Rare Gems – Round 14

Written by Freo Tragic on June 16 2022

Hello, all. Another bye week done and dusted. I hope you avoided most of the carnage. Let us see if we can find a few Rare Gems to help you field that magic 18 for this week.  I may have found a few cheapies that can help you finish your team, or for the lucky few maybe a F7 /M9 to cover for the year. Let’s go.

Legend: Name (Club, Price, 3 Rd avg, Ownership %)


It’s me James

James Peatling (GWS, $371 800, 106.7, 1.3%) James WHO ? James Peatling seems to one of a few that have benefited greatly from the new coaching group at GWS. Playing a high half forward role he has managed 3 very impressive games of late. The opposition is pretty sub par but none the less Peatling has been great. If you’re low on cash and need a  cheap D6 with scope to make some cash. Peatling with his low BE of only 27  is only going up in price. Maybe he’s worth a look ?

In past posts  I’ve mentioned Bailey Dale, Isaac Cumming and Adam Saad. All these guys are still under 5% ownership and are worth a look, if you have a bit more cash and want the point of difference.


Jesus ? No, but I could be your saviour. 

Cameron Guthrie (GEEL, $527 300, 117.00, 1.5%) To be honest Guthrie hasn’t really set the world on fire yet this year. Neither have many of his Geelong team mates. Well, the midfielders anyway. Yet there they are sitting comfortably in the eight. What does make me sit up and take notice is Guthrie’s fixture for the rest of the year: West Coast this week, followed by Richmond and North, add to this 3 – 4 SC finals played at GMHBA and then West Coast again in the SuperCoach Grand Final. If you only have $53oK to spend on you last midfield upgrade, I would seriously consider Guthrie for that spot.


Not too much worth looking at here. If you need a Max replacement maybe look at English or Witts. The other option is to trade him to a midfielder or forward and push English or Darcy Cameron into the rucks. That’s my plan anyway.



Harry Himmelberg (GWS, $435 700, 131.0, 0.7%) In case you missed it Harry scored 187 last week and jumped nearly 90k in price. Another to benefit greatly from the new coach at GWS . Harry has been moved back and is playing that Stewart/ Sicily intercept role. Before we get too carried away its worth mentioning that GWS have had a very easy run the last few weeks. Even still, a BE of -61 means even with just an 81 he will make another $64K this week. I’ve had rookies make less than that this year. In any normal year this would seem like a pretty crazy move. Well it’s been far from a normal year and nearly all these sort of picks have worked. Why not this one too. I know Gra Pol got on early and  reaped the benefits. Respect! Who’s else wants to jump on the Thor train ?

Mitch Duncan (GEEL, $440 800, 92.0, 3%) & Jeremy Cameron (GEEL, $490 900, 120.0, 2.8%) These two are high risk, high reward type players. Both have pretty checkered injury history and both can score well, especially given Geelong’s upcoming fixture. I went over this in the Guthrie write up above, so won’t repeat myself here. If you have the extra trades and want to roll the dice, either of these guys could explode over the remaining part of the season. they could also pull a calf any time. You have been warned!

That’s all for another edition of Rare Gems. I’m busy early so may not be able to respond to comments straight away. Please feel free to leave comment anyway and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for Reading..

Cheers FT.


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12 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 14”

  1. I can always consider one of them as a loophole premo since they haven’t been too consistent.
    Was hoping to see if Prestia would get a mention, but he will remain as my ultra POD. I always love having rare gems in my team as I started Mills and now seeing him in about 15% of teams. Then trading in Parker when he was a POD.
    These articles are always great as it brings up players that many would ignore, where they could be massive benefits!


    1. Thanks N88

      Really appreciate the feed back. It’s been my first year writing anything, let alone for this site. I’m glad I nailed a few selections and helped a few folks out.

      This site was invaluable to me when I was starting out on my SC journey, and I still get a heap out of the weekly posts. It feels great to now be able to give something back.

      Best of luck with the Prestia pick. He is definitely a capable scorer , I just feel with his injury history, it would be best not to feature him in theses articles. I would feel terrible if I wrote him up , folks jumped on , and then he went down.
      Saying all that , he really deserves some luck, so I hope he can stay on the park for you.

      Thanks again and good luck this week, may your Rare Gems shine !


    1. I’d planned on this too then I looked ahead and realised I could only really do it in two rounds with the schedule ahead


    2. Yep Nateo, I’m getting him too. Worst case he gets moved forward again, he still makes $80k but may require a trade before finals.


    1. Hey Dom.

      Petracca is owned by 35% of the comp so doesn’t fall in to the below %5 ownership required to get a write up in Rare Gems. I’m sure Abs will make sure he gets a mention in the Fallen Premiums post before too long.


  2. Was planning on getting Petracca in 2 weeks to be my M9 loop but if I can find the funds then Guthrie does look enticing too.

    I like the mention about SC finals and final 4 game fixtures, looking at it briefly and the Suns have the easiest last 4.WCE (H), Hawks (Tas), Cats (H), NM (A). Maybe someone like Noah Anderson could be set for a big last month


    1. Lock and Load.

      I like Guthrie a lot at his current price point. I had planned on maybe getting him this week. Then with Max going down, I could afford Laird ( 9% ) so decided he’s probably the safer option. The Crows have a very good fixture with WC again and North twice. Crows SC finals is CARL, WC , NORTH, PORT. I would probably go Keays over Anderson if you can’t afford Laird. Miller looking like a must have with that Suns fixture coming home.

      Best of luck this week. May your Rare Gems fire !


  3. Just a quick Warning on Himmelberg…

    From todays GWS Presser.

    “Do we reset Harry Himmelberg forward, do we play him somewhere else, what does it look like. Certainly we have some things to discuss.

    May just be hot air. But worth a mention.



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