Reserves Rookie Review – 2021 Recap Part 1

Written by Alza on August 18 2021

Welcome to part 1 of the Reserves Recap for 2021. All of the reserves leagues have been hit with restrictions and the like this season making it hard for players and teams to find consistency. This hasn’t stopped some players from stepping up and performing well for their respective teams and work there way into our plans for 2022. The players averages include all games so there will be some injury affected scores in there which is worth mentioning. The ladder is there to show how the team as a whole has gone which can effect players performances.

Part 2 will be out later in the week so keep an eye out for it. I have only included players that haven’t played this season as their price won’t be impacted negatively. Let me know if there is anyone you would like to know more about or if you have extra information please let us know.

(Player, Price, Position, (Ave./Games), Draft Year, Draft Pick)

Ladder – 8/10 (5-11)

Fischer Mcasey $199.3k DEF/FWD – (46/16) 2019 #6, played 10 games in 2020 as a swingman. He is still trying to find his best position and at an elevated price is probably not worth the risk.
Lachlan Gollant $123.9k DEF/MID – (54/7) 2019 #48, tallish defender/midfielder that has put on reasonable size since being drafted.
Tariek Newchurch $102.4K MID/FWD – (52/16) 2020 Next Gen Academy, small forward who has played every game of the year so far. Started off really well and has lacked opportunity behind a long list of small forwards.
James Borlase $102.4k DEF – (59/16) 2020 Next Gen Academy, Key defender with good intercept skills who is a long term prospect.
Patrick Parnell $102.4k DEF – (49/8) 2021 Mid-Season #4, slightly built and performed really well at underage level but hasn’t quite made the jump. One to watch for next year.

Ladder – 7/10 (7-9)

Joel Garner $189.9k DEF – (64/15) 2017 #60, played 4 AFL games in 2019. Is a bit of a swingman that has kicked a few goals this year in a decent season, may be a bit too expensive.
Trent Burgoyne $123.9k MID/FWD – (28/5) 2019 #22, wingman/forward with good pace and is the son of Peter. His season has been ruined by injury but he could be one to watch.
Sam Hayes $123.9k RUC – (88/16) 2017 #47, 205cm ruckman who has lacked opportunity. When he gets his chance he looks like he can score.
Jackson Mead $123.9k MID – (65/8) 2019 #25, popular preseason pick and will be again next year. Had an up and down year with injuries but should be on the radar for next year.
Jake Pasini $123.9k DEF – (50/6) 2019 #8, tall defender with good hands and decent skills.
Ollie Lord $117.3k FWD – (41/12) 2020 #49, tall forward and back up ruck, no scoring history to suggest to pick him.
Taj Schofield $102.4k MID – (66/10) 2020 #37, midfielder who has had his fair share of injuries this year. If given a chance he should score well.


Ladder – 17/22 (3-7)

Tom Joyce $123.9k FWD/MID – (85/7) 2019 #40, solid midfielder that has been excellent in the VFL since returning from injury. Just needs a chance to show his potential.
Connor McFadyen $123.9k FWD – (65/8) 2018 #42, forward who finds a bit of the ball and can play numerous roles.
Brock Smith $123.9k DEF – (68/9) 2019 #33, rebounding defender who is on my watch list for next year.
Ely Smith $123.9k FWD/MID – (53/4) 2018 #21, solid inside midfielder who has had injury problems this year.
Blake Coleman $117.3k FWD – (60/10) 2020 #24, forward that has a bit of a link up style pushing up on the wing, has had a good year.
Henry Smith $117.3k RUC – (47/8) 2020 #48, 206cm ruckman that can play forward, he will take time to develop. Has been playing back up ruck to Archie Smith in the VFL.
Carter Michael $102.4k MID – (76/10) 2020 Rookie, tallish midfielder. Has had a good season, put him on your watch list.
Deividas Uosis $102.4k DEF – (28/10) 2020 Rookie, Gaelic footballer with extreme pace that will take some time to develop.
Kalin Lane $102.4k RUC – (46/4) 2021 Mid-Season #14, 205cm ruckman that is a long term prospect.

Ladder – 13/22 (4-5)

Sam Philp $171.1k FWD – (52/2) 2019 #20, small pressure forward that played 2 games last year. Has had injury issues this year.
Sam Ramsay $123.9k MID – (76/8) 2019 #47, midfielder that has had a great year that could be one to watch.
Jack Carroll $117.3k MID – (54/6) 2020 #41, midfielder with great ball use and decision making.
Jordan Boyd $102.4k DEF – (62/6) 2021 Mid-Season #20, mature aged rookie defender who has showed some promising signs before getting injured.
Alex Mirkov $102.4k RUC – (34/3) 2021 Mid-Season #6, as with young ruckmen he wins plenty of taps but needs to work on his around the ground work. Injured to finish the season.

Ladder – 9/22 (6-3)

Reef McInnes $117.3k MID – (60/6) 2020 #23, tall inside midfielder that started the year really well.
Liam McMahon $117.3k FWD – (36/6) 2020 #31, tall forward with good athleticism that is seen as a long term prospect.
Isaac Chugg $102.4k DEF/FWD – (41/9) 2020 #28, defender/outside midfielder with good agility
Aiden Begg $102.4k RUC – (0/0) 2021 Mid-Season #18, 197cm ruckman that had a shoulder injury for majority of the season, young so will take time to develop.
Ashley Johnson $102.4k FWD – (0/0) 2021 Mid-Season #3, mature aged key forward. Has had injury issues this season.

