewart as well but I do not like > ‘go back to the well’ 2 rounds in a row as they usually get more negative attention. For that reason I see Cordy coming in for Khamis so he can do a defensive forward role on Stewart and nullify his influence.
    If Mills does not work out the C will almost certainly go on Neale.


    1. Hey, Shaggi.

      Have Mills as well my only problem is his role over the last fortnight. After HT he’s been getting moved off ball.

      Spare behind the ball against the Tigers last week and then onto wing v Blues the week before.

      Could still work, just blocks him out of going large when he’s on 80 at HT then they pull some shit.


      1. Hey Fella’s

        Just my 2 cents on Mills. Defenders have been scoring well V the Dees this year.
        Ryan went 140 last week. Theres always plenty of ball getting into the Dees forward line. Brown and co have getting out marked a bit. Even if Mills plays some time back he may still score well enough. I also think if Blakeys back they won’t need Mills back there.

        You would think he returns to the midfield.


        1. Well if I had an option to I would go Jed Anderson for VC
          I just think he will go huge this weekend.
          Night game in Darwin in front of his family.
          Wet greasy conditions, Jed will put on a tackling/clearance frenzy


  7. Hi GD,

    Looking at English (VC) at the moment. However, with Bailey Smith coming back into his usual midfield role, keep Dunkley staying forward more?

    Thanks for your help in Advance!



    1. Hey, Paul.

      Dunkley was close to pure forward the last few weeks, often starting straight up out of the goalsquare and no more than single digit CBAs.

      With Smith out last week, he ended up with 32% CBAs but still mostly forward. He’s just a great player.

      To the question of him and VC/C-ing, I’m inclined to pass given his predominantly forward role gives his scoring a little volatility. I.e. a simple good MID match up doesn’t equal points like it does for others.

      Still an elite player, a must have and probs F1/2 but tricky to nail the VC on.

      Fine for a flyer if you need it just don’t be shocked if he low tons. Will need a heavy score involvement game for 130+.


    1. Shouldn’t have to ask that if you’ve read the article lol.

      They’re all great options, Sam.

      Have a look at the numbers, see what combos people are running, go with your instinct and decide for yourself.


      1. Alright GD, will do. Trust your instinct a lot more than mine though! Will probably be big English into Neale


  8. Any chance we can get Gawn’s stats up? Ladhams just gave up 138 to Nank last week and Gawn going to be fired up after last week.


    1. Good call potentially, Kirk.

      Here are his stats:

      GAWN v Swans

      L3 v Swans: 112, 150, 113 (125 av.)
      L3 @ MCG: 118, 82, 172 (125 av.)

      125 average for both match up stats and no Hickey back. I like it.

      Best of luck.


      1. Love this Kirk, haven’t hit a captain call nearly all year so throwing caution to the wind and going the all ruck captaincy options!
        Gawn into Darcy this week


  9. If it’s any consolation to anyone, I’m currently pondering vc Laird and Capt Miller.

    Ps Capt normally get tagged/strangled/injured in the 1st quarter if I’m not happy with vc scores……..(violin music to the tune of sarcasm)……… or do better if I am….(Psycho theme)


  10. Am I the only one who has changed his v all week. Just took it off English….rejoice all you who have v on him !!



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