Rare Gems – Round 10

Written by The Salamander on May 20 2021

LEGEND: Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)


Blake Hardwick (HAW, $489,700, 100, 1.1%)

Though Impey and Jiath have attracted more attention, 24-year-old Hardwick may be pick of the Hawks’ running defenders from a SuperCoach standpoint. Named as Hawthorn’s most promising player back in 2018, he’s now showing what that promise was all about.


Touk Miller (GCS, $592,700, 112, 1%)

Until he missed last weekend, Miller had been very good to his 1,630 owners. His coach says he’ll be back this week, so he could be one to consider if you’re looking for something a bit different in your midfield.

Darcy Parish (ESS, $564,200, 107, 3.3%)

Though he’s technically just over the usual Rare Gems limit of 3 percent ownership, it’s worth making an exception here. A move to the midfield this season has seen Parish become the player the Bombers hoped he’d be when they took him at pick #5 back in the 2015 draft. In the last month in particular, he’s put up captaincy-worthy scores of 162 and 134, as well as a very respectable 115 and 107.


Sean Darcy (FRE, $522,800, 109, 1.5%)

Currently the 4th-highest averaging ruck in the game, Darcy has a pretty favourable draw (dates with Grundy and Nic Nat in Rounds 15 and 22 notwithstanding), so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to BroMax, he’s definitely one to consider.


Tom McDonald (MEL, $462,300, 95, 2.8%)

Maybe it’s that he’s given up vegetables; maybe it’s just the fact that the Demons are suddenly good again – whatever is behind it, T.Mac is in the sort of form we haven’t seen from him in years. He’s been a great pick for anyone who took a punt on him at the start of the year, and is still cheap enough for the rest of us to jump on board.


Eyeing off any rare gems for your team? Let us know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 10”

  1. ….Real Rare Gems…….players I have as captains that don’t get tagged or injured…………LOL


  2. I know he’s been discussed elsewhere on the site this week but Aaron Hall has 2.5% ownership. Buyer beware but his last month has been quality.


    1. Hopper……same price Zorko, 1% better ave, 1% owners…..although i have now probably condemned the guy to doing both his knees and a collar bone……..


      1. Hopper’s a mid only though so there’s far better ways to spend your coin i nthe mids IMO.


  3. Really tempting list of players especially in leagues where PODs are king.

    Even though he has jumped in price over the past month I think Parish is still worth a shot if you’re looking for a POD. Z.Merrett is the no.1 option to be tagged which leaves Parish free or with ‘lesser’ tags (I’m not 100% about how accurate this is but I believe on the weekend I heard the Fox commentators for Dons/Freo saying Mundy was trying to body Parish up at the stoppages). With Caldwell out for 2 months and Shiel at least a month away Parish is going to get all the midfield time he can handle.

    Call me crazy but I’d much rather have parish for 560K odd than guys like Josh or Tim Kelly, Gaff, Boak or even Tom Mitchell who is struggling big time to have an impact SC scoring wise.

    For Touk Miller’s price I think I’d go for McCluggage instead. He’s really dominating the contested stuff for Brisbane this season and I can’t see him slowing down until Berry and Neale come back and are fully fit.



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