Ladder – 20/22 (2-8)

Tom Hird $123.9k MID – (63/10) 2020 Rookie, midfielder that can kick goals. He is a bit inconsistent but that is normal. Worked his way into the year and could be good in the future.
Lachlan Johnson $123.9k MID/FWD – (52/10) 2019 #63, plays the small forward/midfield role. Scoring isn’t too bad considering he hasn’t kicked many goals.
Cian McBride $123.9k DEF – (41/8) 2019 Rookie, Irish key forward that has spent some time in the ruck. Long term prospect.
Ross McQuillan $123.9k DEF/FWD – (0/0) 2019 Rookie, an athletic Irishman that hasn’t played this year and I’m unaware on if it’s due to injuries or not.
Cody Brand $117.3k DEF – (46/7) 2020 #53, key defender who will take some time as you’d expect but has plenty of upside.
Joshua Eyre $117.3k DEF/FWD – (31/8) 2020 #39, tall key position player at both ends of the ground and has even spent time in the ruck.
Kaine Baldwin $102.4k FWD – (0/0) 2020 Rookie, tall forward that has missed the year through injury. Lots of praise from Essendon and has good U18 numbers.

Ladder – 6/22 (7-4)

Tom Hutchesson $135.4k MID/FWD – (15/2) 2019 #65, played 1 game in 2020. Is a forward/midfielder with his season ruined by injuries.
Ryan Angwin $130.8k MID – (56/10) 2020 #18, midfielder with a smaller frame. Has played most of the season but may take some time to crack into the AFL side.
Cameron Fleeton $117.3k DEF – (34/8) 2020 #58, intercept defender whose scoring reflects a key position player.
Jacob Wehr $117.3k DEF – (68/9) 2020 #59, mature age running half back. Will be first picked in everyone’s team next year and for good reason. He has good scoring potential but has found it tough to crack into the Giants backline.
Will Shaw $102.4k DEF – (40/10) 2020 Rookie, small defender with good pace. Likes to run off half back but he may take some time to build up his size.

Ladder – 4/22 (7-2)

Ben Jarvis $139.2k DEF/FWD – (71/9) 2018 #48, forward with good link up play. Played 1 game in 2020 as a late in. Has been kicking goals in the VFL and could be a good pick in the future.
Oscar Brownless $123.9k FWD – (82/9) 2019 #27, midfielder that can kick goals. He has really shown that he has what it takes to take the next step. Should get a chance next season so put him on your radar.
Cooper Stephens $123.9k MID – (0/0) 2019 #16, an inside midfielder that has had 2 injury riddled years.
Cameron Taheny $123.9k FWD – (52/5) 2019 #50, forward that can rotate through the middle when required.
Shannon Neale $117.3k RUC/FWD – (45/6) 2020 #33, shares his role between ruck and forward and has shown some promise but remains a longer term prospect.
Nick Stevens $117.3k DEF – (75/8) 2020 #47, tallish running defender/midfielder. Can play multiple positions and has genuine pace. One to watch next year.
Paul Tsapatolis $102.4k RUC – (0/0) 2020 Rookie, ruckman with a strong basketball background. Don’t think he has been injured so likely plying his trade in the reserves/scratch matches.

Ladder – 12/22 (4-1-6)

Elijah Hollands $180.3k MID/FWD – (59/3) 2020 #7, midfielder/forward who was a draft slider due to injury. Missed the first half of the year with the same injury but has shown some promise since returning. Should be cheap enough to keep watch on next year.
Matt Conroy $123.9k RUC – (0/0) 2019 #29, ruckman that suffered an ACL injury earlier this year.
Jez McLennan $123.9k DEF – (60/9) 2018 #23, rebounding defender/midfielder. Has shown decent scoring and has been on the list for a while, could get a chance next year.
Patrick Murtagh $123.9k FWD – (56/9) 2019 Rookie, key forward/ruckman that is a good size. He is a good athlete so will be given every chance to develop.
Rory Thompson $123.9k DEF – (0/0) 2010 Zone, key defender that may not be on the list after another injury riddled year. Hasn’t played since playing 17 games in 2018 where he average 48.9 in SuperCoach.
Luke Towey $123.9k DEF – (43/4) 2019 Rookie, Irishman with great speed and agility playing as a running defender.
Alex Davies $102.4k MID – (68/8) 2020 Academy, tall inside midfielder who finds plenty of the ball. Has had a good season even with a couple of small injuries impacting him. One to watch.
Aiden Fyfe $102.4k DEF/MID – (73/7) 2020 #38, tall midfielder/defender that has had a great year. Highly selected this year as a loophole but he could be a chance of performing well at AFL level.
Rhys Nicholls $102.4k DEF – (41/5) 2020 #40, defender with elite speed. He is still young so may take some time to develop a bit.
Hawego Paul Oea $102.4k MID/FWD – (68/7) 2020 Academy, pressure forward/midfielder that has shown some promise this year. Suffered an injury earlier in the season when he was hitting his straps but has come back strong.
Ned Moyle $102.4k RUC – (75/3) 2021 Mid-Season #5, ruckman that has shown some great signs early with the Suns. With Witts out to start the year he could get a chance.


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  1. Wow, Alza.

    Another comprehensive write up to close out the season. Genuinely a great addition to the site’s programming and one I come to each week – in fact, I usually read it on the site’s backend before it’s published lol.

    An essential read, particularly in a donut riddled, rookie reliant season like 2021.

    Hats off.


  2. Just for everyone’s info, McQuillan for Essendon hasn’t played because he went back home to Ireland. I believe he won’t play another AFL game.


  3. Top class review as always, Alza.
    A welcome addition to the contributors here at SCT with your excellent weekly reviews. Looking forward to reading them again next year. ( and part 2)
    All the best, Alza.



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