Reserves Rookie Review – 2021 Recap Part 2

Written by Alza on August 19 2021

Welcome back for Part 2 of the Reserves Rookie Review Recap for 2021. I’d like to thank everyone that has read these reviews over the course of the year and I hope you have all enjoyed them and found them useful. Down below I have picked my very early 2022 rookie selections, let me know who you would be picking at this early stage.

Good luck for the final week and see you all in 2022.

(Player, Price, Position, (Ave./Games), Draft Year, Draft Pick)

Ladder – 3/22 (8-2)

Keegan Brooksby $206.9k RUC/FWD – (76/10) 2015 Rookie, played 1 game last year with 14 more between 2016 and 2018. Mainly used in the ruck he can produce decent scores when rucking solo. Might not be retained for next year.
Harry Pepper $123.9k DEF – (45/7) 2019 Rookie, small forward that can play midfield and defence if needed.
Seamus Mitchell $117.3k FWD – (31/2) 2020 #29, small forward that hasn’t been able to get much game time this year, unsure on why.
Jack Saunders $102.4k MID/FWD – (55/8) 2020 Rookie, midfielder/small forward with a lot of upside with his speed and ball use.
Jackson Callow $102.4k FWD – (68/4) 2021 Mid-Season #17, key forward that has shown great signs since the mid-season draft. Might even debut in Rd. 23, if not he will be a great starting pick.

Ladder – 5/22 (7-2)

Toby Bedford $137k FWD – (70/9) 2018 #75, small forward that played 2 games in 2020 with limited game time. Been a great season for him kicking goals and finding a fair bit of the footy.
Austin Bradtke $123.9k RUC – (37/9) 2018 Rookie, 204cm ruckman that has played at both ends of the ground this year as well. Long term prospect.
Aaron Nietschke $123.9k MID – (0/0) 2018 #53, midfielder that hasn’t played since 2019 in the VFL due to injuries.
Bailey Laurie $117.3k DEF/FWD – (46/2) 2020 #22, midfielder/small forward that has had injury trouble this year but is one to keep a watch on again next year.
Fraser Rosman $117.3k MID/FWD – (39/9) 2020 #34, tall forward with the potential to work his way into the midfield eventually.
Deakyn Smith $102.4k DEF – (52/7) 2021 Rookie, small defender that runs through the midfield as well. Will be a good prospect in the future.
Kye Declase $102.4k DEF/MID – (88/9) 2021 Mid-Season #15, tall big bodied midfielder that can play both back and forward when needed. Definitely one to watch.
Daniel Turner $102.4k DEF – (52/4) 2021 Mid-Season #24, key defender with good intercept skills. Seen as a long term prospect.

Ladder – 15/22 (4-6)

Flynn Perez $193.4k DEF – (0/0) 2019 #35, defender that played 3 games in 2020 but has spent this year on the injury list.
Matt McGuinness $123.9k DEF – (47/2) 2019 Rookie, key defender that has missed a lot of the year most likely through injury. Needs to on size before coming into senior calculations.
Phoenix Spicer $117.3k MID/FWD – (22/3) 2020 #42, speedy small forward/midfielder who has had his injury trouble this year. As exciting as he might be with his speed he may not have the scoring potential.
Patrick Walker $102.4k DEF – (63/6) 2020 Rookie, defender/winger with good skills by foot. One to watch next year as he has shown patches of good scoring.
Jacob Edwards $102.4k RUC/FWD – (38/1) 2021 Mid-Season #1, forward/ruckman that will play more forward while he matures before pushing into the ruck. Only played 1 game but that was due to schooling and relocation rather than injury.
Charlie Ham $102.4k DEF – (39/4) Mid-Season #16, small defender that would be seen as a prospect.

Ladder – 11/22 (4-1-5)

Noah Cumberland $123.9k MID/FWD – (56/8) 2019 #43, small forward that can find a good amount of the ball. Has been in good form to finish the year after coming back from an ACL injury.
Ben Miller $123.9k DEF – (53/7) 2017 #63, key defender with good size. Has had a good year and might get a debut next season.
Bigoa Nyuon $123.9k DEF/RUC – (46/7) 2019 #54, tall defender with great athleticism that is seen as a long term prospect.
Mate Colina $102.4k RUC – (0/0) 2021 Rookie, 213cm ruckman that is seen as a long term prospect with a basketball background. Plying his trade in scratch matches and reserves.

Ladder – 14/22 (4-5)

Sam Alabakis $123.9k RUC – (32/7) 2018 Rookie, 211cm ruckman that wins his fair share of taps but is still a longer term option.
Matthew McLeod-Allison $117.3k FWD – (41/9) 2020 #26, key defender that can swing forward. Will be given plenty of time to develop.
Max Heath $102.4k RUC – (0/0) 2021 Mid-Season #7, ruckman who has shown good physicality around the grounds. Has spent the year finishing year 12.

Ladder – 19/22 (2-8)

Will Gould $123.9k DEF – (57/10) 2019 #26, big bodied rebounding defender that knows how to find the footy. One of the most popular picks this year and he will be again after a decent year.
Barry O’Connor $123.9k DEF/FWD – (46/8) 2019 Rookie, tall defender from Ireland that can be used as a utility due to his athleticism.
Malachy Carruthers $102.4k DEF – (68/8) 2020 Rookie, defender who shows good decision making. Has had a great year and is one to look out for next year.
Marc Sheather $102.4k FWD – (59/9) 2020 Rookie, forward/midfielder that can play defence if needed. Has had a good season so far.
Lachlan McAndrew $102.4k RUC – (27/5) Mid-Season 2021 #12, ruckman recruited from the Swans VFL side that is seen as a long term prospect. Is a good athlete that can win hitouts.

Ladder – 1/22 (10-0)

Dominic Bedendo $117.3k FWD – (53/10) 2020 #55, forward that is expected to develop into a midfielder in the future. Has shown in patches that he can score well.


Ladder – 8/10 (4-11)

Leno Thomas $123.9k DEF – (51/3) 2019 Rookie, small defender with good pace and skills. Hasn’t been able to get many games in this year and has been in the reserves.
Luke Valente $123.9k MID – (78/9) 2018 #32, midfielder that is highly touted and always a popular pick. Has had a great season so far before stepping away due to personal reasons. Put him on your watch list even if he isn’t at Freo next year.
Nathan O’Driscoll $117.3k MID – (61/12) 2020 #27, midfielder that has been close to making a debut this year. Given a good pre-season he could be one to watch.

Ladder – 10/10 (4-11)

Jarrod Cameron $153.7k FWD – (34/4) 2018 #39, small forward that played 5 games in 2020 after debuting in 2019. Has missed majority of the year through injury.
Callum Jamieson $123.9k RUC – (47/13) 2019 #49, ruckman/forward that is good around the ground. Bit of a long term prospect but has shown good signs early.
Ben Johnson $123.9k DEF – (60/12) 2019 #58, small defender that is slightly built but has shown he has the ability to score well. One to watch in the coming years.
Zane Trew $102.4k MID – (68/11) 2020 Rookie, midfielder that knows how to win the ball. Has been close to a debut this year and one to watch next year.
Will Collins $102.4k DEF – (42/8) 2021 Mid-Season #11, defender that is a long term prospect. Will be given time to develop.

The rookies that I like to keep an eye on are the ones that have been around for a year or 2 and should be more likely to play and score well. It’s very early I know and there will be some good players from the draft but here is my 2022 rookie selections from the above crop of players. 13 Premos and 17 Rookies is how I usually set up.

DEF: W. Gould, M. Carruthers, P. Walker, N. Stevens, J. Wehr
MID: L. Valente, K. Declase, A. Davies, A. Fyfe, O. Brownless, T. Joyce
RUC: N. Moyle
FWD: T. Bedford, J. Callow, E. Hollands, P. Oea, B. Jarvis


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